Johan and lesser known sociopathic signs

When a lot of people hear “sociopath/psychopath”, they think of murder and violence, but most of them are not that violent, if ever. These are some signs of sociopaths that are not so blatantly obvious, but that Johan exhibits.

The “Sociopathic Stare”:

So, I’ve heard many of you describe Johan’s stare as “creepy”, and I thought I’d just let you know, that’s said to be an actual psycho/sociopath thing. Whether that’s actually a trait of ASPD (antisocial personality disorder) is debatable, but it certainly seems to be true sometimes. 

A few accounts of real life psychopathy:

“When I met my sociopath in person I could not believe the intensity of his eyes. I’ve never seen eyes like this before in my life it was like I was pulled to them. People are (women) always commenting on his pics about how intense his eyes, how sexy. It used to drive me nuts. When I found out he was a sociopath I looked at a picture of his eyes and saw something I had never seen before. Pure evil. They say its very common in psychopaths to have that stare.”

“The Psychopaths stare is very effective during the luring and "honeymoon” phases at the beginning of a relationship. Women often mistake it as “being sexy” and for “sexual attraction." 

"Robert Hare refers to the Psychopath’s gaze as "Intense eye contact and piercing eyes” and even suggested people avoid consistent eye contact with them.“

"Yes, I have seen them!! Used to think it was the most sensitive, wonderful, and caring eyes I had ever seen. Sometimes very sexy too.”

Johan displays this twice, once when he is talking with Karl and Lotte,

making Karl blush slightly, stunned by the intense, knowing warmth of his gaze, 

and once again when he helps the flustered library girl pick up the fallen books and makes her blush, although probably for a different reason than Karl.

There is also the instance when he grabbed Schuwald’s face and stares right into his eyes, but that is meant to be frightening, but in that instance it was obviously meant to be frightening. The “sociopathic stare” is meant to draw someone in, to be enchanted by them. It’s a sociopathic bonding technique.

Lack of Fear/Self endangerment:

Well, obviously Johan is very suicidal…in a “but you kill me” kind of way. He never actually tries to kill himself, but to make others do it. Personally I think that’s because he wants someone to care enough about him to kill him.

But this is also shown when Johan walks along the edge of the roof with Karl, as well as how he has very little concern for himself in the middle of an inferno in the library.

Fake signs of empathy: (Although it is debatable whether it was actually fake or not.)

Johan’s strange little acts of empathy, such as crying for Karl and showing understanding to Schuwald.

Note: A common misunderstanding is that someone with ASPD cannot understand others. Sociopaths understand just fine- they have cognitive empathy, they just lack emotional empathy. They just do not care.

anonymous asked:

even better idea than mable dipper monster au: satsuki ryuuko monster au! who is johan who is nina? i vote for ryuuko is johan cuz she is a life libre monster.

Ok first of all I LOVE MONSTER and second I LOVE JOHANN SO MUCH he was probably my first villain crush ever, he is such a charismatic, cold-blooded, level-headed mastermind who can literally kill you by just talking to you, so no matter how much I think about it, I just can’t see either Ryuko or Satsuki as Johann.

While Satsuki has many of Johann’s fine abilities there is no universe in any world where Satsuki would kill innocent people just for amusement, and Ryuko…doesn’t resemble Johann’s character in the least. (Besides, I don’t think Johann was the monster of the show.)

There is one character however, who would fit perfectly for the Johann part: 

Junketsu Ryuko (JR) is, imo, only a crazy, uncontrolled, and blood-thirsty beast when she is in transformed Junketsu, but in non-overridden Junketsu I headcanon her as quite composed, scheming and controlling everything, thus making her a lot more dangerous (I imagine that had JR actually stayed a bit longer with Ragyo, and actually transformed her Kamui back for once, she would have ultimately stabbed Ragyo because I don’t think she wants to be the puppet of anyone, instead she wants to be the puppet-player).

And with JR as Johann, the other KlK characters and even the story are fitting now! Ryuko is JR twin sister (Nina/Anna), Satsuki the brilliant doctor who saved JR’s life (Dr Tenma), Houka the inspector who believes Satsuki is responsible for JR’s murders (Inspector Lunge), Nui is JR’s “right hand” who does all the dirty work for JR (Roberto), Nonon is Satsuki’s former fiance (Eva), Soroi is Satsuki’s former professor who helps her to find JR (Dr Reichwein), Aikuro is Satsuki’s former classmate and criminal psychologist who also helps her to find JR (Dr Gillen), Ragyo is of course the mother of the twins (Anna), Soichiro is the one responsible for the experiment on the twins (Franz Banaparta), Mataro is the boy Satsuki saved from his foster father’s abuse (Dieter) and Shiro is the police detective who was framed for some of JR’s murders and later helps Satsuki prove her innocence (Jan Suk). For the rest of the characters I want to change the storyline a bit, but basically it’s Ira as Karl Neumann, Mako as Lotte, Rei as Grimmer, Uzu as either Lipsky or Martin (I prefer Martin), and Tsumugu as Verdemann. 

The setting would be in Japan instead of Germany, since the KlK characters are Japanese and a German setting would be weird…though I admit that the original setting would be very appealing! 

The story would be very similar to the Monster plot, but with Life Fibers (not as aliens, but as a genetic weapon) as the experiment the twins and their mother were forced to participate. As I’ve said already, I want to change the Schuwald storyline a bit, not much though. I’m also not sure about the ending, because while I love the Monster ending, I feel like it wouldn’t fit this AU. I want JR to resolve her matter with Ragyo, since I believe that Ragyo (and Ryuko) created the “monster”, and I want JR to tell the world her (criminal) history, before she breaks out of police custody and takes on another identity to live in freedom and watch over Ryuko from afar, maybe visits Satsuki from time to time. I still have to work this out. And I should just call JR Junko… Matoi Junko and Matoi Ryuko, wonderful twin names! :D

Anyways I love this AU, and I love the image of a young Junketsu Ryuko sitting on a throne, watching the world burn! Thank you for the idea! I will post some sketches for this AU in the next few minutes, I couldn’t resist this perfect opportunity to draw JR! If you (or anyone else) want to talk to me about this AU you can message me anytime! It’s probably easier if you start a conversation with me on Skype since I don’t have time to check out tumblr right now. Just send me a private ask to request my Skype.

Btw you should all read or watch Monster, it’s a brilliant thriller with great characters and even greater character developments! And Johann is just such an awesome villain, without being the villain in the classical sense. Damn, as soon as I have time I need to reread the series with this AU in mind! It’s going to be my demise.