This episode in general was pretty refreshing, those “slice of life fillers” are so well done that don’t hit a wrong note with the main plot.
And yes, I made fun a lot of Schuu-san (and I’m not the tiniest bit done), but do you know what I especially liked today?
This part:

We have always seen Schubert looking up to Beethoven, respecting him and proving him right whatever it happens (don’t forget he was willing to lose rock-paper-scissor to not let him do the chores).
But this part… this part, no matter how silly it may seems, no matter he was on the roof and Beethoven couldn’t see or hear him. Schubert was willing to make fun on him, laugh at him and he enjoyed it.
He still hasn’t had a chance to get a real character development arc, but I feel like this is a step forward, in the sense he can start to see Beethes like someone he doesn’t have to be so stiff around.

There are also those here:

Schubert is still wearing a smug expression, and Beethoven looks pretty pissed off: I think it’d be pretty funny if he got so confident that he could even make a small comment about ~ being rejected ~ in front of his face.

Or maybe they’re both simply resigned to Motes’ poor clothes choice, that wouldn’t be unrealistic AT ALL