schubas harmony grill

Anthony Raneri April 22nd 2012. Chicago IL. At Schubas. 
[Photo taken by Christina [Tana] Deneen AKA Moreaboutlove

What an amazing show. It was just him and Steve Soboslai from Punchline and it was an awesome experience. Very small. The acoustics were good. [The show itself was an acoustic set]. 

I had went with Tana, Angela, Kara and Adrian. Drove to Midway, hopped on the train, met up with Jose and Omar. Had Mexican food right after, right across the street from the venue/bar/grill. Wonderful.

The set list was [in order] :
- Blame It On Bad Luck.
- Sandra Partial [off his own solo album]
- Don’t Call Me Peanut.
- Do You Wanna Know? [Alkaline Trio cover]
- Killing Time.
- I and I.
- The Ballad Of Bill The Saint [Off his solo album]
- Landing Feet First.
- Moceanu.
- Duality.
- Long December [Counting Crows cover]
- Montauk.
- Megan [Smoking Popes cover]

Great great great set list. I was very happy to hear some favorites. Anthony never disappoints.