sci fi jewelry


My talented friend makes these awesome LED pocket watches and I wanted to share them on here!

He’s a watch collector and knocked one of these together having previously augmented wristwatches and pocket watches for himself. The number of comments it received (and a little encouragement from a close friend) prompted the two of them to start an Etsy shop: ScatterBrain Emporium!

Susan and Thomas are currently on a jewellery course to hone their skills, but in the meantime he is making these beauties almost daily as they are hard to keep in stock! The shop also takes custom orders so any watch can be edited to suit your needs. A love of sci-fi and Steampunk fuels their creation and as a lover of unusual jewellery, I’m of course a fan. :)


Check out these STUNNING pieces from dtekdesigns on Etsy featuring some iconic sci-fi creations from Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Firefly!

TARDIS diamond and sapphire ring

Lightsaber diamond and emerald ring

Imperial cog men’s band

Firefly diamond and yellow sapphire pendant

Who knew sci-fi and fine jewelry went together so well? Stay tuned for future designs featuring Darth Vader and more…

(HT Bonnie Burton)

- Summer