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(trans. by: fy-winner)


~ O-nee-chan >3<) ! ~

Sakuyas sister :DDD !
…whose Name is still unknown. Ughh…how should we call her tho ? >.>….. probably ‘Sakuyas sister’, as simple as that xD yeh! I already submitted this on Instagram a few days ago, but this is the full Version :D !
well, since the third Episode was so tragic… it should be the official Sakuyaday v.v ( 19.7.) - plus Instagram escalated with our MaidSakuyaIsOurLordAndSavior-Cult :'DDD !
I mean, MaidSakuya can’t be left out!! *w* and he looks so cute in it .///. !! <3 <3 the whole day was sad ;w; And I cried twice while watching the Episode ;////; !!
next weak is gonna be sad too D: ! a whole Episode of Sakuya himself T^T <3
yeah my favorite Episode of the entire season for sure! x////D !

Attention to HER XD ! the only-Anime-watcher will get to know her better next week, but still…
(____// SPOILER !!  //_____)
thanks to her Sakuya had been saved for several years v.v) she had sacrificed herself for his little brother, which is heroic !
they had such shi*** parents q.q I bet she has been beaten by her parents too… ? she wore those pflasters in the Manga :o
RIP =///=)/ <3_____)

she kinda reminds me of Miku Hatsune a bit… maybe because of her eye 'n haircolor + Ponytail ~
Ay, I don’t know her real eyecolor… so I colored them light-blue, cuz…she’s dead q.q
otherwise my sis says that she looks like me a bit, because the hairstyle is almost identical, almost xD - Brown hair 'n eyes and stuff.

- I also added the lines, hope u don’t mind, but sometimes the lines look better than the finished colored pic :’D

hope u like it :DDD ! <3

Clothes of Kagome Higurashi

  • skirt - スカート- sukaato
  • blouse - ブラウス - burausu
  • dress - ワンピース or ドレス – wanpiisu/doresu
  • cardigan - カーディガン - kaadeigan
  • pullover - プルオーバー – puruoobaa
  • loafers - ローファー - roofuaa
  • schooluniform - 校服 - こうふく- koufuku (notice: seifuku is just a uniform of any type!)
  • pyjama - 寝巻き - ねまき – nemaki
  • pyjama - パジャマ - pijama
  • sportshirt - スポーツシャツ – supootsushatsu
  • sportswear - スポーツウエア- supootsuuea
  • sneaker/ sporty shoes - 運動靴 - うんどうぐつ - undougutsu
  • evening dress - 夜会服 - やかいふく - yakaifuku
  • knee socks  - ハイソックス – haisokkusu
  • stockings - 靴下 - くつした - kutsushita
  • swimmsuit - 水着 - みずぎ
  • bikini - ビキニ - bikini

thanks for the ask @xmyspaceyourspacex​ ! i hope this helps :3 there are more to come :)

if you have any suggestions - pls let me know!! ♥