As much as I love Glee I hate how it completely ignores its minority characters unless they can revolve around the white characters.

Like the funk episode. Like funk is a genre originating out of African American subculture, and when Mercedes, the only black character on the show that’s actually allowed to speak, points that out, she’s basically shut down by Quinn, the popular white cheerleader - and ironically Quinn calls her racist in the process. Then the whole episode revolves around how Quinn feels like an outsider bc she’s a pregnant teen. She translates those feelings of loneliness   into her funk number, which is considered a success (even though it really wasn’t funk and was extremely white washed out). Mercedes then performs a funk number too - that yes was closer to rap - but had more funk than Quinn’s number. But hers, by contrast, is belittled and disparaged by Mr. Schue. AND THEN Quinn has the nerve to tell Mercedes she now understands what it’s like to be a minority - but rather than use that moment to address the experience of actual minorities in a homogenous society, Mercedes then becomes the “savior” to rescue Quinn from her dire circumstances and make her feel better. And here’s the thing: it’s fine to show empathy to someone struggling. But the thing is Mercedes’ entire experience as an alienated outsider is used only to support Quinn.  Like this episode was perfectly primed to have a moment of racial reconciliation where Mercedes speaks to the experience of minorities or addresses how white America exploits features of other cultures while completely ignoring or belitting the original cultures when they try to express themselves. And it’s completely blown by instead revolving around the white character who’s having a tough time.

So, Glee Club is as awkward and weird as I expected it to be. I’m not sure how y’all haven’t melted under Schue’s gaze, or just looking at his sweater vests. I will say, though, that my audition killed it and I dare any fuck who tries to come at me with a Slushie to fuckin’ do it.


Thank you Glee;

This TV show means everything to me. Each character has their own individuality which makes us believe in ourselves as we can compare ourselves to them. These past 5/6 years have changed my life for the better. We’ve (Gleeks & cast) had a difficult time dealing with the death of Cory, but only came back stronger. I will miss this show so much but we knew it was going to end eventually and I feel like it’s a good time. Some cast members have other projects they are working on outside of Glee which is fantastic and good luck to them. Hopefully we’ll still be seeing them a lot. They’ve worked so hard to create this amazing TV show and it’s paid off. Thank you for teaching me and thank you for being there when no one else was. Forever missing Glee.

  • Glee: This show is all about underdogs and misfits finding their niche in a world that shits all over their dreams!
  • Glee: *Ignores its' Asian characters unless they decide to throw lazy stereotypes at them.*
  • Glee: *Constantly shits on Mercedes for her "laziness" & lack of ambition compared to Rachel, when really she just has a different way of achieving her goals.*
  • Glee: *Lets Kurt find someone to love only to have that someone break his heart for no good reason whatsoever, just More Drama!*
  • Glee: *Brushes off every inappropriate and sexist thing Mr. Schue does and insists that he is the patron saint of teachers.*
  • Glee: *Couldn't decide if Brittany was smart or not*
  • Glee: *Insists that a woman with OCD can be cured by the love of a man who doesn't deserve her.*
  • Glee: *Allows the straight white girl to get the biggest prize out of all the Gleeks at the end of the series while her friends cheer from the sidelines because the series was ACTUALLY ALL ABOUT HER!!!!*

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Marley was honestly tired, between school, glee, helping her mom and working a part time job she was worn down. Deciding that she needed a cup of coffee, even if it was a little late, Marley headed toward the Lima Bean. Unsurprisingly the place was mostly dead and so once she placed her order it was ready quickly. It wasn’t until she turned to leave that she noticed a familiar lanky form hunched over a table. No one had really seen him after his falling out of sorts with Mr. Schue and her talk with him about how he needed to man up and go to college to become a teacher himself. 

Quietly she walked across the cafe and lightly tapped on his shoulder. “Long time no see stranger.” She said softly, eyes drifting to the chair across from him, wondering if he’d mind if she sat for a minute.