Okay this day just came out of no where so I wasn’t really prepare for this   tumblr Artists Appreciation day…(though we should always appreciate artists everyday not just one day) 

For all artists of all kind! From art to writing and anything else that has to do with creativity and such! THANKS! For either making us happy, laugh, smile, cry, depress (damn you fanfic writers WHY?!? *SOB*), confused, angry, etc etc…  THANKS!!

There is too many artists to thank! But I’ll try! :’[

kethavelia vesperstardust  uberchain disfiguredstick deebree hotsexycactus jannelle-o khatmedic2 tf2-daesdemona kigotto lintufriikki le-mec writingcyan kiyoyakko sfheibai screamingiggle maxofs2d shadowenza ninja-spoi ninzjaspics sirbobjones pybun sillyscrunchy moofrog taritoons darklitria  schweinkrams thedailypyro mozumo officially-a-baby maxofs2d ask-redfemscout mementomorigori drmeowsnirf owlymedics catbountry snugglingmercenaries epaqjrja epaqjxoxo  blastedking 1212m parallelpie ask-magic-missiles …..

Theres too many, WHY ARE IS THERE SO MANY OF YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE?! I’m very sorry if I’ve forgotten someone..…  ;__;

 TF2 or personal work, all of you always inspire me and somehow give me so much energy even when I’m dead tired from my day!

Thank you for your work!

 - Love MadJ