Some doodles and sketches I Did few days ago accumulated. You can prolly tell already that I was bored….. by those swapping costumes i did ;;;;;; anyways it was for fun! 

mightymiez replied to your post “I love your take on the HP uniforms! What inspired you? Ive never seen…”

No Harry and Co always wore stuff under the robes, the only one who didn’t was Snape, since he’s a proper wizard and it was sommer. But your robes are just the best, I love it, the movies could learn so much from you with the boring English schooluniform. And let’s just pretend that they simply grew out of there Robes like Ron always did, so that’s why you see the ankles.

I was always sort of confused about this because from what it is described in the books, they do, indeed, pull their uniform over their casual clothes (that’s the reason I made them look shorter, I just love the idea of Harry sporting muggle jeans and trainers lmao), so I guess you are right, only True Proper Wizards™ wear their robes the way where there’s no additional clothing underneath