Supanova was awesome as ever awesome cosplays as the usual!
It any body saw me or got a photo msg me~ 
I kinda need to meet new people and ect.
I went both Saturday and Sunday c:

Vanellope Von Schweets <3 

More photos later..

Oh next Cosplay for Oz-Comic Con shall be a surprise.
A delicious Surprise must i add. = u = 
Like my cosplay fan page if your keen

anonymous asked:

I'm actually so happy right now. My cousin just told me he's bi and I'm only the second person he's told. He also accepted my asexuality at face value. This is the start of a wonderful friendship.

schweet!!! glad to hear such wonderful news! 🎉

  • Me doing work, then found a neat tutorial on said work:holy shit schweet
  • Tutorial works...:HELLA RAD
  • ...for the 1st half:uh oh. okay keep it cool...
  • The rest:WINGING IT YEAH THE NIGHT IS YOUNG (it's 6 am)
  • Work is done with no visible problems:YEAAAHH PARTAAAYY!!!!....zzzzzzz