schroth therapy

Scoliosis Surgery.

Alright, alright. So a lot of my friends and family and even complete strangers have asked me why I’m against getting surgery.

Let me explain to you some things.

The surgery is kind of a hellish procedure. They make an incision in your lower back, usually around the pelvis, then insert two metal rods on each side of your spine. Then they use screws to drill the rods into your spine and force it straight, then use bone graft to basically paste it all together. There’s no undoing the surgery and if you continue to grow old and things get messed up, you have to just deal with the pain and get more surgeries.

My particular curve is a bit more uncommon, and it’s also very big. They’d be operating from T-3 to L-4, which is almost my entire spine. I have pretty bad hypermobility too, which means I’ve got extra space between ligaments. It’s also known as being double jointed. Because of this hypermobility, if I got the rods placed, then my few free vertebrae above and below the rods would be irritated and most likely cause me lots of pain. So that’s a bummer.

Also, I kind of don’t want to be immobile for the rest of my life? Because the surgery itself is called “spinal fusion” for a reason. They literally fuse your spine together. And that means you can’t move.

So yeah, I’ve chosen physical therapy and a nighttime brace. It helps when I actually stick with it, but I haven’t been lately and I’m getting a lot worse…

Whatever lol I’d rather not breathe than not move so fuck surgery

But if you’ve had a good experience or even a negative one with this surgery please let me know, I’m currently in an information gathering stage about it (because my parents are forcing me to “keep an open mind”)

Hey guys! So I dont think i ever did a thorough update from my Schroth clinic visit in September. So here’s a detail of it: Here’s my most current x-ray, taken in Mid-August and measured in September when I visited the Wisconsin Scoliosis Rehab Center. Their measurement methods are slightly different from my (ex) orthopedic’s methods, but at my worst,they say my measurements were at 19, 46, and 39 (cervical, thoracic, and lumbar curves). And my most current one measures at 20, 30, and 9! Measurements have a margin of error of about 5 degrees, even still, for not having access to my physical therapy equipment for an entire year at the dorms, my back didn’t progress at all, and my lumbar continued to improve, while my thoracic and cervical maintained. I am extremely pleased and excited that the schroth method, even when i didnt have my equipment, kept my spine in check and healthy overall. I now live in an apartment with full access to my equipment with an updated schroth routine, so I am back on track!