schubert theatre

Marry Me a Little
Len Cariou

Len Cariou singing “Marry Me a Little” at the Schubert Theatre for “Sondheim: A Musical Tribute.” This concert was recorded and parts of it were released on vinyl, however much of the material was cut (including this performance), a CD release restored some of the cuts but is still incomplete. This is taken from a soundboard tape that documents the entire concert.

Schubert Theatre, NYC

Not directly lighting related, but I just wanted to share with everyone that I had the wonderful opportunity to pee in the backstage bathrooms here. The group of people I went to see Memphis with all had the urgent need to pee and an extremely nice security guard took us backstage in the tiniest elevator I’ve ever seen (probably 3x3), two at a time, to use the bathrooms backstage. I didn’t see anyone exciting but I did hear a sound tech complaining to the stage manager haha.