Samcedes + Sam supporting Mercedes’ dreams and being proud of her. 

I can’t believe you did this for me, why? Because I believe in you, and what you could become. Now complete strangers believe in you too. You just need to find a way out to L.A, and do your thing. It’s time for this dream to stop being a dream and become a reality. Listen to them, they all want to buy your album, so do I. You ain’t no skim milk baby, you’re the cream rising to the top.  

ooc- Will Schuester & Others Needed!


Will Schuester needed for this awesome RP! Were all friendly, and caring and ACTIVE! Emma currently ships wemma, so if your a wemma shipper that would be awesome! We have all our Glee kids, but they don’t have a teacher, so please if you’d like to roleplay Will please consider us - I’ve been in many RP’s before but this is by far the best, were like a family and very active and loyal :D If your interested and want to find out more information or to apply please go here: wegleerp

*Smuts allowed - Rated R

*The Glee students are attending Senior Year at McKinley High. Who is dating who? What are they doing to make a living? What goes on during their free time?

All of this is your choice.


P.S. We Have a few more places to fill also, mostly teacher roles like Sue, Ken, Beiste, and Carol (Finns mom) & Also Becky!

Thank you - :)

i fucking love will schuester this season. he's so amazing.

you all bitch and moan about him being terrible to santana and telling her she needed to commit or leave glee club. she chose not to commit. that was her choice. well maybe she should stop playing both sides. she needs to stop leading the glee club on and choose a side. 

i’m glad she finally decided to choose glee club. for now at least. i love santana, her voice is flawless. but she tends to play both sides and it gets tiring for the glee club when they’re constantly brought down by sue with aid of santana. 

and anything he says to mercedes needs to be said because she’s just being ridiculous. does she not remember the conversation she and rachel had? rachel told her that it’s her dream to be a broadway star and she takes what she wants. she forces herself in. but she doesn’t it with more grace than mercedes ever has and ever will, especially with her boyfriend encouraging her to be conceited. mercedes, stop being lazy and take what you want with grace. healthy competition is what rachel wants.