schorl tourmaline


Pretty twinned quartz crystal with huge black needle-like tourmaline inclusions - think a few of them even stab out of the side of the quartz.


Black Tourmaline

Other Names: Schorl.

Mohs: 7-7.5.

Correspondences: for grounding, purifying, turning negative energy to positive, dispelling fears, Saturn (planet), flexibility, peace, protection from evil.

Quartz (Clear)

Other Names: Star stone, rock crystal.

Mohs: 7.

Correspondences: for adaptability, healing, protection, intensifying energy or intent, Uranus (planet), raising consciousness, Cancer (zodiac), flexibility, stamina, moon, reliability, all four elements.  



  • Crystal System: Hexagonal/Trigonal
  • Hardness: 7-7.5
  • Fracture: Uneven-Conchoidal
  • Specific Gravity: 3-3.2
  • Luster: Vitreous

The name tourmaline refers to a family of cyclosilicates, that have varied composition, but the same basic crystal structure (FeWO4). There are 11 minerals in this family, including elbaite (the best and most abundant gemstone-quality tourmaline), schorl (the most common variety), and indicolite (blue tourmaline). Tourmaline is extremely common, but most of it is dark, opaque, and ugly. However, the transparent stones are highly valued. The best formed crystals are almost exclusively found in pegmatites, typically elbaite. Tourmaline is known for it’s “watermelon” gems, which are pink on the inside with green surrounding it. It also is the state gem of Maine, due to the high quality gems produced by the Mica Mines. So sorry about the long hiatus, but I recently went to the Smithsonian and they had so many cool rocks, so I’m back! Please, please ask me things!!!

You wished me luck in future rock hunting endeavours, so I’d like to thank you for casting the good luck charm that helped me find these!

1. Almandine garnets on Biotite

2. Schorl tourmaline

3.  Moonstone

All from Gärdet on Orust island in Sweden.

Bonus fluorite from Väne-Ryr, Vänersborg:


Oh man! This is incredible. We’re very happy to have helped out but I bet your skill is definitely what landed you these beautiful stones. Thank you so much for sharing this. Those Garnet’s are blowing my mind.  Please feel free to share your future finds and definitely best wishes and goodluck to you on future hunts!