schorl tourmaline

Crystal Tuesday

A while ago I posted something “crystal Tuesday”, where I picked a crystal and wrote a little bio on it and it seemed to do well, people seemed t enjoy it, so I am going to bring it back.

So, for this week I am doing one of my favorite stones, black tourmaline aka Schorl or Scrhorl Tourmaline.  

Black Tourmaline is a seven on the Mohs hardness scale, which is surprising to me because it is very cracky especially raw.  
Tourmaline is a “family” of stones that come in different colours but all have the same structure.  All forms of tourmaline do in fact vary in chemical composition and some physical attributes, but for now, we are just focusing on black tourmaline.  
Black tourmaline can come in many different sizes and shapes, but overall it is known for its black appearance sharp shape (when raw cut) and crackly look.
Black tourmaline grows in a variety of places such as US, Australia, Brazil, Africa…
The reason why this stone is my favorite because it has the power to transform negative energy into positive energy, which gives it many uses in the occult world, especially in witchcraft.  Along with those benefits, Tourmaline is a very grounding stone, so overall this stone is what I recommend to beginners who want to start working with stones and crystals, especially during meditation.  
Traditionally witches would use black tourmaline in ritual magick such as when they would evoke creatures because it has such a protective energy that it makes a good protective amulet.  
While it can protect you by transforming negative energy to positive, it also protects from electronic radiation according to some scientists.
Overall tourmaline can protect you against a lot of things, metaphysically speaking, so I usually do suggest it to people who have negative energy anywhere (and it is usually very cheap which is a plus)
From these properties, you can see this stone is very good for people that do have a lot of stress or negative energy in general (I do not recommend this in place of actual medical treatment because I don’t want to get sued).  It is also said to be able to aid in mental health, to achieve balance with one’s state of mind.  
Tourmaline is unique because when is it heated it can obtain a small electric charge, which then attracts small objects like hair, or in some cases if it is a big stone even paper.  

Overall I do recommend this stone to everyone who wants to start crystal magic and crystal work; it is something that every witch no matter how experienced can get used out of having some around. 


-As always


Anti vs Sick Fucks

So awhile ago we learned that pedophiles were calling themselves MAPs, not that there’s a difference. At that time tumblr was overran by blogs for map positivity a.k.a literal shit but also since then many people made blogs to tell MAPs/pedophiles How gross, sick, disgusting, and wrong they are. So here is a list of most/major anti MAP blogs.

Disclaimer: This takes into consideration if you blogged even one post against pedophiles and came up on my search.

Me 👋
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The next list is a list of MAPs (pedophiles), pedophile apologists, pedophile supporters, people who think pedophilia is a mental illness, and people who think that non-offending pedophiles exist. A.K.A blogs the minors on this site should block, sick fucks, and just blogs that should be deleted in general. Honestly, if these so called “MAPs” wanted to help, they turn themselves in like that kid on SVU that one time. This probably isn’t all of it but it’s all that I could look for before wanting to throw up. Also using pedophile positivity to look for pedophile supporters does not help since all the antis took over that tag. Good job guys!

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Anyways, this is all I got. I’ll probably be turning off my notifications cause I know this is gonna cause me a shit storm. I probably missed more than a few for both lists but we out number the sick fucks by a mile. Looks like there’s a lot more sane people on this hellsite than I thought.

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SEE @mapexposed for more MAP blogs.

Dalmatian Jasper

  • aids you in breaking down barriers you created around yourself for protection
  • helps let go of distrust
  • allows you to move forward in life and find purpose
  • brings a child-like joy and sense of playfulness into your life
  • black spots are black tourmaline 
  • reminds you to enjoy life
  • encourages positives attitudes, good luck, and happiness
  • reduces any sense of discouragement 
  • aids you in releasing the things you have outgrown
  • inspires faith and devotion toward others- especially within close relationships
  • helps you to have the stamina to do what needs to be done
  • good for sleeping well and free of nightmares
  • helps to decrease any disillusionment you may be feeling
  • known to help animals- very calming and soothing; it has a similar effect on them as on you
  • strongly grounding
  • helps you to let go of old thought patterns and ways of looking at the world
  • good for psychic protection


Black Tourmaline clears negative emotions and thoughts and opens us to joy and honesty. Aids in the receptivity of inspiration, to flow into the mind. Radiates light protection for wearer. Black Tourmaline (Schorl) does not absorb negative energy. It repels it. It is suggested to carry this stone when you feel surrounded by negativity. Great for use in times of crisis or for periods of extreme stress. It is a powerful protector until we are strong enough in our own power. Good for those who are highly sensitive and easily influenced by inharmonious energies. Breaks through old patterns and fears. Cultivates inner wisdom, courage, stability and patience.

Black Tourmaline (Schorl) Gemstone Meaning:

Rub Black Tourmaline for luck and happiness. This is a powerful stone and a very lucky stone. When the Tourmaline is rubbed it becomes charged with magnetic electricity and the luck intensifies. Tourmaline is black, but also shades of red, pink, green, blue and what is known as Watermelon Tourmaline, which is a crystal with green on the outside and pink in the middle. The Green Tourmaline brings success. The Pink Tourmaline will bring love and friends. Tourmalated Quartz aids peace of mind. It is found in many countries including Burma, United States, Brazil and Zimbabwe.

Healing Properties of Black Tourmaline:

Tourmaline uses differs as its colors differ. All colors are very powerful and it must be used carefully. Each person seems to react differently to Tourmaline. It has been used with intestinal problems, but only a healer should use it. Black Tourmaline pushes all negativity away.

Chakras: Base
Astrological sign: Leo, Ophiuchus
Color: Black
Zodiac: Sagittarius Pisces, Libra (Ancient)
Planet: Sun
Birthstone: October May (Ancient)
Energies: Luck, Healing
Anniversary Stone: 8



  • Crystal System: Hexagonal/Trigonal
  • Hardness: 7-7.5
  • Fracture: Uneven-Conchoidal
  • Specific Gravity: 3-3.2
  • Luster: Vitreous

The name tourmaline refers to a family of cyclosilicates, that have varied composition, but the same basic crystal structure (FeWO4). There are 11 minerals in this family, including elbaite (the best and most abundant gemstone-quality tourmaline), schorl (the most common variety), and indicolite (blue tourmaline). Tourmaline is extremely common, but most of it is dark, opaque, and ugly. However, the transparent stones are highly valued. The best formed crystals are almost exclusively found in pegmatites, typically elbaite. Tourmaline is known for it’s “watermelon” gems, which are pink on the inside with green surrounding it. It also is the state gem of Maine, due to the high quality gems produced by the Mica Mines. So sorry about the long hiatus, but I recently went to the Smithsonian and they had so many cool rocks, so I’m back! Please, please ask me things!!!