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clothe yourself! [part 2]

Okay, so in the last post I covered why we wear clothes and why aliens might not. I have no idea how to create a link, so if anyone wants to do that and knows the part one of which I speak then go ahead. But for anyone who hasn’t read it and wants to read that at the moment you might need to just scroll down a little way on my account, it shouldn’t be far.

Anyway, in this post I’m going to cover how weird human fashion is,  because trust me, it’s weird.

WE OFTEN LIKE THINGS SOLEY BECAUSE THEY ARE ‘POPULAR’  what’s with this? What deems something popular? Okay, let’s actually figure some stuff out rather than just going wtf. I have no idea why some things are or aren’t popular, but that’s actually an interesting point I’ll get back to later. My first point actually links into a previous post of mine “what’s in a meme?” [once again, no link sorry] for those of you who haven’t read it I’ll still clover what I mean it is the fact that we move on from one fashion to another so quickly, often for no apparent reason. Like I gat that weather changes, so they might assume that the reason we change the type of clothes we wear so often is purely to do with the weather. Now imagine it gets around to winter again, but the human doesn’t wear it’s old winter outfits. The alien is confused at first, but then shakes it off and figures that maybe human clothes just don’t have the same durability as alien ones and can only be worn that one year. They make a note to get some more durable fabrics for the human. After a while they approach the human friend about this, and ask if they would like some longer lasting fabrics. The human however just laughs them off and tells them that the only reason they don’t wear them anymore is because they aren’t in fashion. When the alien asks what in fashion means human tells them it means that it’s what everyone else is wearing, what everyone currently likes most. Cue alien being confused and wondering if it means that if how many people are ‘into’ something the stronger it becomes.

The alien eventually gives n and when anyone asks why the human’s clothes change so often the tell them that their outfits change with the ‘seasons’

“But we don’t have seasons like they do on earth?”

“I believe that it is now such a built in instinct that they can’t change it.”

Now that we’ve covered that, what about those people who don’t give a fuck about the weather and will wear whatever they feel like:

Alien: Human!george, do you not need to wear more? These ‘fishnets’ and that ‘tank top’ are not sufficient for this weather with your lack of fur”

Human: Don’t be such a worrywart, I’ll be fine.

Alien: But this planet is currently experiencing a cycle similar to one of your earth ‘winters’ my guide to humankind has informed me that humans stay wrapped up warm during these times

Human: Oh, only pansies do that, real men are out here, fighting the cold!

Alien: Human!george, I do not think it wise-

Human: Don’t worry bout a thing, a breeze and a little snow never hurt anyone

Alien: Please come inside

So that’s about it for today, in summary, fashion confuses the hell outta me, imagine aliens trying to graso the concept. Sorry it’s not hugely in depth, but once again it’s getting late and I am fucking exhausted see ya tomorrow


Marking the time
In his head on a screen,
That presents itself in neon lights,
Like a dream.

He thinks of sleeping but his life just wont allow.
Too much to do,
Too much to see,
In the vague immortal peculiarities,
And the haze of the now.

She spotted him through a cafe window pane.
Through twinkling diagrams,
And the feed identifying him
As one that she’s already seen.

But deep inside a spark like candleflame reached out
And asked to know
Just all the things a state of unfettered being
Could show.

A pair of yearning souls outside of their bodies.
In a world of violence!
Looking at each other in the stream of time.
Wondering if they could feel a true connection
If they tried.


Was trying to devote a little of this evening to my own species stuff, so I drew some Dirga! The thought occurred to me that, as this species is meant to be highly resource efficient (coming from a comparatively barren world), on a futuristic Earth they would probably pack on weight very easily. SO I tried to work out where weight goes on these suckers- they’re wrinkly amphibious monsters so they get lots of spare tires if those are filled out, also padded necks would probably have protected them from bites in the distant past(?)

I’ll probably keep business-casual Dirga up top there- He strikes me as someone who plays the stock market to fund his classy outfit and espresso habits<3 Dirga as a whole have a strong ‘collecting’ instinct, which originally would have been for food/survival, but in a space age multi-species setting probably expresses in all kinds of ways per person: company stock shares are kind of like collecting and owning parts of something, right?

“Please state the nature of the medical emergency.”

Robert Picardo trades in his Voyager jumpsuit for a classic TOS tunic and trousers.

Trivia: If we accept a line of dialog heard in Star Trek: The Animated Series as canon, then the TOS era Starfleet uniforms were made of an algae-based fabric called Xenylon.

‘Motoko Kusanagi’ - I really loved the 1995 Ghost in the Shell I originally watched as a teenager, so I wanted to draw Motoko. I feel like I learnt a lot from this painting. I threw out all my overthinking and made it just for me and I feel like I made a lot of improvements to the way I work.