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Hey hi, here are some images from LURE, the graphic novel I’ve been plugging away at for about a year and a half. I wasn’t aware of that movie The Lure when I titled it, down to see that movie. Anyway this is both a sci-fi-fi story and a kunstlerroman about a 23-year-old female artist. Definitely weird. Thanks for looking, more to come. Thx thx thx thx


“Men Into Space” was a 1959-60 sci fi series set in an unspecified near-future that appeared to be circa 1980. The show starred William Lundigan as Colonel Edward McCauley for the series’ entire 38 episode run. 

This hard sci fi program predicted several real world developments in space exploration including an Apollo 13 type mission failure and a mission to find water on the surface of the Moon.


From 1945 until 1955, Austria was under Allied occupation. Wearying of foreign control, the Austrian government commissioned a science fiction political satire film: “1.April 2000” (1952). Directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner, the film depicts a futuristic Austria in the final year of the 20th century still under joint American, British, French, and Soviet occupation.