School Time!

Thomas looked around the school hallways. It was so loud, there were so many people! In a such small space! It was so weird. He was so excited! He grinned like idiot at people passing him by and waved at couple of girls who stopped to stare at him for a while. They blushed and giggling walked away. School seemed cool.

“Why are you laughing? Are you an idiot?" 

His head turned to look at Margot who stood next to him with an annoyed expression. 

"Well, I never been to school. It seems awesome.” he explained.

Margot sighed. “Only you could say that. Listen! I have to go talk to the principal, so wait here and try not to stir any troubles, okay?”

“Yes, ma'am!” he saluted her and she shook her head. Kids…

And so he was once again alone, he hid his hands into his jacket’s pockets and continued to observe his surroundings.

This was when he spotted her.

“Oh? Hey! Jessey girl! Hey!” he called to her and pushed through the crowd to her. “Hey! How are you?” he asked adjusting his sunglasses.