Elsa’s Classroom Visit

Yesterday I visited all the 2nd grade classrooms at the school where my aunt is a second grade teacher! It was absolutely MAGICAL!!!

I went to 3 different classrooms (1 ½ classes in the first two and two classes in the last room) and did the same basic thing for all of them!

Let me preface the story with the fact that, particularly at this school every single kid sings Let it Go and knows Frozen and Elsa and everything to a T!!! Some of the teachers sing it with them at the end of the day for fun and at one point this group of first graders was walking by (they didn’t see me because i was up high and they were all walking in a line) spontaneously all singing “Let it go”- Basically Frozen is a big deal! Anyway…

My other aunt was with me as my helper so she went into the classroom and had the teacher set up the “Let it Go” video on youtube. The kids were majorly into it and singing along and everything- then when Elsa transforms into her ice dress, my aunt opened the door of the classroom and I came in! It was the cutest thing ever!!! The girls were all squealing and gasping and it was soooooo sweet!!! I talked to them a little bit and then read them The Snow Queen and Frozen (both of which were pretty short!) After the books, i answered some questions from the kids and then individually took photos with them, promising to print them out and autograph them to be returned to them the next day! Every single kid was so sweet and kind!

One of the cutest moments was when I was walking from one of the classrooms to another and it was recess time right outside the door!! One of the kids saw me and was like “who is that…?” and all of a sudden the kids started running towards me!!! There’s a photo above where you can see the group of kids get progressively bigger!!! The teacher was trying to hold them back, but i felt really bad that i wasn’t able to go to all the classes and do photos etc. so i wanted to do something quick and fun with them! They were all shouting questions at me so i began singing “Let it go” (bear in mind- i am not a singer…) they all joined in and it was soooooo cute!!! (i’ll post the 5 second video we got of it in a minute!)

For my aunt’s class, we decided to get a group photo so all the kids wanted to help me hold the cape! It was too precious!!!

It was an absolutely amazing experience and I would do it again in a second!!! I wish that i could have done more classes!!!

My next real appearance as Elsa will be Philly Comic Con on the 20th i think… I may also visit one of my coworkers cousins on her birthday party for a bit this weekend but we’ll see how that goes…

(BTW- my costume was not entirely finished here. I still need to glitter the undershirt, do the shoes, finish the bodice, and finish the hem of the train)

idk if anyone else finds this neat but i was rewatching 11x12 and i spied something familiar about some art in the high school Sam and Dean visit:

i thought, hey that’s from Yu Yu Hakusho! it was a manga from the 90′s that got made into an anime and was popular in the US in the early 2000′s. so i did some googling and found the full thing:

from this tumblr post. the description just says “some old locker art I found on a recent visit to another Canadian high school.” and idk i just thought that was rad.


Today was one of those “big win” moments for me.

I was asked to come speak to a group of 1st/2nd graders during their “creative” class about being an illustrator. I prepped a presentation for them which allowed me to interact with the kids and was thrilled with the overwhelming number of questions and interest in everything I was showing/doing.

Better still this was at a school with less fortunate families and I had created goodie bags for each of the kids with some art supplies so that we could draw and stuff as a group at the end. They were so appreciate of some crayons a few holiday themed pencils (and a Rich Green Art pencil of course) along with erasure, pencil sharpener and pad of sketch paper) it was touching. The teacher messaged me after the class to let me know that one of the kids is currently homeless and she was thrilled to see how much he came out of his shell during the discussion and when a goodie bag was given to him.

I am still not bringing in enough income to live off of yet but I just knew I needed to do something extra for these kids and I was so glad I did.

What they don’t know is how much they did for me today, as I left that school this afternoon feeling happier than I’ve felt in a while. I mean there I was getting to inspire kids while doing something I love and feel so passionate about. Its just a huge difference from where I was a year ago - days away from being laid off on my 17+ year job!

Thanks to everyone who has provided encouragement and support as I continue to find my way and define who I am as an artist. Today was definitely one huge step towards my purpose in life!

the signs as stupid things people in my class have done
  • Aries:taken selfies with several teacher's asses
  • Taurus:asked the geography professor if he ships drarry
  • Gemini:called me daddy three days in a row because he didnt know of daddy kink and then got really disgusted when someone told him and never did it again
  • Cancer:had a meme war with someone who constantly stole printed out memes he hung up and actually planned to fake his death
  • Leo:nearly started a webcomic to get back at andrew hussie for ruining his life
  • Virgo:sang a song from a cat game that made another person break out in tears
  • Libra:hid in the closet of the room of some girls just to use his phone and then wordlessly walked out again and left the room and no one questioned it
  • Scorpio:unofficially married skrillex
  • Sagittarius:left school early to buy a rug, and wasnt there half the day once because she needed to return her snowboard
  • Capricorn:wore a nicolas cage mask half the day while other people visited the school and stared at them
  • Aquarius:actually just took a picture while making candles at night, but ended up looking like they were summoning satan
  • Pisces:had an asthmatic reaction on a school trip while the teachers were in some bar and searched the whole hotel for an asthma spray

School Visit-Woodland Elementary (East Oakland)

This week I had he pleasure to visit Woodland Elementary in East Oakland off of 81st ave for African American literature week. I got a chance to read from “A Bean and Cheese Taco Birthday” and “I am Sausal Creek”. I read to a group of Kindergarden and 1st-5th grade students. I also was asked to bring some artwork to show the students which they really liked. They all had really cool questions and its always fun to read to and reach the youth. Plus, we were at one of my favorite libraries in Oakland-the 81st branch.

BIG thanks to Janine Macbeth, Oakland Education Fund, and the staff/parents of Woodland Elementary!


‘To come up with something as quirky as Captain Jack Sparrow and then to have him be so loved, and you know, we’ve seen those pictures of you, you know when you visit hospitals or you visit schools and that must just be an amazing gift to be able to give those people…?’ [x]

Tough Question

The other day I gave a building tour to a group of prospective students. My goal on these tours is to tailor them to the participants, so that everyone walks away with some sense of what it’s like to be a student at Kellogg. A few people in this particular group were interviewing that day, so they were kind of shy at first. After a little prodding I got them to open up and they asked some really great questions - “what classes are you taking?”, “Do you get into Chicago often?”, etc. And then I got hit with a big one - “What do you like the most about Kellogg?”.

I like to talk…a LOT, but this question left me speechless. One would think that as a tour guide I would have a response prepared for such a question. After flailing awkwardly for a minute, searching through all of the amazing experiences I’ve had at Kellogg so far and everything yet to come I settled on “the people” as my answer. It was a terrible response, and I anticipated the eye rolling of the questioner before he began the action. 

Now that I’ve had some time to really think about this question I can put together a coherent thought about what I really like about Kellogg: For these two short years, I’ve been fortunate to return to an environment where all things are once again possible, and my mind is constantly stimulated and engaged. But then again, a lot of business schools offer this opportunity. The differentiating factor at Kellogg for me is the people I interact with, from my classmates to faculty and administrators. I could describe them as smart, driven, funny, supportive, and engaged but that would be doing them all a terrible disservice. They’re so much more, and my life has been enriched because I’ve known them.

School Visit || Andromeda, Minerva and Tonks

Andy had not called or sent a letter ahead, except to Tonks. It should have occurred to her that parents weren’t simply supposed to drop into the school (especially if they wanted to cancel their meeting time, and then show up for the meeting time anyway). After all, she had been a secretary for fifteen years. These sort of things should have occurred to her, but they didn’t.

She took a Portkey up to Hogsmeade, and paid a driver to take her to the school from there. She went in the side entrance used for carriages, and before she knew it she was outside the Great Hall again, terrified because this was the only place she remembered coming to, and it wasn’t that she wouldn’t be able to find her way in the school, it was that she wouldn’t be about to remember where the Hospital Wing was.  The grimy old caretaker, Filth—was his name FilthFilth?! Wow, what a promising name, and he seemed to be upholding the title too, what with the state of these floors.

Anyway, Filth took her through the castle, and she said—more than once—that she was going to visit her daughter, but he didn’t seem to listen. It wasn’t until she told him her daughter was Nymphadora that he stopped, looked at her, and a horrible smile broke out on his face. Andromeda got the feeling he knew about the howler.

“Here we are,” he said, and rubbed his hands together. 
“Is this the hospital wing?” Andromeda asked dubiously. 
“No. It’s McGonagall’s office.” 
“Oh.” Brilliant. Bloody brilliant.

Filth looked at her suspiciously. “You’re the girl of the Blacks what run away, right? Interestinghowler.” He said, sucked his gums. Andy laughed a little nervously. She wasn’t sure if that was supposed to be a joke or not. She didn’t particularly care.  He knocked on the door, and called; “Proffessor McGongall; there’s a woman here to see you.”

“Oh, no—I’m not—” she began, but he was already walking away. She didn’t know what to do, so she opened the door without waiting for clearance to come in. She pushed some hair behind her ear and poked her head in. “Hello? I think I’ve been—uh… I think Nymphadora—my daughter—is in the Hospital… Wing…” She frowned. “Oh. I’m, uh, I’m Andromeda Tonks.” She said, and cringed. She really should have known how to handle this situation, she had been a Slytherin and a secretary besides. “I was told to come here,” she explained lamely, and bit her lip. Usually she wasn’t quite so nervy, but she remembered McGongall, and any notes she got home about Nymphadora were always quite strict, factual and curt. It was something she admired about the woman, but she was certain that she would dislike having that stony scrutiny turned on her own self. 


My library branch was invited to attend Back to School Night at all five of our local elementary schools. Much of the time, they give us a table in the lobby. While that’s great, if we’re not proactive, families will walk right on by. In order to grab their attention, I put together a large board to showcase popular characters that the library has material on. SO MANY KIDS STOPPED BY. I will never again underestimate the power of Elsa, Anna, and Legos. All the kids wanted to look at it, and it provided me a great opportunity to talk to the parents, explain to the kids that the library had all of these things, and sign up kids for library cards. An easy, quick, and really effective solution.

One school put me in the school media center. It was upstairs, so I assumed no one would come visit. But they created a passport system, and signing up for a library card with me was one of the required stops. I had the center to myself, brought my phone loaded with music and some Bluetooth speakers, and blasted the Frozen soundtrack. They came running for an impromptu sing along. I made simple coloring sheets for the kids to color while mom or dad filled out a card application. All in all, I got about 100 card applications, talked with kids about the library and their interests, and sang my heart out. Thanks again, Anna and Elsa!