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While I have ample room in my heart for all sorts of geeky wonders, it’s no secret that Star Wars will always be my first love. So after much delaying (it’s weirdly daunting to tackle something you adore so much), I finally turned my attention to the vehicles of the Holy Trinity. So I am amazingly excited to present A Long Time Ago - The vehicles of Star Wars. (Almost) Every identifiable vehicle from the Episodes 4, 5 and 6, lovingly illustrated and shown in order of their appearance in the films. You can pick from the Complete Series, with all three movies, or separate posters for each film. I hope you enjoy.

sci-fi geek bucky should be a thing
  • sci-fi geek bucky having long conversations with thor about asgardian tech
  • sci-fi geek bucky reading new books that jane give to him
  • sci-fi geek bucky who watch weird 80′s science themed movies with natasha in the middle of the night when non of them can sleep
  • sci-fi geek bucky giving shit to tony and hank because “why can we have flying cars or colonies in space or actual good robots”
  • sci-fi geek bucky fighting kids on the internet who doesn’t know most of their fave books where actually wrote by women who needed to keep their names false in order to get published
  • sci-fi geek bucky excited for new sci-fi movies
  • sci-fi geek bucky confussed by why most of the books for young people are about the world ending
  • sci-fi geek bucky bonding with jane and thor because sTaRs, StEvEEEEEE
  • sci-fi geek bucky