Schweets Legacy


  1. Must complete all the expectations for each generation
  2. TRY to refrain from cheats, but if you wanna use them go ahead
  3. Must correlate with what the generation is (if you want to follow the colors i’ve provided you may)
  4. Do not claim my work of art as your own (schweets legacy)
  5. Please please please tag me if you do this challenge i would LOVE to see people doing this legacy :) #schlegacy #schleg1 ,#schleg2 etc… (I thought it’d be easier to remember how to spell “sch” than “schweets” because even III forget)

Chocolate Chip 1 (Brown) *Needs Parenthood, Get to work

You’ve always been kind hearted with a bit of a sweet tooth. You love doing charity work and making other feel part of a team. Of course while making sugary treats to tame your cravings

Aspiration - Friend of the world

Traits - Family Oriented, Good, Foodie


  • Master Baking skill (Cooking if no Get to work) 
  • Master Charisma skill
  • Finish Friend of the world aspiration
  • Join Culinary Career and Choose the Chef branch, Must finish to level 10
  • Volunteer at a bake sale at least three times (If you do not have parenthood then this is not mandatory)
  • If someone shows up to your door or asks if they could go to your home to hang out you HAVE to say yes (you are too sweet to say no)

Pop Rocks 2 (Purple)*Needs City Living, Spa day

Your mother was always cooking fattening food which quickly made you realize that eating sweets and pastries all the time. Made you fat. You do not want that. You want to be healthy and strong and well balanced.

Aspiration - Bodybuilder

Traits - Athletic, Vegetarian (Loves outdoors if no City living), Ambitious  


  • Master Fitness skill
  • Max Wellness skill (Max Gardening if you do not have Spa Day)
  • Master Body Builder Aspiration
  • Go into the Athlete Career
  • Make at least one friend who’s a gym trainer
  • Make at least one friend who’s a spa employee (Not mandatory if no spa day
  • Marry either a gym trainer or spa employee

Candy Cane 3 (Red/White)*Needs  City Living

All you’ve ever really cared about in life was your music and performing. You were in choir in high school and met the love of your life in your choir class. You have always aspired to be a singer and prodigy of music and you plan on achieving that

Aspiration - Musical Genius

Traits - Creative, Music Lover, Perfectionist


  • Master Singing skill (Master another instrument if no City Living) 
  • Master any instrument of your choice
  • Master Musical Genius aspiration
  • Mentor your child in music when able to
  • Be a entertainer and go into the Musician Branch, Must finish to level 10
  • Go to a karaoke bar at least once (Not mandatory if no city living)
  • Meet your soulmate as a teen

Liquorice 4 (Black)

When you grew up you only had ever been known as the famous singers child, behind your own parents shadow. Your parents always pushed you into being a singer just like them. This made you resent your parent for never noticing the pain it brought, being forced to e something you weren’t. You dark, nearly evil. This slowly made you morph into a lawbreaking alcoholic

Aspiration - Public Enemy

Traits - Gloomy, Evil, Kleptomaniac


  • Master Mischief
  • Master Mixology
  • You get a choice to finish the Aspiration but if you want more challenge then you can :)
  • Go into the Culinary career and the Mixologist branch, Must finish to level 10
  • Steal something from at least 10 homes
  • Before your parent dies (the one from the previous generation) have some negative relationship
  • Only have one child
  • Never get married

Sugar 5 (White)

`You grew up watching your parent being so terrible to everyone, drinking all the time and hurting everyone you she met. You never understood why she was so cruel. Your mother is the reason you have decided to be the complete opposite and be as kind as possible and to tell your story of your demented mom. You also as a sim felt your childhood was almost taken away from you due to your parent paying too much attention being rude to people other than their own child. You always had to make yourself feel better and care for yourself which made you mature quickly.

Aspiration - Best Selling Author

Traits - Self-Assured, Neat, Childish


  • Master Writing skill
  • Get level 5 on at least one other skill of your choice
  • Go into the Writer career and the Author branch, Must finish to level 10
  • Have at least 2 kids
  • Get married as a young adult
  • publish at least 6 books

Sour 6 (Green)*Needs Parenthood, Outdoor retreat, City Living

You always felt like an outcast in your family and with your siblings. You definitely were the loner of the family with only one friend. Your awkwardness makes things hard to even happen, or frustrating. So you just don’t go out and make things happen. The worst part is how bad you wanna be a parent but scared to meet the right one to have them with

Aspiration - Super Parent (Big happy family if no parenthood)

Traits - Loner, Unflirty, Squeamish (Hot-headed if no city living) (Neat if no outdoor retreat)


  • Max Parenting skill (if you don’t have parenthood then master any skill of your choice)
  • Get at least level 5 in logic
  • Complete Super Parent aspiration (Complete Big happy family if you do not have parenthood)
  • Go into the Social Media career (you are awkward in real life but online you be yourself) (if no City Living go into writing and the journalist branch)
  • Go camping with your whole family at least once (not mandatory if no outdoor retreat)
  • Do not woohoo until married
  • First woohoo be “try for a baby”
  • Have a complete household (8 sims all together) after you marry “the one”
  • Go camping with the full entire family

Lemonade 7 (Yellow)

You grew up in a huge household, every personality different and you were the geeky nerd one. You were completely at peace with that. You love video gaming and loved computers so much you learned hacking and that’s why your parents THINK you have straight A’s

Aspiration - Computer Whiz

Traits - Geek, Genius, Lazy


  • Master Video Gaming Skill
  • Master Programming Skill
  • Finish Computer Whiz Aspiration
  • Collect all the mysims trophies
  • Go into the Tech Guru Career

Rock Candy 8 (Blue)*Needs Get together

You are definitely a party animal and extremely popular. Which is why you are the perfect leader for nearly anything. All you do is dance drink sleep repeat! All you did in your glory years (high school) is be with a bunch of people and go crazy!! You end up meeting your one and only at a party.. Or are they?

Aspiration - Party Animal

Traits - Dance Machine, Insider, Outgoing (Cheerful if no get together) (bro if no get together)


  • Make a club (If not get to work make at least 5 good friends)
  • Master Dancing skill (not mandatory if no get together)
  • Master DJ Mixing skill (master any skill of your choice if no get together)
  • Join the Astronaut career (why not am I right)
  • Marry someone you meet at the dance club and have one child with them (or bar if no get together)
  • Divorce and marry another sim and have another child with them

Candy Corn 9 (Orange/White/Yellow)*Needs Vampires, Get to work

You have always been into conspiracy theories, your entire life you have been fascinated with the idea if aliens were real or if vampires really roamed at night. You wanted to become a detective so you’d be able to become closer to uncovering if they’re real or not

Aspiration - Vampire Family (if no Vampires then Renaissance Sim)

Traits - Bookworm, Goofball, Insane


  • Master Vampire Lore skill (if no Vampire then Logic Skill)
  • Visit Sixam and make friends with an alien
  • Marry a vampire
  • Have a child before having children with the vampire (if you don’t mind the last generation child being a vampire then do you) (if no vampire then just any sim)
  • Be a detective
  • Collect everything you collect from space

Cotton Candy 10 (Pastel Pink)*Needs Outdoor retreat

You’ve always wanted to do stand up comedy, making others laugh was a huge dream of yours. You love making jokes but also having alone time with your family do to simple things like throw house parties or camp with friends.

Aspiration - Joke Star

Traits - Cheerful, Clumsy, Romantic


  • Master Comedy skill
  • Get at least level 5 in a skill of your choice
  • Complete Joke Star aspiration
  • Throw at least 3 different types of parties
  • Go camping at least once (not mandatory)
  • Move twice in your lifetime.

I’m trying to do a thing… Yip this could be the beginning of a long series displaying my take on the whole “Disney Princesses Heroines in their Prince’s counterpart’s clothes” idea. Yes it’s been done like 2 times before… don’t freak out :). I’ll keep adding to this post as I complete new princesses. Xxx
Wrong Number

Author: schweet_heart

Rating: Teen

Setting: ModernAU

Word Count: 3k

Summary: “I promise I will not assume that one successful coffee date means we’re soulmates meant to be together forever.”

In which Morgana gets a few things wrong, but Merlin and Arthur get something right. Mostly.

Comment: Amusing and different to all the other meet cutes I’ve read. I’d like to read more from this universe to see how their relationship develops, and how Morgana reacts!

                                          🍬 Sweet mother of monkey milk–!! 🍬

I really meant to make this post weeks ago, but my busy schedule kept me from doing so until now.;; Sorry, guys! But WOWZERS. I’ve hit over 900 followers and am on the road to 1k! Thank you, everyone! You have no idea how grateful I am that you all stick around and didn’t abandon me after my on and off hiatus’ over the years!

I remember when I fell in love with Wreck-it Ralph, going to see it in theaters multiple times until the urge–and eventual decision–to create a Vanellope blog struck me back in December 2012. I had considered myself late to join the WIR fandom, seeing as Tumblr was already swarming with many talented and kind roleplayers. But I was welcomed warmly regardless and have been attached ever since!

It was through my inner Vanellope that I was able to meet so many wonderful people, so here is my Follow Forever list. I’m sure I’ll forget a few of you incredible people, so don’t think I wouldn’t be interested in chatting or plotting with you!

🍬 Cherry on Top ;; @blastedroads.
It was through our blogs that we met each other all those years back and I have Wreck-it Ralph to thank for guiding me towards my best friend, soulmate and love of my life. Turbo and Vanellope are our roots; they will forever be special to me just as you are. I love you, my Richie & Turbutt.

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There are so many of you that I want to shout out, so I’m certain I am missing a good handful.;; But you all are so creative, seem so sweet, and I would love it if we could plot out a thread one day! I watch in awe as your minds come up with the most elegant (and sometimes hilarious) things, wanting to throw Vanellope into an interaction with your muses! 

Like I said, I’m sure I have forgotten some people. I do; however, cherish every single one of you and am overwhelmingly blessed to have a blog come this far. Thank you, everyone! If I ever make it to 1k, expect one sugary sweet giveaway!

12 Days of Christmas: Day Five- Pearl

(I got really carried away with this one because it cute.

This is a F/F fic, so I guess if you don’t want to read that you can skip over this. There’s really not any other warnings to it. Just two girls and a smol son making Christmas cookies for Beach City.)

Steven gasped when he heard the doorbell ring followed by two knocks at the door.

“They’re here!” he shouted, kicking off his blankets, “They’re here they’re here they’re here they’re here!”

He jumped off the couch and, after taking a brief moment to take pride in his achievement, ran to the door. He flung it open, only to see a person with their arms full of brown paper bags.

“Hi, Steven!” Y/N said, trying to peek around the bags.

“Hi Y/N!!” Steven said, “Did Sadie come with you?”

He heard Y/N say from behind the bags, “Nah, my cousin had to work. Lars called in sick, but I’m pretty sure he’s just faking it like he does every once in awhile, so it looks like it’s just you and me today. Is that alright?”

“Of course it is! You’re like the best baker I know!” Steven exclaimed, “Oh, and you can set the bags in the kitchen.”

“Okie dokey,” she replied, walking through the threshold. She skillfully slipped her shoes off before making her way to the kitchen and setting the bags on the island.

“Thanks for helping me make cookies, Steven,” you say, shrugging off your coat and leaning it against the chair, “Also, sorry we couldn’t do it at my place; the oven’s been kind of wonky recently. It either does its job too well or doesn’t do it’s job at all.”

“It’s okay, I don’t mind! Besides, doing it here means that I’ll be prepared in case there’s,” Steven said, glancing around as though checking if the coast was clear and placing his hand on the side of his mouth before adding in a low voice, “official gem business.”

“Ahh, I see,” she said with a wink.

“Hey Ste-van!” Amethyst said as she entered the room, “What’s with all the bags?”

“Y/N and I are gonna make cookies so Y/N can give them as gifts to the people of Beach City! She promised when we were done making everyone else’s we’d make a gingerbread house for us to keep, along with a bunch of other cookies.”

“Schweet,” Amethyst remarked, walking over to the bags to examine them.

“Do you wanna help, Amethyst?” Steven asked, adding in a tantalizing voice, “There’s a frosting bag with your name on it!”

“Gee, Steven, I’d love to, but…” Amethyst began. Y/N could tell that Amethyst was just trying to come up with a decent excuse, but before she had to Garnet cut in.

“Amethyst and I are going to make sure Malachite isn’t causing any problems,” the tallest gem said, leaning against the door frame.

“Yeah, that.”

“Oh, okay. Do you think Pearl would wanna help?” Steven asked. He noticed Y/N duck behind him and began unpacking things from the bag.

“I have a feeling she might,” Garnet answered knowingly.

“Have a feeling she might what?” Pearl asked, striding into the room. Suddenly she stopped, her eyes wide and a faint dusting of blue on her face as she noticed the person behind Steven.

“Hey Pearl! You wanna help Y/N and I make cookies? We could use an extra set of hands over here.”

“I don’t know, Steven,” Pearl mumbled, trailing off.

“Oh come on! She’ll even tell you what you need to do!” Steven pleaded, clasping his hands together. He fell to his knees and shuffled forward, “Please, Pearl! You’re our only hope! And you and Y/N get along really well so it won’t be awkward.”

Pearl’s gaze flickered from Steven to Y/N and back to Steven. She thought it over for a little while before she finally came to a conclusion.

“I suppose I could help,” Pearl concluded, nodding her head. Steven cheered and ran over to her, wrapping his arms around the lithe gem. After the crystal gems discussed a few things, Amethyst and Garnet left, leaving Pearl alone with Steven and Y/N.

Pearl was still unsure as to how Y/N suddenly became a part of Steven’s life. He had told her once, but she didn’t remember it all the way; something about her working at the Big Donut and being related the other girl that worked there, and how she was raising money to open up her own bakery in town, but that was about the extent Pearl knew about Y/N. She wasn’t too nervous about Steven and Y/N spending time with each other; she was very much like a babysitter, watching out for Steven and spending time with him when the gems could not. But there was something about her that reminded Pearl of why she began fighting for this planet, and why she started raising Steven in the first place.

She reminded Pearl of Rose.

As they started baking, Pearl noticed it more and more. Not only the way she helped Steven, but the way she helped Pearl. It was as though Y/N was guiding them and nudging them towards achieving a goal, instead of just ordering it. She was patient and kind and thoughtful, just like Rose was. Even the way she smiled reminded Pearl of–

“Are you okay, Pearl?” Y/N asked, smiling nervously at her.

“Yes Ro–Y/N. Yes I’m…I’m fine. Thank you.”

“It’s no problem,” the human chuckled. She turned around and pulled a spoon out of a drawer before turning her attention back to Pearl and the contents of the bowl. Pearl watched intently as Y/N scooped a small portion of it on a spoon and stuck it in her mouth.

“Y/N what are you doing?!” Pearl reprimanded, “There’s raw eggs in that! You could contract salmonella! O-or food poisoning or–”

“Pearl, it’s fine. I’ll live,” Y/N said lightly, “You might want to add some vanilla to that, but other than that it’s perfect.”

“Oh, umm, thank you,” Pearl mumbled, going back to her work.

“Oh and you have something on your face.”

Pearl turned back to Y/N, “What?”

Y/N pointed to her left cheekbone, “It’s right…here, let me get it.”

Pearl’s eyes followed Y/N’s hand as she wiped off the white smudge on her face. She could feel her face growing a deeper shade of teal and looked away, hoping that Y/N didn’t see her nearly lose her composure.

“Thank you,” she repeated. If she had looked up, she would have noticed that Y/N’s face turned to a bright shade of red.

“You’re welcome,” Y/N said, returning to her work.

It was about five o’clock in the evening by the time they had finished making all of the cookies and packing them into gift boxes. Technically they would have been done by four, but Y/N had kept her promise and, with the help of Steven and Pearl, made a gingerbread replica of the house and the temple, complete with tiny ginger-gems and a gingerbread Steven, along with several other types of cookies. Before they had started packing the cookies covered most of the house; cooling on counter tops and on the coffee table. Now, they were all in small-ish sized tins, each containing a couple of each cookie that was made.

“Thank you both so much,” Y/N said as she began placing the tins in the empty paper bags, “It would have taken me forever to make them by myself.”

“Well I must say that you make an excellent leader,” Pearl said, “And together we all make a pretty good team.”

Steven gasped at his own revelation, “We can be The Cookie Crew!!”

“Hmm…I do like the sound of that,” Y/N pondered, “What do you think, Pearl?”

“I think it’s terrific!” Pearl agreed, a little too quickly.

“Then it’s settled,” Y/N said, ruffling Steven’s hair, “We’ll call ourselves The Cookie Crew.”

“Yeah! Cookie Crew!!” Steven exclaimed. The sound of the warp pad caught Steven’s attention, and soon he was running into the temple, shouting the names of Garnet and Amethyst. No doubt he was telling them about everything that had happened.

Y/N headed towards the coat rack and shrugged on her coat. She slipped on her boots, and was about ready to grab her things when she noticed Pearl staring at her.

“Is there something I can help you with, Pearl?” she asked.

“Doyoufence?” Pearl blurted out, covering her mouth quickly before she could say anything else.

Y/N smiled, “I don’t, but I wouldn’t mind learning someday. Why? Do you?”

Pearl nodded. Y/N mimicked her and began picking up her stuff.

“I can teach you,” Pearl said, clasping her hand over her mouth again. Pearl mentally cursed herself. She was making a complete fool out of herself. Now Y/N wouldn’t–

“That sounds…great, actually,” she said, adjusting the bags in her arms, “I don’t have anything for it, but I suppose it’s not too hard to find. Just let me know when you want to start. Or, I guess, let Steven know and he can come to the Big Donut and tell me.”

Pearl nodded again, this time a bit more excitedly. She watched as Y/N called out a goodbye to Steven and the others. Pearl rushed over and helped her with the door, and after exchanging goodbyes Y/N made her way back home.

“Hey Garnet, I think Pearl might’ve found her Greg,” Amethyst snickered, elbowing Garnet in the hip as they watched Pearl and Y/N from the teleport.

Garnet smirked, full of quiet pride, “I think so, too.”

  • Player: Okay, I roll to unleash my pack of velociraptors
  • Player: :rolls a 17:
  • DM: It succeeds.
  • Player: Schweet! So four large, scaly velociraptors the size of motorcycles--
  • DM: uh. Did you read the creature sheet I sent out to everyone?
  • Player: Nah, I figured Jurassic Park would be enough
  • DM: .....Velociraptors are basically chickens, my pal.
  • Player:
  • Player:
  • Player:
  • Player: but--
  • DM: Nope. You now have a small flock of pointy chickens doing your bidding. This is canon now.

LIKE I WAS GOING FOR A “i’m snas undertale the small and chubby goblin huihuihui.” But it ended up more of a
“I’m sans da schweet littol munchkin luv me or die.” Kinda thing

All of Jack Skellingtons Lines
Chris Sarandon
All of Jack Skellingtons Lines

All of Jack Skellingtons Lines in Disney Infinity, performed by Chris Sarandon (The original voice from the Nightmare Before Christmas movie)

Music used is an instrumental version of “Whats This?” from the NBC soundtrack

OTHER CHARACTERS (Links will fill out as they come available)

  • Sulley
  • Mike
  • Randal
  • Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Barbossa
  • Davey Jones
  • Mr Incredible
  • Mrs Incredible
  • Dash
  • Violet
  • Syndrome
  • Lone Ranger
  • Tonto
  • Lightning McQueen
  • Mater
  • Holly
  • Francesco
  • Wreck-it Ralph
  • Vanellope Von Schweets
  • Rapunzel
  • Jack Skellington
  • Woody
  • Buzz
  • Jessie
  • Anna
  • Elsa
  • Phineas 
  • Mickey

// for the record

  • stephanie was inspired by gen 2 ithro and those weird pink superhero costumes you can get for little kids for halloween
  • stingy was inspired by david from camp camp 
  • pixel was inspired by irwins dad/ dj lance/ will smith
  • trixie was inspired by roller derby women/ vanellope von schweets/ robbie
  • ziggy was inspired by what i think of when i think of a soft ice cream man/ my uncle tom
  • rottenella was inspired by jessica rabbit