Follower shoutout!

As today is the 31st of January, I thought I’d give some of my top followers a shoutout because no matter what mood I’m in or what random posts I reblog, they are always there to reblog and like me back. I can’t believe there are 255 of you precious babies that follow my very random (somewhat unoriginal) blog and I want to say that I love y’all and I think y’all are precious and special.

Without further ado here are my top 10 followers of the month!

1. @snarky-fangirl

2. @schrodingerslunchbox

3. @hellosweetie912

4. @madmistressjilly

5. @myfand0msandm0re

6. @swelldame

7. @itsabeautifulstory95

8. @adventuresintheshadeoftea

9. @imploding-with-feels

10. @authentic-weirdness

These guys are amazing and I love them all!! Go check out their blogs and follow their awesomeness :)

Once again thank y’all for your awesome support and let’s get ready for February!

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