schoolyard crush

Void is showing. StilesxOC Smut.

Pairing: Stiles x OC
Rating: NSFW
Warning: Smut, smut, smut. Panic, Los
Words: 2,259.

A/N. Don’t be too harsh… K.

Emma laid in her bed. Staring at the ceiling. It had been 4 days now since Jackson made his stupid fucking joke that sent Stiles spiralling.. “Careful Stilinski… I think your Void is showing”. The pack had gotten rid of Void mere weeks ago, and I t seemed like Stiles had been still taking things hard. First of all he wasn’t spending time with Emma as much, and it seemed like he still wasn’t sleeping.

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Kate Reese, a 13-year-old living in Reno, Nevada, used to think there was something wrong with her.

“I began realizing I wasn’t necessarily straight when I was around 5 or 6,” Reese said. “I saw girls holding hands and thought, I could go for that. Girls were just more interesting.”

Reese may have gone quite a few more years thinking that the innocent schoolyard crushes she harbored were indications of her deviance. But she was able to seek the language to describe herself, and assuage her worries, in a way older LGBT people never could — she had the internet.

“Now I understand what ‘queer’ means, because all of the information is online,” said Reese, who privately started identifying herself as queer sometime in the fourth grade. “Now I understand LGBT terms, and that it’s not a choice. I thought something was wrong with me until I saw all this research. Now I know people like me are out there.”

color, brilliance, strangeness

aka ryan and jack go on a day trip up the coast
fake ah crew ryack, implied gents ot3
birthday fic for the wonderful light of my life seraphface
rating: m
on ao3

Later, they will sit on the hood of the Surano and exchange kisses that change in rolling waves, from heated and hungry with wandering hands to slow and searching with tangled legs and back again. He will kiss the salt from her neck and she will wonder why they don’t take advantage of living by the ocean more often.

Later, he will press a small white and purple shell into her palm with a teasing smile like a purposefully sappy pastiche of a summer romantic drama, like a joke that’s not a joke, like a boy presenting a schoolyard crush with a freshly-picked dandelion—there is a shyness to the gesture even after all these years and, Christ, Jack loves him, she does, she does—and she will close her fingers over it and tuck it safely into her pocket.

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The Heart Wants

I blame @probablyfakeblonde for this because of how they draw Chloe

And then…then it was different. 

2 Ao3

“You have a type, y’know.” Alya told her that evening. Marinette couldn’t help but laugh. 

“I do not!” she protested, shaking her head before catching her best friend’s raised eyebrows! “Alya!”

“Blonde, tall, gorgeous and captivating eyes. That’s what your eyes always end up follow. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing!” 

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