if Hamilton had come out during the Glee Era, this is what the episode basically would be

- Opening scene: ND in the classroom talking among themselves. Schue walks in wearing full period costume. Everyone is confused and a little ashamed. Schue tells them he’s discovered they’re all failing history, and one of them tells him history is just SO BORING. 

 - cut to a scene of somehow all the kids in the same class in various stages of unconsciousness while a Professor Binns type teacher drones on about the war of 1812. 

- Schue assures them history is TOTALLY COOL, informs them about Hamilton, tries to white rap his way through either Guns and Ships or Yorktown. Santana makes that “why am I surrounded by white fools” face that she always makes. Hamilton is the assignment this week, even though COMPETITION looms in the future, but when have they ever actually practiced before the week of? 

- Blaine has been super friendly with some guy from Dalton or from Hairgellers Anonymous or something, is constantly liking his posts on FB. Kurt sings “Burn” over a montage of Blaine ignoring him in ridiculous situations that no one would ever be on their phone during. 

- Rachel has decided this week is one of the weeks where she’s aggressive about becoming a star, sings Satisfied. 

- Tensions are getting high, so Artie flawlessly white boy raps through “What’d I Miss” while Mike dances, to lighten the mood. 

- The kids are learning about Hamilton, but Schue is worried they’re not REALLY learning the point he’s trying to get at. 

- Probably the Unholy Trinity sings “Schuyler Sisters” 

- Schue walks back in on the kids excitedly talking about the show and/or history in general. Smiles that smile he smiles when he thinks he’s a good teacher. “See you guys? History is now. You’re the founding fathers. You’re the underdogs. Your time is coming, you just have to wait for it.” 

- New Directions: YEAH! 

- The group sings “Wait for It” in the auditorium either in full costume, or wearing just vaguely matching outfits. Finn takes lead, but Mercedes comes in on the middle solo. 

- They all smile at each other at the end, while Schue makes that face again. 

- Sue is in the background glowering that ND has managed to not fall apart yet again.

Brittany: Mr. Schue, is he your son?
—  Brittany Pierce to William Schuester about Jesse St. James - 01x15 The Power of Madonna
Just Give Me a Reason

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Request: Hey I’ve just discovered your blog and I really love your writing! I was wondering if you would write a Sebastian fic where the reader and Sebastian are dating and finally announce it to their singing groups at one time. The room descends into chaos because no one approves whatsoever and people begin making plans to “rescue” their beloved group member. After multiple plans on both ends are pulled off, they eventually do break up and it’s not pretty. After that the ex-couple’s performances aren’t as good as they had been and both sides begin to realize what they did to their friends. So they team up without the reader or Sebastian knowing and make them both learn half of a duet for some special performance and when that night comes it’s revealed who their dear partner is. Thank you!

Notes: So I only realized after I wrote the entire imagine that I changed it a little, instead of Y/N and Sebastian learning the duet earlier they’re just forced to sing it together. And I didn’t really do ‘multiple plans’ because it would take just way too long, but anyways I hope you enjoy!!

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Costume Change

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Request: Can you do an imagine with Sebastian Smythe where he accidentally walks in on the reader changing into costume for Nationals? Make it cute but maybe with a seductive Sebastian? Please and thanks. c;

Notes: So, this was a little shorter than I anticipated but I hope you like it! It’s a little less on the cute side and more on the seductive side, but let’s be real that’s Sebastian for ya.

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what was the worst thing glee ever did? for me its either the school shooting episode or the one when mr schue sings blurred lines while new directions twerk.

don’t get me started please do not do this to me on this fine tuesday

Fic: Duet

Summary: Kurt Hummel has certainly complicated Blaine’s life. And it’s Blaine’s own fault. But still. He’s just not sure what to do. Duets. That is the Glee club assignment of the week. And that’s really what has gotten him into this mess.

After being beaten up at a dance for being gay, Blaine leaves his old school for McKinley - where he promises to jump right in - glee club, basketball, choir, even superhero club. But he will not come out. Not until college. He’ll just manage and thrive knowing it’s just two years away. Kurt Hummel was not part of the plan.

Loosely based on the prompt: “Why are you so clingy people will think we’re dating- I know we are but you’re the one who wants it to be secret you moron!” AU

Words: 4100

Rating: Mature

On AO3


Kurt Hummel has certainly complicated Blaine’s life. And it’s Blaine’s own fault. But still. He’s just not sure what to do.

Blaine has known he was gay since he was 11. It was nothing earth shattering or terrifying really. More like a ‘Huh. okay. I guess that’s me,’ when he was watching Dawson’s Creek and there was actually a gay kid on his screen.  He knew that that’s who he would be one day.

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Always Right Together - 2/?

Summary: Kurt and Blaine have been in love for sixteen years. They’ve only been alive for eighteen.

Chapter summary: Growing up doesn’t have to mean growing apart. But maybe it’s different for them. | AO3

Warnings: angst, more angst, the canon events of Karofsky, and Sebastian is in this too!


Turning sixteen feels like he should feel older. Fifteen sounds childish, awkward, not quite a kid but not quite a teenager. Sixteen sounds so official.

He doesn’t feel older. He just wants to feel younger.

Sixteen is that scary place of statistics. Sixteen is where you first get drunk, or where you first start to smoke, or where you get your first job or when you’re first able to drive.

He doesn’t feel that old at all.

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Some love for the Glee guys! Finn, Puck, Artie, Kurt, Blaine, Sam, Mike, Matt, Jake, Ryder, Spencer, Mason, Roderick, Joe, Rory, Will, Figgins, Burt, Sebastian, Hunter, Adam, Elliot, Brody, Dave, we love you all!

Will: Who are you going to sing a duet with?
Kurt: Only the most talented member of the Glee Club
[Rachel smiles]
Kurt: Myself
—  William Schuester and Kurt Hummel - 02x04 Duets
Sing to me

A/N- sorry i have not updated in so long

pairing-Sebastian smythe x  fin  twin sister!reader

Sebastians P.O.V

Since Dalton academy has a day off today i decided that i would surprise (Y/N) at mckinley high. ( i know how unfortunate). I walk into this hell and head straight towards the choir room. When i get there i see that the New directions are sitting there miserably while Mr. Schue is talking about some 60’s showtune.

“Hello losers getting ready to lose?” i say while half way expecting (Y/N) to scold me.

“ What are you doing here? Kurt and I see enough of you at our house.Plus (Y/N) is not even here.” Finn says annoyed.

“Oh well where is she” I say snarkily(?)

“She is at home sick with a cold.” Kurt says

“ Finn, pull out your car keys and hold them by the house key.” I instruct. He does as i say but he kinda looks scared.

I take the house key off the ring and walk out. When i get to my car i drive to 7/11 and grab ramen, ice cream, Dr Pepper.

*At the hudsummle household*

I unlock the door and walk straight to (Y/N) room. When i walk into her room I see so many tissues wadded up on the floor and scattered around her on the bed. (Y/N) is curled up on her bed in a burrito of blankets, she lifts her head up to see who walked in.

“Hey ba-*intense coughing*

“Awww my poor baby” i cooed as i kiss her head. “I brought you ice cream, Dr Pepper, and lots of kisses” I strip off my hoodie and shirt and toss them in my corner leaving me in only my sweat pants. Then i climb into her bed and wrap my arms around her cuddle her like a teddy bear.She cuddles further into my chest and snuggles her face into my neck.

“Sing to me please” She says

This is nothing new to me, (Y/N) always asks me to sing to her i don’t know why but it is really adorable.

“What song?” i ask softly.

“Missing you by All time Low” she says in a small voice.

“ Okay baby” i say and start singing.

“ I heard that you’ve been

Self-medicating in the quiet of your room,

Your sweet, suburban tomb.

And if you need a friend,

I’ll help you stitch up your wounds.

I heard that you’ve been

Having some trouble finding your place in the world.

I know how much that hurts,

But if you need a friend

Then please just say the word” I sing into (Y/N)s ear until i notice that she is asleep

“Sweet dreams love” i whisper and close my eyes and let sleep take over my body.