[IG] 160723 winnercity: [DrippingHoney] Thanks to Oldest Hyung who looks at everyone with honey-dripping eyes, WINNERCITY is full of love today as well 💕 To Hyung-ah’s eyes, Dongsaengs (*little brothers) are too cute 😘 #Lovely #SchoolUniform #Cutie’sCuteness #RefreshingRefreshing #LikeASceneFromTeenFilm #YGcutie #Hyung-ah’sHoneySeries #MeloEyes #ActorKim #JINWOO #HOON #SCHOOLLOOK #ELEMENTARYSCHOOL #MOVIE #TBT #TEAMWINNER

(trans. by: fy-winner)

“Yesterday my really close and longtime friend suddenly called me up and said, ‘put on your school uniform and come on out!’ I wondered what the hell was going on, but I put on my uniform anyway and went out. My friend was also wearing her uniform. So the two of us pretending to be students went into some high school. Do you know what we did there? We ordered some chicken. All of the high school kids had finished their studies and had already gone home. Just the two of us were left.”

“어제 진짜 친하고 오래된 친구가 갑자기 연락해서는 ‘교복입고 나와!’ 라고 하는 거예요. 그래서 뭔 일인가 했지만 그래도 교복을 입고는 나갔죠. 근데 친구도 교복 입고 나왔더라구요. 그래서 둘이 학생 인 척 하고 고등학교에 들어갔어요. 가서 뭐했는지 아세요? 치킨 시켜먹었어요. 고등학생들은 야자 끝나고 이미 다 집에 갔는데 저희 둘만 남아서요.“