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The Zodiac Signs as High School Clubs

Aries: Basketball Club

Taurus: Gardening Club

Gemini: Bloggers’ Club

Cancer: Music Club

Leo: Drama Club

Virgo: Mathletes

Libra: Sewing Club

Scorpio: Poetry Club

Sagittarius: Science Club

Capricorn: Debate Club

Aquarius: Anime Club

Pisces: Fandom Club

it’s 9:54pm and

im making a banana bread for my mom bc she really wanted a banana bread ya know and now please just let’s all take a moment of silence for that bread to come out all nice and cooked bc i dont like those undercooked banan bread im sorry ya feel me!?!?

My new friend and I decided what kind of blogs the people of deh would have

Evan: tree blog with some animals
Connor: aesthetic song lyrics and drugs
Jared: memes
Zoe: fandom
Cynthia: Pilates and Buddhism and other things she’s done
Larry: sports
Alana: school help with a side blog for mental health
Heidi: a blog used for spying on Evan and friends


Hello lovelies,

I just I’ll be honest. I do not know where my head is right now. I’ve done changes to penpalculture a month ago still haven’t really talked about it, I’ve also been slow on here lately, and I’ve been inactive on my YouTube channel.
I’m extremely exhausted, physically and mentally. I just can’t get myself to get the things done I want to. It’s frustrating, I have a lot on my mind all the time but I feel like breaks haven’t really helped, I just need to get back on track with my things, school, my blogs/youtube and maybe even sport and forget about what I worry about. If anyone has any tips or motivation for me, tell me everything. How do you get yourself to get things done?

I just want to also say this isn’t me saying that I don’t have fun doing youtube or this blog anymore or any of these things, I really enjoy this but even things I enjoy have been difficult to get done lately. I just would like to be open with you and if you have any tips or motivation for me, even better. And if you just listened: thank you.

xoxo Giulia


Hey guys,

lumixes has just passed its 3rd anniversary, so I just wanted to post something. I know I haven’t been very active on this blog lately, mainly due to school and sports and lack of time because of that. I’ve also lost dedication to the blog; I don’t enjoy being on here like I used to. I wanted to announce that I’m putting this blog on hiatus until I can find motivation to return. Thank you for everyone who supported and helped me over the past few years <3 

Workout while you study!

Guys I just wanna help you and I know it’s really hard sometimes to work out with a lot of homework but you can do these things while studying:

  • Planks
  • Lunges
  • Handstands
  • Wallsits
  • Push-Ups
  • Leg lifts

I hope this will help you now have a nice day my friend