“Crown Princess Cecilie of Prussia, née Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin” (1908) (detail) by Caspar Ritter (1861-1923).

Till Lindemann (*4 Jan 1963 in Leipzig, Sachsen, Eastern Germany) is a German musician, songwriter, actor, and poet. He’s most commonly recognized as the lead singer and frontman of the German Neue Deutsche Härte/Industrial Metal band Rammstein. The band is named after the Ramstein air show disaster of 1988, which occurred on the US Air Force base in Kaiserslautern, Aircraft of the Italian Air Force team collided during their display, crashing to the ground in front of a crowd of 300,000 people - 67 spectators and 3 pilots were killed, 346 people were seriously injured in the resulting explosion and fires; hundreds of others had minor injuries. When questioned as to why Rammstein was named after the disaster, Lindemann said he saw images of the incident on TV, and wanted to make a musical memorial. Lindemann is known for his use of fire-fueled pyrotechnics on stage and his baritone voice and song lyrics, which have caused controversy. Among other things, the band has been accused of Naziism; Rammstein were also in part blamed for the American “Columbine” High School massacre (along with German band KMFDM and US act Marilyn Manson), as this was the music the shooters listened to. Some of their lyrics are critical of the USA, usually in an ironic way. Most of their lyrics are in German. Worldwide, the band has sold over 10 million albums, 5 of them have received platinum awards. Till grew up near Schwerin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which, at the time he was born and growing up was in the DDR (German Democratic Replublic aka East Germany). 

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google isn't really helping lol.. but what are other traditional german wear aside from drindl and lederhosen? (or there is none?) thank you!

There’s plenty~ (also thhis is a really long post, just sayin’)

I’ll start with the garb pretty much all of you know: the Bavarian garb

Dirndl & Lederhosen, also called “Gebirgstracht”. There are 6 kinds of “Gebirgstrachten”: the Miesbacher Tracht, Werdensfelder Tracht, Inntaler Tracht, Chiemgauer Tracht, Berchtesgardener Tracht and Isarwinkler Tracht.


there are 3 kinds of garbs: Markgräfler Tracht, Hotzenwälder Tracht and Klettgauer Tracht. The traditional hat, the “Bollenhut” has become a symbol for the Black Forest.




The hesse garbs are  considered to be some of the oldest german garbs.


Mecklenburg-Hither Pomerania

6 types: Schweriner Tracht, Poeler Tracht, Warnemünder Tracht, Biestower und Hägerortsche Tracht, Zepeliner Tracht, Schönberger und Rehnaer Tracht

Lower Saxony

(about 15 kinds of garbs in total)


Saxony / Erzgebirge