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"Having trouble remembering someone's name? Give them a new one!" that's Joseph, that's it, it's fucking hi m


also the moonwalking thing omfg just imagine them taLKING TO THEIR LANDLORD or something 

joseph: “how about it, alice? just maybe a few dollars off our rent?”

landlord: “i’m alex.”

joseph: “right. i knew that. but you see, soon we’ll make sure you’re in wonderland, if our rent goes down ;D”

landlord: “…”

caesar: “… that was a terrible cover-up.”

joseph: “…”

landlord: “…” 

caesar; “…”

joseph: *moonwalks away*

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wink wink Joseph and Caesar

who wakes the other one up with kisses 

caesar because he is a kissing machine and joseph always sleeps in wayyyy too late he’s a baby

who cooks for who :

caesar because we are all pretty sure that joseph could accomplish the nearly impossible and burn soup

who is the morning person/night person :

joseph would stay up late watching cartoons and anime and reading comics and just being loud in general at night, while caesar loves his peaceful mornings where he could stare at joseph’s sleeping face and go outside for a smoke and have a coffee before waking joseph up

who is the romantic one :

both of them! but joseph would be more of the cute romantic who brings out caesar to see the lights or buy tons of stuffed animals or give flowers to caesar while hiding his face behind them. while caesar will do things like put on slow music and light up candles and redecorate. he’ll still do cute things but he’ll try to be a little more cool about it.

who is the top when it comes to sex :

either of them but both of them really like bottoming

who would lead in ballroom dancing :

caesar because joseph doesn’t know shit about ballroom dancing. eventually though, caesar and joseph get bored of it and joseph starts bs-ing and improvising and caesar just follows along and laughs as they embarrass themselves in front of everyone [cue lisa lisa shaking her head]

who is the more cuddly one :

joseph all the time. he’ll try to cuddle after working out or after sex or after a shower and he literally does not care if caesar is stinky or sweaty. caesar gets really self conscious about it though and pushes joseph away.

who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch :

caesar wouldn’t really care what movie they watch so joseph would pick superhero movies or anime and he’ll fervently go on and on about a superhero or character stats and voice actors. caesar will lay on his lap and listen to joseph talk and sometimes make fun of the characters just to tease joseph

who is the one who would pay for dates :

they take turns!!! but the majority of the dates would be paid for by joseph. caesar doesn’t have much money to spare while joseph has that whole joestar inheritance thing

who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes :

joseph because he’s always thirsty for his little caesar


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I feel like Carnival in Asgard would actually be frightening, like the gods forget themselves for a night and become just the primal forces they rule without their human-like personalities to soften them. But then I love creepy masks.

Like a Bacchanal yes I like it! ORGIES and no control. Probably Loki was the first who decided to celebrate it and the day after the party Asgard was totally destroyed. 

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I’m italian too and going to Venice this sunday and I will take as many pics I can to feed this thorki headcanon to you that’s it, maybe costume ideas, BUT I AM IMAGINING IT, it would be so rad, oh god, celtic baroque, oh god

You’re so lucky I’ve never been there. It’s too far away from where I live and Venice is so damn expensive but take pics, please! I want to see them and have fun! and think about thor and loki dressed like that

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it’s been ages since I changed my bg image. I like this one way too much. and it goes well with the rainmeter setup hahahah :’D

I tag jameswilliamherondale, unseresieben, benjaminminulate-dawnsandearly-sunsets, aritmija, aubreyisvelma and anyone else who wants to do this hahaha OTL