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Relationship status: *nervous coughing*

Wake up time: Schooldays 7am, holidays 10-11am

Favourite Color(s): black. Yes, just black.

Cats or dogs: I don’t know..? Both, probably.

Cole or Pepsi: I chug ‘em both without saying a word c:

Chapstick or Lipstick: chapstick, but only when absolutely necessary. I never wear lipstick.

Last song I listened to: A light than never comes // Linkin Park

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kai and i’s texts during the workday / schoolday are so funny were just like “should i _____?” like we always ask for each others advice & approval when faced w/ like any decision

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name: scott fletcher
nicknames: void, voidy, fletch, fletypus, coby, cod, etc!

zodiac sign: virgo sun & sagittarius moon
gender: nb trans boy!
sexual orientation: bi as hell……
hogwarts house: i think slytherin!
favorite color: eigengrau & neon blue!!!!!

current time: 3:34 am
average hours of sleep: tbh 5-10 but generally 6-7 on schooldays
favourite characters: mmm scrooge mcduck i guess?
blankets I sleep with: 1 ?? how can ppl hav more than one

favourite artists/bands: fob and p!atd and ptx
dream trip: prolly a road trip w/ all my good friends!!!! and just discovering a  lot of new places

dream job: musician!!!! +activist at the same time tbh id love 2 tour the world and sing
when did you make your account: I DOTN REMEMBER! mayb around this time last year but i started actually posting by the start of hthis year…
why did you choose this url: the Daft Punk Medley is a grammy winning arangement by a cappella quintet pentatonix
follower count: 273
posts: 10k lmao

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do you have any advice for someone who is too stressed/anxious/depressed/unprepared to go to school and can barely go a whole week without missing a day?????? please help i used to be at the top of my year level but i've been slacking so much lately i'm honestly scared for my future. xx

actually, I was like this in high school and I feel I end up doing this halfway through my college semesters. My advice is to breathe and remind yourself that your stress and anxiety will only go away when schoolday / schoolwork is over and attempt to use that as motivation

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baggy hoodies, blankets, boots, hot tantan ramen, whip cream, cloudy sky with rumbling thunders, muffled chattering, the crunching sound of snow, glass cases, handwritten letters.

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Birthday: september 8

Relationship Status: single pringle

Zodiac Sign: virgo

Siblings: a brother and a sister, both younger

Favourite Colour: orange

Wake-Up Time & Bedtime: hAH well bedtime is usually around 2-4am (praise the lord if i can go to sleep before midnight), wake up time is 11am, 7am for gym days and 5am for schooldays.

Love or Lust: love

Lemonade or Iced Tea: iced tea

Cats or Dogs: both is good

Coke or Pepsi: coke

Day or Night: night

Text or Call: text

Makeup or Au Naturel: no makeup

Smile or Eyes: eyes

Light or Dark Hair: both

Shorter or Taller: both, but im inclined to shorter since all my close friends are (coincidentally) shorter and therefore the perfect huggable size.

Intelligence or Attractiveness: intelligence

City or Country: city

The Last Song You Listened to: Bring Me The Horizon - Follow You

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i just remembered an experience that pretty much sums up what i was like as a kid, and actually basically how i am as an adult too.

so like in 4th grade class we had a ‘prairie day’ where we would all dress up as little munchkins living out in the prairies in 1850 and the entire class would roleplay that we were in a one-roomed schoolhouse. we’d wear long dresses and aprons and suspenders and we had to bring our own bagged lunches, but only if the food was what people would have eaten back then (no lunchables or juice, but apples and milk were okay. apparently there were some daring kids who brought lard sandwiches to school). my teacher got REALLY INTO IT and i don’t think she broke character once during that entire schoolday.

to really send it home, she didn’t let us use what we had in our desks, just a pencil and paper and we had to pretend we were writing on chalkboard slates. no crayons, or more importantly, our times tables sheets. we had a math quiz that day, and i was (and still am) awful at math and relied on my times table cheat sheet for everything. ordinarily we would have been allowed to use our sheets, but since it was PRAIRIE DAY and PRAIRIE KIDS had to memorize their times tables we couldn’t use them.

right and i was a really easily stressed out kid. i knew i was going to be a crying wreck that day. the teacher said ‘no kleenex, but you can use hankies’ and i didn’t have a hanky because who fuckin blows their nose in handkerchiefs in fuckin 2002 or whatever year this was, so i kept a dish towel in my apron pocket just in case. 

so we took that math quiz, time was going by quickly, and i only had half the page filled out and i was starting to get upset and i started crying because i didn’t know what to do, i didn’t know my multiplication tables, i was gonna fail this quiz, my poor over-achieving-but-unable-to-comprehend-math 4th grade heart couldn’t take it. and i was such a good apple, i didn’t cheat or lie, but i was so desperate to at least get 75% done on this test so that when the teacher wasn’t looking i looked at the multiplication table in my desk. i felt so guilty about CHEATIIINNGG that i started crying more, i was wiping my snotty nose on a rough dish towel, which just made everything worse because now i was crying and stressed over this stupid multiplication quiz and now my nose was raw and cracked and bleeding and i’m crying right now thinking about the memory of it.

anyway so the test was over, and my teacher quietly took me to the side and went ‘miss adria why don’t you take a walk outside to clear your head.’ by ‘outside’ she just meant take a walk up and down the hall because we were in a one roomed schoolhouse you know, we weren’t in a school building, we were out on the prairie in a little red schoolhouse and waiting for a tornado to whisk us away to oz or whatever, this bitch didn’t break character once even though i was a sobbing wreck of a child.

so just picture this, me, a little 9 year old girl in braids, a grandma dress, apron and bonnet, sitting outside the classroom in an empty hallway, wiping my nose in a crusty dishtowel and bawling my eyes out. i could say ‘lol this is the american school system for ya!!’ but really it’s just a reflection of how bad my anxiety was even as a kid. i’m still like this as an adult. i’ve lost jobs because this situation would happen - i’d be confused over a tiny detail and break down and start crying and have to be sent out of the room, or even sent home if it was particularly bad and escalated into a panic attack.

 i’m 23 but most of the time i still feel like that crying 9 year old in a prairie bonnet. if you have a kid, or have to deal with kids on a regular basis, it helps to get to know them and understand how anxiety manifests itself in children, and realize hey, a kid crying during a math test is not normal and should probably checked out. my entire school career would have been so much easier if i knew how to control my anxiety and seek help when i needed it.

 also, i still don’t know my times tables. i suppose that would have helped me in school too.

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  1. relationship status: me x laptop is going strong 
  2. favourite colour: i’m going to go classy and/or pretentious and say bordeaux red
  3. wake up time: 7am on schooldays // 10am during the holidays? 
  4. cats or dogs: cats!!!!!
  5. coke or pepsi: coke psh
  6. call or text: text 
  7. chapstick or lipstick: both & neither pls
  8. last song I listened to: run boy run by woodkid

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Birthday: 13th December 

Eye Color: Greenish, like the colour of military camouflage uniforms 

Hair Color: dirty-blondish?? 

Relationship Status: hopelessly in love with Matthew Bellamy 

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius :/ 

Siblings: a little 6 yr old Satan 

 Pets: ⬆️ if the little satan mentioned above counts 

Wake Up Times: 12 pm at weekends, 7:20 at schooldays 

Lemonade or Sweet Tea: TeA aLl the WAY 

Cats or Dogs: both, each is too good 

Night or Day: night, I like dark, it’s nice and calming 

Coke or Pepsi: THEY TASTE THE SAME(starting drama in the soda fandom), but yeah, coke 

 Text or Call: text, I can’t talk 

Met a Celebrity: nope, I’m pretty unlucky 

Smile or Eyes: EYES 

Chapstick or Lipstick: Chapstick 

Last Song I Listened to: Sunburn, by the only - Muse <3

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Ahhh soz I'm late! Congrats and please take care of yourself, sweetheart. Today I had a normal schoolday and a pile of homework, but at lunch some of my new friends sat with me with my older ones and that was v fun and they got along well.

ahh that’s so great! and thank you, I will!


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Theme Compilation

Here are all of the character themes in one place in case you wanted to give them another listen! I also included the title screen song as a bonus - not to be confused with the game’s MAIN theme, which I’m going to start looking into commissioning sometime in the fall. Stay tuned!

Torin’s theme, “Dead Weight” -
Desifer’s theme, Cool Struttin’ -
Rook’s theme, “See Saw” -
Ellery’s theme, “Feelin Good” -
Kahvel’s theme, “Happy Days” -

Title Screen, Schooldays -

Unfortunately, my new career is severely limiting the time I have available to work on the project, but I did manage to add 700 words to the script today. Every little bit counts, right? I wish I didn’t have to adult! Thanks for sticking with me~ XD

Mini Canon:

Kon has a teacher at his school who has contemplated suicide multiple times. He discovered this after finding a discarded note they had written to their family, telling them that he could not longer ‘take it’ and was going to give himself the peace he finally deserved. 

 Since then Kon in secret has taken it upon himself to make this particular teacher’s schooldays a little more lively. He often leaves motivational notes where his teacher is sure to find them, and gifts him with fresh fruit and cakes, which are either left for him in the teacher’s lounge or already presented upon his desk that morning. He hasn’t seen any new notes or typical depression behavior since then but continues to do these small favors in hopes those thoughts don’t return.

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BIRTHDAY: 11th September
GENDER: Female
ZODIAC SIGN: Virgo (with a Gemini)
SIBLINGS: 1 (annoying!) brother
PETS: 1 family cat in Greece
WAKE UP TIMES: 06:10 on schooldays and then it depends 😚
CATS OR DOGS? Unfair question; both
COKE OR PEPSI? Coke (but rarely!)
MET A CELEBRITY? Yes but not very well-known Greek ones!
LIGHT OR DARK HAIR? Dark brown, almost black
SHORTER OR TALLER? Definitely shorter!
Lipstick when I’m going out, chapstick when I’m at home or studying
CITY OR COUNTRY? I’m a country girl at heart!
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: Needed Me by Rihanna 😍

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Ahhhh! I'm not sure how to manage my time in high school! Do you have any suggestions?? Thanks so much!!!

Tbh you’ll ease into it during your freshman year! Schools and teachers try their best to make the transition between middle school and high school very smooth. Try to do your homework as early in the afternoon as possible. When you come home, have a drink or watch an episode (yes, ONE) of your fave netflix series and then start working. In my experience you won’t get anything done once it’s dark or after dinner, unless you have to work on a big assignment. Also, if you have a free period during your schoolday, don’t waste it: use it to do your homework so you can do fun stuff in the afternoon. And honestly, you’ll be fine. Yes, it’s very different from middle school and you will get stressed and you will miss some deadlines but you won’t be busy with school 24/7 unless you take it too seriously. So try not to.