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Before someone tries it, I got an ask about Inspirations and conveniently @imfeelinapplebees did one. I am not on the bandwagon. Haha

Anyway, Here’s what I could recollect as to what really stand out to me as things that got me into film and other assorted Media. 

When I work on and Write films. I have 3 main priorities that I follow

Personality, Perspective, Passion. 

Pacific Rim (2013)

Probably not the best film to start with when it comes to “Inspirations” because it was Guillermo Del Toro (My Favourite Director) sitting in a bath one day and smashing toy monsters and robots together. But this film is unique to me because it just does not give a shit. What sets it apart from a similar Sci-Fi Robo fest “Transformers” is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously or tries to be serious. It allows the audience to return to a younger age and just enjoy itself. 

Wanna feel like a 6 year old again? Pacific Rim. 

Secondly, the sheer intelligence that went into this movie astounds me. Guillermo and his team made hundreds of designs and went through an (In his words) “American Idol” phase of creating the monsters and Jaegers. It’s Passion.  The Jaeger pods were physically made and formed into real sets. It was CGI Blended into a real set. That’s what I adore. It’s a goofy movie with such love and heart. 

LEGEND (2015)

Probably the most recent addition to an entire catalog of movies which fall into my absolute favourite type of film. British Crime Movies. I absolutely adore this kind of film. There is something that is so poetic and chaotic as this kind of movie. Especially when it involves some of the most notorious British Gangsters ever to enter the History Books. 

The Kray Twins, Ronald and Reggie. 

The two characters are the very image of what gangsters are. Ron is twisted, violent and aggressive. He shows the kind of Gangster that makes sense of their world by forcing it too. He prefers the traditional way of using the fist and boot to get what they want. But with that world quickly disappearing beneath him. He can’t handle it and snaps. It brings a full Perspective to the whole story. 

Reginald (Reggie) is the opposite. He sort of represents the Future of Gangsters. A Legal Criminal if you will. Using fine print and sub-official tactics to rule the streets as a secret crime lord. However, As opposed to his twin, He is trapped in the world they made before going official. Ron makes it apparent to Reggie that he is a Gangster and always will be. Thus making his world crumble as well. 

This film is the quintessential “Rise and Fall” story type. They were destroyed by their own world collapsing around them. And it was their brotherly bond which ruined them. 

The fact these guys EXISTED is also a kicker. 

Snatch (2000)

Ah Guy Ritchie, You Beautiful Bastard you. 
Sitting at the other side of the “Perfect Crime Film” in Britain is this. The Fuck Ups. 

Not in terms that the film was a mistake, But that is represents British Film Culture in a nutshell. As opposed to American Media, Britain does not give you an artificial “Tom Cruise” character. Someone who has perfect hair, Perfect teeth, so on and so forth. It’s BORING. British Culture enjoys the idea of the underdog. The Del boy, The Porridge, The Krays. Characters who are so imperfect you just can’t help but find them entrancing. Snatch is a perfect example of this. 

It has Personality. The Characters are quirky and all represent their imperfections and wear them as traits. Turkish is sarcastic and critical, Tommy is dopey and always seeks guidance. Brick Top is a fucking pyscho who feeds people to pigs. It gives us the full display of British characters. Tongue in Cheek, Sarcasm, Clever double meanings. It’s fantastic. 

It’s Gritty but somehow funny, Scary but also sweet. It’s WHAT BRITAIN IS


Hey, Do you like Dinosaurs? Do you like Rain? Do you like ANIMATRONICS?
Then Here is the film for you. 

It feels pleasant to end with the VERY FIRST MOVIE I EVER WATCHED.
Jurassic Park is the perfect blend of Personality, Passion and Perspective. It’s the delicious mix of all the films mentioned above. 

It’s got a goofy story, endearing characters, passionate ideals and it;s fucking fun. “Hey, Should we make a park filled with Dinosaurs? What could go wrong?”. 

What entranced me with this film is how much of a genuine article it is. It really is a pioneer of cinema. Not only did it make CGI a whole new prospect. But it brought the HUGE BLOCKBUSTER to a whole new level. The Animatronics, Physical encounters, Moments. The Whole Caboodle. It’s just a masterpiece from start to finish. 

One of the films true highlights is that is carries my favourite type of film-making. Where CGI is only used when necessary and “They spare no expense”. Think about it, Would the Tyrannosaurus Encounter be as famous as it is if the Rex was fully CGI? That Moment when it smashes through the screen, when it looks over the trees, they EYEBALL SCENE. It all is thanks to the magic of physical craft. Somewhere, That Tyrannosaurus is in a warehouse. Or museum. IT IS REAL. As a kid, that really was what got me into it. Just the fact that they actually made a dinosaur, made a set and in time. 

Last night I attended the protest against Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago and  I am very proud to have been a part of such a spirited and diverse gathering of people, banding together to let that hateful shit know that his values are not welcome in this city. Hopefully last night was the beginning of the end of his campaign. Earlier in the day, in a very different context, I snagged this They Live style flyer for an upcoming Sci-Fi film fest. The illustration is by Mitch O’Connell.

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Dean/Benny, space, kids?

Dean ignores the open-mouthed stares as he walks through the promenade. He must he a sight for these people. Full human, decked out in his dress whites with every medal in the goddamn galaxy hanging on his chest. The fucking uniform is going to start sagging if they pin one more on him. It’s worth it, though. Doing what he does ensures his family’s safety, and right now that’s the most important thing to him.

Even if his and Benny’s kids are fixing to blow through all of his hazard pay for their birthday spree. Holo games, candy from at least four planets, new anti-grav skate shoes, and their daughter is probably going to buy everything from this cosmetics display. She’s the sales associate’s new favorite customer, he’s sure.

They’re just so goddamn happy, though. This is the kind of shit he gets shot at for. This is why it’s worth it to count the ticking of the shields as integrity falls and he wonders if maybe, this time, he might not get home. At least they’ll still have a home once he’s gone.

Benny’s hands are a steady weight on his sides, and he smiles as their son slides across the floor while testing the shoes. “He’s your son.”

Dean laughs. “Hey, they cloned those assholes from both of us, I don’t want to hear it.”

Benny scoffs and wraps his arms around Dean’s middle, then spends almost fifteen seconds trying to find a comfortable spot for his chin on Dean’s shoulders. Command really needs to work on consolidating his fucking medals.