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Microsoft Interview

A couple of weeks ago I had a 30 minute interview with Microsoft on campus. He started out by asking me about some of the things on my resume, so I was talking about the research that I’m working on (developing video games for use with a robotic exoskeleton for physical therapy). So he asked me like how do I approach making the game, how did I handle some technical challenges, and he kinda drilled me on those because he was really interested in my thought process for that.

After, he asked me a technical question: given a number sequence, how would you reverse the the sequence i.e. given ‘12345′ the output should be ‘54321.’ I was able to answer this really quickly in Python (mostly because I had just done this question about a week before).

Next he started asking me some basic questions about binary trees, and then he asked how do you confirm if a binary tree is a binary search tree. At this point, there was only about 5 minutes left in the interview, so I was kind of panicking because I didn’t think I could solve it in 5 minutes and he also said he wanted to make sure there was enough time at the end for questions. So yeah he was giving me some hints as I was struggling and panicking through this. Eventually he just gave me the answer because we were definitely over the 30 minute mark and he wanted to move onto questions, although he said that it was ok because he wanted to try and squeeze the question in. By the end of the interview, we ended up going 15 minutes over because he used his break so we could have extra time. 

Unfortunately, I did not get the offer. :(

anonymous asked:

im trying html & css, and its really fun making a basic crappy thing lol. and i like tweaking themes on tumblr so maybe when i get to css it'll be more fun cause i watched a few videos and learned im more interested in the frontend stuff, like the visual aspects of things. i still dont know what i want to actually get out of this but def something in visuals but making a mobile app also seems appealing?? this is like a whole new world. any advice what language i should try/learn first?

Strictly visual/design stuff is actually generally more non-technical; that is, like most design careers, you’d likely be hired based on a portfolio and a UX (user experience) background instead of a comp sci/coding background, though experience with implementing in frontend languages is also expected. So keep at designing and look into cognitive science courses!

I don’t know about design in the mobile space, unfortunately, but for web, you’ll definitely need to know HTML, CSS and Javascript. From there, you can learn core concepts like how websites work, how to debug your website, how APIs work, what a backend is; and more complex Javascript tools, too, such as React and jQuery, which extend the language and are used to build things better and faster.