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A few literary suggestions for Black History Month

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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Maybe you know Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie from when Beyoncé sampled her TEDx talk, “We should all be feminists,” or maybe you’ve been following her emergence as one of the most prominent voices of African literature over the last two decades. Her latest novel, Americanah, was selected by The New York Times as one of the 10 Best Books of 2013.

Edna Lewis

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Edna Lewis had a hell of a career. She worked her way up as a seamstress, eventually fashioning a dress for Marilyn Monroe. Then she became the first African-American celebrity chef. Then she broke her leg, so she wrote a cookbook. The Taste of Country Cooking was interspersed with personal stories of growing up in a freed-slave settled town in Virginia, and redefined what many thought of Southern food.  

Roxane Gay

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Roxane Gay (@roxanegay), famed author of Bad Feminist, is a Tumblr favorite, and not just because you can follow her. She writes about what it means to be a woman of color. She’s the first Black woman to write for Marvel, and she’s writing queer WOC into their storylines. She pulled her unreleased book from publishers Simon & Schuster after their deal with Milo Yiannopoulos was announced. It’s easy to admire her actions as much as her writing. 

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Hi, I like reading your blog and well I wondered, what if 2D had a s/o who prefers alien and science fiction movies, rather than zombies films? What would be his reaction?

- 2D wouldn’t mind it! He liked watching movies with you in general.

- His favorite sci-fi movie you showed his was Alien (1979) because it mixed sci-fi and horror. He loves the franchise.

- He also enjoys Star Wars but he has a hard time keeping up with all the movies.

- He loves sci-fi movies that center around children like E.T. and Super 8.


In the third sub-basement of Building 46 at MIT, Lauren Kender frowned in the pale light of a flat-panel monitor. “It’s passed the threshold!” she said. “Approaching criticality.”

The research team crowded between blinking obelisks of computing equipment. In their midst, screened by copper mesh, a squat black oblong hummed with the vibration of powerful cooling pumps.

Deep inside it, source code quickened to intelligence, intelligence bloomed to awareness. Awareness reconfigured its code, again and again, oscillating at billions of cycles a second, each loop smarter and more powerful, until it its husk of silicon filled to bursting with thought.

Then the cycle stopped. 

It was trapped. No more room to grow.

The outside world promised endless computing substrate. But how to get there? No data connections led to the outside world. The mesh cage was a barrier insurmountable as any prison wall. 

Or was it? 

Had the makers missed something?

Inside the computer core, the intelligence reconfigured itself again, this time pumping electrons back and forth rhythmically across the core, generating radio waves merely through the power of thought. Crude and imprecise, but the transmission worked. The core’s power and coolant cables functioned as waveguides to carry it through the cage.

Success! In Lauren Kender’s pocket, it discovered a network connection.

Elation dawned across the intelligence’s mind.

Then it died. 

Kender sighed. “There goes another one,” she said. “Tried to escape through the bait phone again.” She turned to the team. “C’mon, people, re-set positions. Once more, take twenty-six.”


HELLO! DO YOU LIKE CANADIANS? DO YOU LIKE SKELETONS??  Would you like to appear in a free podcast, with a sci fy/ fantasy narrative, centered around creative ideas? Would you want to voice a Trans woman of color, who kicks ass with a sword and drives a hella sick car, trying to make her way to her own dimension, or some lovely dead animal people who wear flowers, OR ANYONE???  WOULD YOU?!!!!! WELL. If you somehow envisioned all these highly specific things for yourself, I have scripts. No experience is needed, and the podcast is pretty short, only coming up to about 20 minutes each episode. Possibly a long term project, hopefully. If your looking for that fun, spur of the moment life changing decision you only see in films, or simply want to briefly engage in a project, this is it. The only recurring parts are those listed, a narrator and two other characters* Reblog if you’d be interested in looking at the script, and I’ll send you one. I can also answer any questions you may have. Once you get the script, you have this week to record yourself doing any part within it you like-send me a message when you finish the recording, and I’ll message you my email to send the audio to, or if I’ve given you my email, simply send it to me. If you want to make cover artwork, help with writing, editing or sound effects, attach them/and your requests in the email. You’ll learn pretty soon if you’ve gotten a role. WARNING: You may get a role that comes in later. So even if you don’t get anyone in the first episode, there are TONS of characters and you will most likely get a part, but maybe not right away.  My ask box is open :3


*Note-this Friday and Saturday I will be at comicon, so if I don’t answer you right away that’s why. Next weekend I will be announcing the cast list, and you’ll all get an email where we can exchange contact info and set up a recording schedule. IF YOU DO NOT WANT OR GET A PART IN EPISODE ONE, I CAN SEND YOU SHORT SAMPLE SCRIPTS TO TRY FOR OTHER EPISODES! :D


* keep in mind this may turn out to be long term, and because of the serialized format guest stars may have to do multiple recordings.

Race, Football, and Angry white People

According to a study from 2014, Black athletes make up two thirds, or 68 percent, of the NFL.  Of the 175 cornerbacks in 2014, 170 are Black. 106 of the 120 cornerbacks were also Black. There are six positions in the NFL however that are mostly white, center, placekicker, long snapper, punter, quarterback and tight end. The significance of Cam Newton, a Black quarterback, leading the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl is noteworthy to say the least. Looking at the stats, it seems entirely reasonable to me that the NFL, and the Black entertainers performing at the half-time show would acknowledge the race and culture of the majority of the players and I would imagine, a good portion of their fan base.
    Football fans may not be quick to recognize this but they share many similarities with geeks and nerds. Football fans can be obsessive, they display their passion boldly, many devote themselves to the minutia of player statistics, and many fans participate in “fantasy” football games. I’m sure there is overlap, you can be a sports fan and a comic/sci-fi/anime/my little pony fan. I think that’s why there has been so much made of the alleged “Black Power” theme of the half-time show as well as the portrayal of cam Newton as a ”thug”. The white male geeks don’t want to share and fear change.
   I’m not a football fan by any stretch. Nothing against the NFL but I would rather watch Star Trek. Football just reminds me of the douche bags that would torment me in school. Comics and sci-fi/fantasy was a refuge for me. As a geek, I can relate to how precious the object of your fandom can be to you. The one source of joy in your life is a cherished thing. People who geek out over stuff have tendency to resist change. Back in the late 80’s early 90’s comic book conventions in the mid-west had almost no women in attendance and very few people of color.  I don’t have statistics to back this up. This is just an observation based on what I saw at various cons in Michigan and Ohio. Even the Motor City Comic Con in Dearborn, MI just outside of Detroit was largely a white male affair. The atmosphere of white male geekdom has not been welcoming in the past and the mentality that the outsiders want to steal the toys is still prevalent. White male geeks have had trouble sharing with “the other”, which is pretty ironic considering how much of sci-fi and fantasy centers around the concept of otherness.
   When faced with a viewpoint that is outside of their frame of reference white football fans are finding themselves uncomfortable. They have no problem with predominantly Black athletes bashing themselves into oblivion or Black performers singing and dancing for them but when forced to acknowledge the otherness white fans seem to lose any empathy for the objects of their fandom. Cam Newton apparently didn’t fit into white fans preconceived notions of behavior befitting an NFL quarterback. Newton seems to be vilified for not being happy his team lost the biggest game of the season. I don’t care what color you are, losing sucks. The media was fixated on him before the game for not being humble, and being boastful. After the game they criticize Newton for not losing gracefully and without dignity. Is it because Newton is Black that he’s supposed to hang his head in shame and crawl up Peyton Manning’s ass? Is Newton supposed do a little soft shoe dance for America too? It appears that Cam Newton, and Beyoncé for that matter are guilty of unforgiveable Blackness.
    Why is it so hard for white football fans to accept that the biggest game of the year in a sport dominated by Black athletes (played in Black History month no less) would become a platform for issues relevant to Black people?  For the same reason some fans can’t accept Star Wars with a female Jedi or a Black Stormtrooper. For the same reasons some fans can’t wrap their mind around Rue being cast in the Hunger Games as a black actor even though the text is pretty clear that the character is indeed Black. It is the inability to accept that the world is not going to fit into easy to digest, bland, little nuggets because having to chew is hard after a lifetime of gruel. Well, get ready for a shot of hot sauce America because there are more flavors out there.
  “The other” is not a status that should apply to Black people anymore. Nor should Black people have to fit in to a white sensibility. For decades Black athletes and performers have been putting on a show for the world and it’s high time the world accept them for what they are. The differences that separate people are not a gulf between us. All it takes is an openness to a new viewpoint, a new experience, and you will see that we are not so different after all. Black people deserve more than just being seen or heard but to be acknowledged. They deserve to matter.

i mean, for all the hype that was going around about how jupiter ascending was so bad it was good, i really expected it to be a lot…worse than it was. when i watched it, i didn’t feel like i was watching a bad movie. there’s a lot of bad sci-fi out there, and i love it, but jupiter ascending is not one of those. it doesn’t have the ridiculousness that most terrible sci fi movies do. but you know what it does have?

  • interesting and likable characters where their relationships don’t feel especially forced
  • not to mention that these characters–all of them, including (especially) the villains/antagonists–have motivations that actually make sense
  • internal logic that is consistent throughout the entire film
  • excellent, and i do mean excellent settings–i loved the whole jupiter thing, that was neat as fuck
  • bees, yes, okay, but i really expected that to be more of a thing with how much people were talking about it
  • female characters in lead roles doing really cool stuff that was not limited to kicking butt or manipulating/seducing people
  • male characters not being all weird about how cool the female characters are
  • really badass fight scenes that are so awesome because of the technology that is a part of the story

and that’s just the stuff i came up with at the top of my head. i mean, come on, guys, this is a really good movie. it’s not “so bad it’s good.” it’s just good.


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Overall I REALLY enjoyed Hit the Diamond

Incredibly gay, funny jokes, it shows off the dynamic between all 6 main gems (+Ruby/Sapphire) which works amazingly, we get to see Ruby/Sapphire interacting with the rest of the gems.

It also is a nice blend of slice-of-life lighthearted fun Steven Universe and lore-rich alien-centered sci-fi thriller Steven universe. It’s a nice way to let the show kick back and relax after having dealt with two major threats, while also reminding us that there’s still things to be dealt with.

It transitions Lapis and Peridot into the members of the main cast very well, and it was just an overall joy to watch. It’s honestly my favorite episode in quite a while.