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1. Worst habit you have?

Probably biting myself

2. How was your first kiss?

It was…. I guess for a first it was good.

3. Got any imaginary friends when you were a kid?

Hell yeah. His name was Larry.(This is unrelated, but Larry was also the name of the practice dummy in Black Ops that kept killing me.)

4. Cats or dogs?

I like both, but I prefer to have a dog. But I seriously don’t mind cats.

5. What’s your favorite quote/phrase?

“Nothing is true, everything is permitted”. It has a lot of meaning behind it.

6. How did you spend the last day of 2012/first day of 2013?

With my family/on Tumblr

7. Favourite dish?

I don’t really have a favourite…

8. Worst nightmare and biggest dream?

Don’t tell anyone, but my worst fear is that I actually will end up alone.

Biggest dream would be living the good life, being famous with a band that I will be looking into making.

9. Favourite book series?

Either Harry Potter or the Percy Jackson books.

10. If you had to live the rest of your life in a city, what city would you choose?

I would love to live in Las Vegas. It’s probably my top favourite city, second being New York.

11. You just won 10 million in the lottery(yay!). How are you going to spend it?

I’d donate about 6 million to charity, take another part of it to pay of some debts(not mine), use some of it to pay for my sister to be able to go to college so she can focus mostly on paying for rent, and some other things after that, then what ever is left over I would save half of that and use the other half to have on my card.

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1. PS3 or Xbox or PC?

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3. Got any siblings?

4. Do you wear your watch on the inside of your wrist or the outside?

5. Netflix or Hulu?

6. Regret anything?

7. You into sports?

8. Do you watch Supernatural?

9. Would you consider yourself likable?

10. How did you get on Tumblr?

11. Do you like animals? If so, which ones?