sci fi is still my favourite!

fullmoonboyfriend  asked:

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7. How tall are you?
If I haven’t grown or shrunk i am still tiny at 5′3
12. Your favourite book
Hmm this is a tough one, i haven’t read anything that i’ve really got stuck in to for a long time besides books i can just put down and come back to whenever, most recent is Our Numbered Days by Neil Hilborn. Recommend me a good book to read! I like cool fantasy and sci fi fiction stuff
44. Tea or coffee?
depends what i need at the time!! tea is my go to ‘i need to chill out and feel comfy’ drink but coffee is my ‘i’m probably at work and want to die’ drink

Just re-watched my favourite PLL episode of all time; 4x24. It reminded me of what the 6x10 Big A reveal SHOULD have been. The 424 ending with the liars running away from A up to the rooftop, trapping A, shouting “take off your mask” with such passion and Hanna holding the gun with a look of “I’m about to pull the trigger” is a LOT more powerful, entertaining and satisfying to watch rather than the liars sitting behind a sci-fi screen watching CeCe voluntarily turn around. Our expectations for the reveal in 6x10 were so high because of how good previous episodes were; we expected the final reveal to top it all. Sadly, no. The old episodes where A was not revealed were simply so much better.