bts as things I hear in my ghetto ass school
  • jin: who cares if there's weed in it, IT'S A FUCKING BROWNIE FAM. I'D GIVE MY RIGHT LEG FOR THAT SHIT
  • suga: i'm exhausted as fuck, i worked for 35 hours yesterday
  • namjoon: i just got hit in the face with a volleyball in gym. we weren't even playing volleyball. we were outside too what the fuck
  • jimin: coach you mind if I take off my shirt? my abs need to breathe.
  • taehyung: boats float??? but i thought they elevate???
Never Off The Edge

So hello, lovelies! I’m back with a one-shot featuring the bae Hitachiin Kaoru!
I’ve been busy with my studies and I’ve been down lately, with stress and emotional shit in my life

But I’m back with this story, which I wrote, with a certain person in mind. So to you, who will never be able to read this, I could’ve been Haruhi, you know. But you were looking for Eclaire.


“So I take it, Kyoya-senpai got really angry again?” You chuckled, as Kaoru playfully narrated the tale of how he and Hikaru “decorated” the Third Music Room with a thousand rolls of toilet paper all over practically everything.

“Of course! It was really funny too! Because you could see his ears reddening!” Kaoru laughed, and ah. You felt that little twinge in your heart again. Kaoru’s laugh was precious.

After all, it had been what made you realize you liked him in the first place.

“But Haruhi got really angry, too, because she hated cleaning things from the ceiling since she was so short, and Tamaki-senpai kept on hugging her because she was adorable..” Kaoru trailed off, and his lips formed a smile, but his eyes betrayed him.

They always did, whenever he talked about her.

Fujioka Haruhi.

“Aa~aaah, there you again.” You dragged out the first word, and pouted at him.

“Whaaaat?” Kaoru pouted back, folding his left leg up, leaning his chin on his left knee.

I’m falling more in love with you.

You get really sad when you talk about her, y’know? And you get this sad look in your eyes, and trust me, your fans will love your happy look more.” You teased, your smile reaching your cheeks. Oh, how you’ve become so flawless in pulling this act.

It had been what, six months since you’ve noticed his feelings, since he confessed loving her.

“I don’t care, really~” He chimed back. 

And then, Kaoru leaned over, his forehead on your left shoulder, his arms hugging yours. 

“But it hurt, today. Because I could see her, happy with him.” He mumbled, and you could feel his tears soak your dress. But you didn’t care. Kaoru needed a friend.

Letting go of all I’ve held on to.

That’s right, you were just a friend anyways.

“But didn’t you tell me you were going to forget what you felt for her? Because Hikaru loves her, too?”

“Aaaahh, yeah, I did. But bakaaa, it’s not like it doesn’t hurt. _____-chan is an idiot.” Kaoru spoke, teasing, but you knew him all too well to know he wasn’t.

I’m standing here until you make me move.

“Well, I’m sorry for not having enough experience in the Love Department.” You retorted back.

Kaoru chuckled, and rose. “You’ll find someone too, _____. And he’ll love you so much.” He smiled at you.

“Yeah, I hope so. Anyway, are you fine already?” You asked your best friend.

“I think so.. I just need a good night’s sleep..” He mumbled. Kaoru then leaned forward and hugged you tightly.

“Goodbye~ See you tomorrow, then!” He waved. You smiled back.

He turned around. “And when you do find someone, be sure to tell me all about him, okay?”

I’m hanging by a moment here with you.

Yeah, I will!”


Okay, so this is the product of me alone with my thoughts and my feelings. It’s not really a story. More like… I don’t know. But I just needed to write. So I apologize.