Back to School!

My first text post!! Very fitting for this time of year, I think. I love the “back-to-school” feel of late July/early August. New supplies is one of my favorite parts about this time of year! So here’s my list that has been revised and editted over my last 3 years of high school…. 

1. pens that you LOVE: it is so important to have pens that you love to write with. That way, it makes homework/note taking a little easier on the brain. (I suggest Pilot G-2s or Uniball vision pens)

2. pretty pencils!: Nowadays, you can customize anything! One of my favorite ways to make my homework a smidge better is to get pretty pastel pencils!

3. Highlighters and/or markers: illustrate your notes! I know its hard to do in class, but keep reading and I’ll let you how!

4. Folders NOT binders: folders perform the same function but they are smaller and lighter! Binders cause a lot of stress with broken rings and a bajillion tabs. Keep it simple and easy to store away quickly with some folders!

5. Legal Pads Legal Pads Legal Pads: This is my personal solution to note taking. I am waaaaay OCD about my notes’ organization and looks. I want it neat, succint, and colorful! So, if you’re like me: take notes from the book and inclass notes on your legal pad. Then take all your notes and copy them the way you want them in your handy dandy notebook (or on your computer) because the more times you write/type something, the more you’ll know it! :)

6. Spiral notebooks/composition books: I’m a spiral notebook kinda girl myself and this is kind of a continuation of the #5. This is where you make your notes pretty, readable, with a flow that helps you comprehend the topic best. 

7. YOU. NEED. AN. AGENDA.: I know, I know. “I don’t use it” “I remember all my assignments” Here’s the thing: you dont need the store bought book with the dates in it. You need a specific place that you write things down that you can see. This could be a sheet of paper at the front of your notebook, your hand, or just a sheet of paper with all the assignments that need doing. 

8. Calendar desk pad!!: my favorite thing in the whole wide world *slight exaggeration* because it is giant, it lays flat on my desk, and it fits my work schedule, college deadlines, test/exam days, school holidays, and social engagement in one place. This is one tool, especially useful for the senior in highschool (like me) for all the deadlines coming our way, that will condense what you need to know into one place.

9. Sticky notes/tabs: this is how you mark the hell out of everything you can’t take a pen to. This means textbooks mostly but can come in handy when you have questions on notes or homework in class. 

10. washi tape: because it has a million uses and I’d be a fool to try to list all of them. a few are: makes supplies pretty for cheap, marks pages….etc. you get the picture. 

11. WATERBOTTLE!!!!!: do it. buy that beautiful water bottle you’ve been eyeing for months. I know, it’s expensive. But when you’re staying hydrated and focusing more, it’ll be worth it. Or….. buy a cheap one and decorate it with your new washi tape.

12. A seperate phone charger for your car: no explanation needed, right?

So that’s all folks! I hope this was somewhat helpful, or at least gave you something to think about! I’ll probably be doing followup posts on desk space, note taking, getting ready for the school year, and how to get the most out of your study time. 


School Time!

Thomas looked around the school hallways. It was so loud, there were so many people! In a such small space! It was so weird. He was so excited! He grinned like idiot at people passing him by and waved at couple of girls who stopped to stare at him for a while. They blushed and giggling walked away. School seemed cool.

“Why are you laughing? Are you an idiot?" 

His head turned to look at Margot who stood next to him with an annoyed expression. 

"Well, I never been to school. It seems awesome.” he explained.

Margot sighed. “Only you could say that. Listen! I have to go talk to the principal, so wait here and try not to stir any troubles, okay?”

“Yes, ma'am!” he saluted her and she shook her head. Kids…

And so he was once again alone, he hid his hands into his jacket’s pockets and continued to observe his surroundings.

This was when he spotted her.

“Oh? Hey! Jessey girl! Hey!” he called to her and pushed through the crowd to her. “Hey! How are you?” he asked adjusting his sunglasses.