I ran into a bunch of people during lunch

So my mom and I went out for lunch (since we did more Christmas shopping today) and the first person I saw was my friend An! Who has the cutest short hair now. And my mom was like, “You know, that girl is so sweet. She was like that the first day I met her and look at her now. Still as cute as a button!”

THEN. TIME. STOPPED. BECAUSE TODAY MARKED THE DAY OF GETTING TO MEET A SECOND YOUTUBER. Although he’s not the same as wheezywaiter (let me love you, Craig) he’s still pretty funny. I forget how I even came across him, but I got to see Mike (schubes17)! He was working so I got An to call him over for a quick sec and he was so nice. And I get really shy/embarrassed when I meet new people so I completely forgot to properly introduce myself at first. But he seemed really happy to meet someone that strictly knew him from his youtube videos. I even got the table behind us to ask what was going on.

So yeah, that was pretty fun for me. Eventually Mike came back to the table to ask what my name was and I felt awkward telling him my username was mysexygameboy, but that seemed to trigger something because he was like, “Yes! I remember you! I remember you commenting!”

Lastly we ran into a woman who always seems to wait on us at this restaurant. I don’t think her name is Rosa, but she looks like a sassy Rosa. And she’s always so sweet to us. “Why didn’t you come to my area? You know how good I can be for youuu!” And she’s so tiny and she has short hair and she’s probably like 50 but she’s so cute and loveable. MY LITTLE SPANISH ROSA LET ME TAKE YOU HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!