schorl tourmaline



  • Crystal System: Hexagonal/Trigonal
  • Hardness: 7-7.5
  • Fracture: Uneven-Conchoidal
  • Specific Gravity: 3-3.2
  • Luster: Vitreous

The name tourmaline refers to a family of cyclosilicates, that have varied composition, but the same basic crystal structure (FeWO4). There are 11 minerals in this family, including elbaite (the best and most abundant gemstone-quality tourmaline), schorl (the most common variety), and indicolite (blue tourmaline). Tourmaline is extremely common, but most of it is dark, opaque, and ugly. However, the transparent stones are highly valued. The best formed crystals are almost exclusively found in pegmatites, typically elbaite. Tourmaline is known for it’s “watermelon” gems, which are pink on the inside with green surrounding it. It also is the state gem of Maine, due to the high quality gems produced by the Mica Mines. So sorry about the long hiatus, but I recently went to the Smithsonian and they had so many cool rocks, so I’m back! Please, please ask me things!!!

Anti vs Sick Fucks

So awhile ago we learned that pedophiles were calling themselves MAPs, not that there’s a difference. At that time tumblr was overran by blogs for map positivity a.k.a literal shit but also since then many people made blogs to tell MAPs/pedophiles How gross, sick, disgusting, and wrong they are. So here is a list of most/major anti MAP blogs.

Disclaimer: This takes into consideration if you blogged even one post against pedophiles and came up on my search.

Me 👋
@asrielkin or @asrielking (they both popped up)

The next list is a list of MAPs (pedophiles), pedophile apologists, pedophile supporters, people who think pedophilia is a mental illness, and people who think that non-offending pedophiles exist. A.K.A blogs the minors on this site should block, sick fucks, and just blogs that should be deleted in general. Honestly, if these so called “MAPs” wanted to help, they turn themselves in like that kid on SVU that one time. This probably isn’t all of it but it’s all that I could look for before wanting to throw up. Also using pedophile positivity to look for pedophile supporters does not help since all the antis took over that tag. Good job guys!

@helpprotectmaps You failed your username

Anyways, this is all I got. I’ll probably be turning off my notifications cause I know this is gonna cause me a shit storm. I probably missed more than a few for both lists but we out number the sick fucks by a mile. Looks like there’s a lot more sane people on this hellsite than I thought.

Btw you can’t be a “MAP” and think it’s not wrong. You’re literally attracted to children. People who can’t consent to your fucked up ideas. People who are literally everywhere. “Oh but you have attractions and you don’t suddenly rape somebody.” I have attractions to people who can fucking consent so if I say “Hey wanna fuck?” And they say yes IT WONT BE RAPE. Plus, I don’t have to literally manipulate them into thinking it’s okay because they can decide for themselves if it’s okay or not. CHILDREN CANNOT DO THAT.

SEE @mapexposed for more MAP blogs.