Tyler Seguin - Wake uppp.

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So seguin uploaded a video to Instagram where he was waking up cash and he said “time to go to school” so now I majorly need a seguin imagine where he’s getting the kids ready for school in the morning please?

The new school year was just starting in the Seguin household. Your three kids were all tucked into the bed, waiting to be awoken.

“What are your plans for today?” Tyler asked as he rolled out of your bed. He placed his sweatpants on, before turning around towards you.

“Besides, taking the kids to school. Nothing.” You yawned.

“Good.” He smirked as he placed a kiss to your lips.

“What are you thinking?” You eyed your husband.

“You’ll see. I’m going to wake the kids.” He smirked as he left the room.

Tyler made his way into your son’s shared room, first. As he opened the door he was faced with the five, and seven year old sleeping peacefully. He couldn’t help but smile as he made his way over to the boys dresser. He pulled out two outfits for each boy, softly placing them on their beds before waking them up.

“Boy’s! Time for schoollll.” He sang as he rubbed each boy’s shoulder.

“Noooooo. I’m sleepy.” Ryan said as he placed the covers over his head.

“It didn’t work for mom, it’s not going to work for you bud.” Tyler laughed as he pulled the seven year old’s covers down. Ryan looked up at his dad with a pout.



“Ughhhh.” Ryan groaned as he picked up his clothes off the bed and began to put them on.

“Come here Logan. Let, daddy help you get dress.” Tyler said to the five year old as he grabbed the clothes off the bed.

“I can’t wait to start school today, daddy!” Logan said while Tyler placed his shirt on.

“Are you! Maybe you should share some of that happiness with your brother.” He said as he placed a kiss on Logan’s head. “Alright, you boys go get breakfast from your mom downstairs why I go wake your sister.”

The boys ran out of the room and down the stairs like Tyler said. Tyler couldn’t help but giggle as he watched the pair go. He slowly walked into his daughter’s room. This time he went straight to the twelve year olds bed and sat down.

“Remi, it’s time to get up babygirl.” He said smoothing her dark short hair.

“Uhh.” she moaned as she rolled over and placed the covers over her body.

“Nope! Not going to happen. Up, Up, Up!!!” He said as he pulled the covers off her.

“Dad!” She said trying not to laugh.

“Remi!” He mocked. “Come one, up!” He said as he slapped her covered butt playfully. “Your mom has breakfast ready. UP!” He said once more as she finally got out of the bed and into the bathroom to get ready.


“Did you see Logan’s face when he walked into the school? Ugh, are baby is all grown up.” You said as you and Tyler walked into the house after taking the kids to school.

“He was also the easiest kid to get up as well.” Tyler laughed.

“Of course he was.” You laughed.

“So, how about since we have the house to ourselves that we….I don’t know. Make a new one?” He says as his hands roam your body.

“Hmmm even if the kid wakes up like the rest.” You laughed.

“Yes, even if.” He smirked.