schoolwork art


THE BIG CIRCLE POST!! here is some of what i did for video game writing class. circle is a mobile game (that theoretically gets ported to ps3 i guess) about a little creature named eos who is tasked with putting souls to rest. players solve puzzles to unlock the memories of many different ghosts and help them fulfill their last requests so they can move on. but eos isn’t quite what she seems, and she also holds the power of great destruction in her hands.

if you’d like, you can watch the trailer here!

Made For Each Other

Marinette’s signature pattern borrowed from @lady-buginette

This is a project for school
We had to make a post card with our own art on it. I really want to make a field guide of some sort with my boyfriend. He’s really good at writing descriptions for fantasy creatures. So ignore the date and stuff cus this is not a real thing (yet!!)

I need to stop being lazy and actually design things for this story. Like all the weird monsters that are supposed to be in the city, except I never draw them because no one designed them yet.

The designing will have to wait though because I definitely shouldn’t be doing this with the crazy amount of things for school I need to finish this month ._.