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share your knowledge! :D

So I will

as some of you already know, i had difficulties with my MacBook Pro since yesterday.

It suddenly begun to lag like hell, everything I did ended in a endless waiting prozess for the program to respond, I wasn’t even really able to open my Finder at the end.

So I googled over the laptop of my mom for solutions and I tried everything, but nothing seemed to help except for one little thing.

I had to reset my NVRAM & PRAM

Information stored in NVRAM / PRAM includes:

  • Speaker volume
  • Screen resolution
  • Startup disk selection
  • Recent kernel panic information, if any

I’m also gonna link to the About Page on the official mac website

All you have to do to reset those thing is following:

  • 1. Shut down your Laptop
  • 2. Start it up again but press CMD + alt + R + P before the grey starting screen appears
  • your Laptop should restart once again and start up normally

If you still encounter lag issues or something similar I advice you to go to your Local apple store and ask for help.
It might have something to do with your Hard Drive then and if it should be like this, only they can help you then.

hope this helps you guys and I wish you a lag free evening/night/morning/day :)