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Considering Lewis Carroll’s works, particularly the Alice books, have great depth and interesting rhetorical devices, do you think they should be integrated into the middle school (6th - 8th) curriculum?

Especially with the focus on language, students could easily learn a lot by looking at Carroll’s usage of normal, nonsense, and no language, and have fun doing so!

I wrote a paper on this in one of my classes, but I’d like to hear some other viewpoints! Please reblog and reply!

I know that not all of my followers are located in the United States, but feel free to add your thoughts on whether or not this should apply to your country as well!

FMA Perfect Guidebook 3: Royai x Flame Alchemy (Translation)

Hey everyone! I’m back with more Royai information! This time from Fullmetal Alchemist Perfect Guidebook 3! I have a copy of the first three ones (I can’t find the last volume), but they’re all in Japanese T__T I scanned the pages with information about Riza and Roy and here’s the first one that I translated. Thank God for modern technology and Google’s photo translator~!!

PS. I tried my best to make sense of Google’s translations, but some of the kanji characters are beyond my basic-level Japanese so a few lines might not make much sense. Everything in square brackets are my comments/additions.

Please source/credit my blog when you share or use my translation somewhere else. Thanks <3

EDIT: 05.19.2017 – corrected some lines with incorrect translations 

from Fullmetal Alchemist Perfect Guidebook 3, page 69

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Learning from the mistakes of previous IB students

This post will give you all the advices that most of us IB students wished we knew before we began the IB program. 

1. PLEASE PLEASE pick the classes that match what you want to do once you graduate. This is addressed to people who want to go outside of America or Canada for university. SO many people in my year made this mistake of not choosing the right class and the right level, meaning we had to change our classes half way through and we are still struggling because of this decision.
An example to do: If you want to do medicine in the UK, you will most certainly need IB Chemistry at higher level and most probably IB Biology at HL too. If you want to become an engineer, you will need IB Math at HL and IB Physics at HL. 

2. Make sure you are interested in your HL classes because most Higher Level classes are time consuming and will require you to be interested in it. 

3. Please do not assume that a class is easy just because it seems so at first. This easy class will probably develop and become harder as time goes by. 

4. Start doing your notes properly from the first time. Here is an advice: Look at all your classes’ syllabus and perhaps you could print it all out at once, or you could print each topic when you start it, however do know that this syllabus is EVERYTHING they could possibly test you on the test. 

5. When you start, you probably wont have so much to do compared to the rest of your time in IB. Therefore take this opportunity to start getting ahead in your classes and making proper notes. 
A good tip would be once you finish your notes, look at past papers and find the questions related to the topic your are currently studying or if you would like, invest in a questionbank. 

There are many ways you can do this:
You could revise at the end of every 2 topics. So far example, if you finished topic 1 in the first month and then topic 2 in the second month, revise both topics and so on…
You could revise everyday for 10 minutes or every week or month.
It does not matter, as long as you are not learning and forgetting. 

7. Plan your week ahead of time so you do not get overwhelmed by the amount of work your have to do

8. If your teacher does not teach, please DO NOT give up! In my school, we have so many teachers that just refuse to teach and it is outrageous since we are in a hard program and we have to teach ourselves?! 
Create a schedule that you believe will help you stay ahead and will save you from the stress of the second year in IB

9. Lastly, and perhaps one of the most important one is do not burn yourself out. This is something I did this year due to my schedule error and I ended up so burned out to the fact that I did not really study anything for a month or two. 
Take things step by step and you will not find your self behind. Make sure you take care of your self, have a day where you do nothing and sleep at least a minimum of 6 hours a day. 

IB is hard and all students should be prepared before they enter these tough two years, however, unfortunately it seems as if most schools are unexperienced in IB. Fortunately, there is a whole IB community in tumblr that is willing to help you! 

I’m taking two upper-level (4000 level) education courses and if I have learned ANYTHING it is that all classes should be taught by autistics. like for real SO MUCH of the lessons on how to be an effective teacher boil down to “be clear, concise, and literal.” “set clear expectations.” “don’t overwhelm students with information or sensory input.” “be enthusiastic about your subject” and so on. literally just all things that I would do as a teacher without the need to be told, because that’s how my autistic ass needs information to be given to me, so giving it that way in a teaching setting is intuitive. not to mention that writing lesson plans amounts to literally scripting what you’ll say and do for a whole class. it’s just. such innately autistic stuff, please fill schools with more autistic teachers.

So I’ve wrote up this story before, but it was as an added comment on someone elses post and I don’t know if anyone saw it, so I’m gonna repost it here, especially after Monday’s episode.

When I was 12, I thought I was straight (HAHAHA!) and there was a guy in my Form (home room) at school who had a crush on me.
He asked me out, I said I wasn’t interested in him when he asked me out, and he changed. He became demanding, violent and angry. He’d hit me with books, and the teachers would say ‘Oh ignore him, he just likes you’
My friends were all trying to convince me to give him a chance. “He likes you, it’s not that bad, you should try.”

This went on for a month before I gave in. I agreed to date him. It still didn’t feel right, but I listed back all the things my friends had said. He was nice, he liked me, he wasn’t so bad, everyone else had a boyfriend.

We lasted a week before I realised I was wrong to give in and I broke up with him.

He went straight back to being violent towards me. And all of this culminated in him


I was 12 years old, he was taller and stronger than me, and he followed me home on his bike and threw stones at my windows until my mum called the police.

I was terrified to go back to school with him. But the school didn’t care and I had to go back and nothing was done about him.
And despite all this, all I heard was “Oh he’s just mad you broke up with him. You should get back with him, he’s nice and he likes you.”
My mum told me that was bullshit. She taught me the self-respect I needed to not go back to that relationship.

Watching Supergirl has been making me feel sick, recently. It was like watching my 12 year old self all over again.
Alex encouraging it, him being rude and nasty and her forgiving him, the back and forth, the back and forth.

But what’s scaring me more is the fact that 12 year old girls are watching this and being told it’s romantic. They’re being told that it’s a relationship goal.

How many more 12 year old girls are going to get followed home? How many more are going to be terrified of going to school?

The message that’s being passed on is dangerous!

Please teach your daughters better than what this show is doing.

The Worst Kind of Hero (Jefferson x Reader)

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Prompt: Hi! I was wondering if we could get one for Jefferson, the infamous Portal Jumper, who falls for someone unlikely: An Innocent Princess. It would be nice to see the irony of it since OUAT kinda implied that he was morally ambiguous before fatherhood. Thank you!

A/N: I fucking love Jefferson. He’s my favourite. Also his dialogue was one of the best things I ever had the opportunity to write and I loved it. Thank you to the lovely anon who requested this story!

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Planes of the Multiverse as School Teachers

The planeswalker Nissa Revane has the ability to “hear” the voices of planes as she travels the Multiverse. This got me thinking about what the different planes might sound like to her. 

Meanwhile, my kids have started school again this week, so I’ve got old memories of school on the brain. 

With that in mind, I give you The Planes of the Multiverse (as inspired by teachers from my childhood…) 

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