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Next time I’m trying to figure out why my constructor is upset about an unspecified type, please remind me that the constructor method has to have the same name as the class

It only took me two hours to figure out…….

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Hi sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask you a question. How did you start coding? I would like to start, but I don't know where or how to start. Any advice?

Oh man! I was hoping someone would ask me this eventually!! I love helping people get started with programming (I’m currently teaching my house mate!)

This one ended up long so this and this are the two most essential links from this post.

So I got started with programming in high school. I had always wanted to make video games when I was a kid, and I heard that you needed to know how to program. So I took Programming I and fell in love. I proceeded to take Programming II and AP Computer Science before graduating. In all three courses  we learned a programming language called Java. In my opinion it is one of the easiest languages to learn because it really just takes common sense to understand. From here on out just assume I am talking about Java.

The best way to get started really depends on where you are in life and how quickly you’d like to get started.

If you are in high school find out if you are a STEM school! If you are it is more than likely your school offers some sort of programming course. If you’re not a STEM school, find out why the hell not?? If you’re school isn’t a STEM school it needs to be, because STEM fields are SO important.

If you are in college take a programming course! Most colleges offer some sort of Intro to Programming course. If you’re school offers Computer Science as a major then your university DEFINITELY will. If not, check the math department!

If you are not in school anymore, or would like to get started right away what’s to follow will be the beggening steps to get started, as well as some good resources to help learn more.

To get started check out THIS post for a larger list of free and paid online classes and other tools.

When programming you usually need a way to “compile” your code. Compiling is a process that turns your human readable code into machine readable executables. Most people use whats called an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). In layman’s terms, and IDE is a program you use to both write code and then run it. The most popular IDE in the world is called Eclipse. However, it can be confusing, especially for beginners. So I would recommend using BlueJ to get started. BlueJ is an IDE designed specifically with the beginner in mind. It does wonders to get yourself started with programming. Once you understand Java it becomes easy to pick up and learn other languages.

Once you have an IDE installed you can start programming! But.. you need help learning! While Oracle has been.. controversial in their business practices lately they have one of the best Java tutorials out there. If you get bored with that one, check out this site and this site.

I hope that helps! These are all the places I have had the best luck. Once you feel you have Java down, return and we can discuss C++ or what other interests you have in programming!

Until next time.

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