how to ACHIEVE  a 4.0 gpa (realistically)

^ this is probably the deepest stuff i’ve written, and please excuse my typos i wrote it in like 2 minutes. also math analysis h = precalculus honors. (h= honors)


  1. It’s up to you to decide if you are willing to work hard and put in the effort and time to get straight A’s
  2. If you don’t get straight a’s it doesn’t mean you're dumb, everyone is talented in their own way. 
  3. Getting straight a’s doesn’t make you happy (many people fail to see that there are many other factors in your happiness besides your grades)
  4. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t achieve a 4.0 gpa (Just keep calm and carry on // work harder and try again.)
  5. It’s just a letter, your grades don’t define you (Your happiness is more important than some letter on a piece of paper)
  6. “BELIEVE YOU CAN, and you’re halfway there” - Theodore Roosevelt.

This guide isn’t perfect, and i’m not going to tell you that it is. But i do know that no guide in tumblr will ever help you unless you actually care, unless you want to put the effort, unless you try. 

So let’s get into how i WORKED for Straight A’


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bts as things I hear in my ghetto ass school
  • jin: who cares if there's weed in it, IT'S A FUCKING BROWNIE FAM. I'D GIVE MY RIGHT LEG FOR THAT SHIT
  • suga: i'm exhausted as fuck, i worked for 35 hours yesterday
  • namjoon: i just got hit in the face with a volleyball in gym. we weren't even playing volleyball. we were outside too what the fuck
  • jimin: coach you mind if I take off my shirt? my abs need to breathe.
  • taehyung: boats float??? but i thought they elevate???
COLLEGE DROPOUT ADVICE (from your friendly neighborhood college dropout)

so there are a lot of reasons you might drop out of college. you might even ask yourself if you really need to drop out of college, or if your reason is good enough. in general if you want to drop out of college that’s good enough reason right there. if you need more convincing then these are some pretty good reasons also:

  • you don’t have enough money to keep going
  • the thought of going to class triggers depression
  • the thought of going to class triggers anxiety
  • you just literally can’t handle it mentally or emotionally
  • there’s something else more fulfilling you can do with your time
  • you really just want to drop out of college

if you want to drop out as a way of expressing some repressed teenage rebellion impulse then probably don’t do that. instead like shave half your head or change your major to something you love that your parents hate and never shut up about how happy your new major makes you, especially when they say it won’t make you enough money.

if you aren’t entirely sure whether dropping out is what you want or need then try looking into other majors. if the dread or boredom or whatever persists, and you can’t get excited about studying any subjects that are of interest for you, then that’s probably a sign. you can even try transferring if you think it might just be your school. 

dropping out doesn’t have to be your first option, but if it’s the only option in front of you right now then here’s some advice from someone who dropped out halfway through her second semester:

  • have some kind of plan for where you want to be in at least the next six months. make it realistic. this can give you answers for deflecting questions you might be uncomfortable answering and it can also provide some comfort and stability in an otherwise turbulent time
  • get an off-campus job as soon as you can, and try to avoid high turn-over jobs if at all possible (far easier said than done, i know)
  • if you live in a dorm then figure out where you’re going to live after you drop out right the fuck now. do not put that off
  • start to limit your spending now, especially if you don’t have a job. cancel your meal plan and whatever else you have. sell your books immediately. utilize craigslist or your school message boards
  • figure out what your marketable skills are and hone the fuck out of them. i’m a writer, so guess who’s always writing and pimping her writing out to try to survive. find your area of specialty and work at it
  • breathe, do not forget to breathe. this is not the end. it’s actually the beginning
  • do not listen to people who say dropouts never make anything of themselves
  • do not listen to people who try to pressure you to stay in school when you say you want to leave, especially when they do it in the form of “encouraging” insults meant to anger you back to being motivated. these people are out of touch with reality
  • see how long you have until you need to start paying back your student loans, if you have any
  • if you can wait out the semester then do, otherwise make sure all of your courses are dropped properly, do not just flunk yourself out of college (like i did). if you do want to go back some day then you don’t want that on your record
  • remember that you don’t actually owe anyone an explanation. it’s your life and your story and unless they were paying for your schooling they aren’t entitled to shit from you
  • look into vocational schools that will train you in a trade (things like massage therapy count as trades btw)

so there’s always more, but those are the really important things that came to my mind. everyone’s experience will be different here.

now, if you drop out and you have family who know you were going to school then they’ll probably ask why you stopped. a lot of times they’ll be less than polite about it, or they’ll try to pressure you into going back. here are some things you can say:

  • i’m just taking a little time off to get some real life experience
  • i’m just taking a break to think about the future and what i actually want
  • i’m taking this time to think about my major
  • i got an interruption of studies from my adviser for academic reasons
  • i’m taking time off to decide if i want to just transfer to a new school

any of those bs lines work. in the beginning it’s easiest to say it’s a break and imply that it won’t be that long. it tends to keep relatives and other curious people off your back for the most part. and if you find a job then once the break thing is exhausted it won’t matter anyway because you have a job, you have something you’re doing.

i won’t lie, dropping out makes real life hit you in the face five times faster. ten times faster if you’re from a poor family. it’s not going to be easy by any means, but if you don’t want to stay in school or if you can’t then you don’t have to. it’s not the end of the world and it certainly isn’t the end of your life or even your education. this is your life. your primary concern should be to take care of yourself and do what you think is right for yourself. 

you’re the only person who will be with you 100% of your life, so take care of yourself. if that means dropping out of college so you can pursue something else then there’s nothing wrong with that. there’s no shame in taking a different path than the one society or your family thinks you should be taking. 

you can build a career without college. you can be happy without college. you can be successful without college. 

i know this is terrifying, but you will get through this somehow, and probably with considerable help from people that love you. you will make it, though.

i’m proud of you, and i hope at least some of this post helped.

Things each sign and I have done

Aries- I don’t know an Aries that well

Taurus- went with me to ask my crush to take his shirt off, and ended up asking for me when I couldn’t

Gemini- oral sex in the school bathroom during lunch (we got caught)

Cancer- cried in the theater when watching inside out together

Leo- watched porn in my bathroom during my 14th birthday slumber party

Virgo- hopped the fences to the baseball/softball field to run around in the sprinklers

Libra- cut open glow sticks at 10 PM and flung the inside everywhere

Scorpio- got high out of our minds at our best friends house

Sagittarius- skipped algebra to paint nails and talk shit about our boyfriends

Capricorn- got in trouble in 6th grade for taking selfies in the girls locker room

Aquarius- talked about how fucking shitty the world is, and how there is something to be done

Pisces- played the Ouija Board during a church outing


I am INCAPABLE OF DRABBLING. It is not a skill I possess. So, here’s 2500 rambling words, inspired by #9 off mirandasmadeofstone‘s prompt list from earlier today. It has not been revised or edited, just blurted out by my fingers in a near continuous sitting. Hope you like it!

* * * * *

Rae felt something flick against the side of her neck and looked down to see a tiny scrunched up piece of paper on her desk. She shot daggers over her shoulder at Finn Nelson, who undoubtedly threw it at her. She turned around in a huff and brushed it to the floor. “What a prick,” she muttered lowly, before she focused back on her book.

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anonymous asked:

I'm feeling really sad tonight do you have any good movie recs that might take my mind off my troubles for a bit?

i’ve got a fuckton so buckle up and get ready to feel better

  • camp rock (the greatest movie of any generation ever)
  • batman v superman (insert the good shit meme)
  • princess diaries (iconic……show stopping…..never been done before)
  • what’s your number (listen to me this is a funny straight movie recommended by your local gay)
  • any x-men movie (bc i love my dads)
  • high school musical (this will make your mood bop bop bop to the top)
  • attack the block (john boyega and aliens……need i say more)
  • star wars (it’s so far down on this list bc i’m trying to not be consumed by this fucking franchise but yeah watch my favorite movies ever)
  • spirit stallion of the cimarron (THIS HORSE SAVED AMERICA!!!!!!!)
  • guardians of the galaxy (the soundtrack is a bop)
  • the martian (space my gUY)
  • pride & prejudice (a straight love story i can get behind)
  • 17 again (don’t fucking judge me this movie is actually funny)
I Should've Known From The Start

Michael was tired of tattooing guys that called him ‘dude’ or ‘bro.’ So, when he saw you come in, hand tightly wrapped around your phone and wallet, short skirt and heels, he jumped at the chance.
“What are you wanting done?” He asked after you introduced yourself.
“Someone that says ‘fuck you, I can make my own decisions.’” You told him and he smirked.
“Daddy issues?” He raises his eyebrows and you scoffed.
“Will you tattoo me or not?” You crossed your arms.
“We need to figure out what you’re getting first.” He told you, leaning against the counter. You immediately pulled out your phone, looking through what you had recently saved, a garter tattoo.
“Something like this?” You showed him and he nodded.
“I can have a stencil ready by tomorrow morning.” He told you and you nodded.
“Awesome.” You smiled. “How much?” You took out your dad’s credit card and Michael laughed. You just handed it over and he ran it. “How is 9 am?”
“Uh,” he looked over the appointment book, “good. See you tomorrow, Princess.” You rolled your eyes and but your lip.
“Bye Michael.” You said and left. Michael just chuckled and shook his head, knowing you were up to no good. When you got home, you heard your parents arguing. Great.
“She needs to go back, or she’s moving out!” Your dad told your mum.
“We are not kicking out our only child!” She yelled back. There was a slammed door and you didn’t feel like listening any more, so, you played music from your stereo, drowning out everything bad. Dinner was silent, your parents not talking and you not wanting anyone to yell again.
Michael was closing up shop with Calum as Cal looked over the appointment book.
“Who’s the 9 o'clock?” Calum asked, looking up at him.
“Some girl who wants to piss of her parents.” Michael shrugged, throwing away some water bottles.
“She cute?” Calum asked.
“Yeah.” Michael noticed that you were cute, but didn’t really care. Lots of people who came in here were cute.
“Okay, well, I’m really fucking tired. Ready to close?” Calum asked and Michael surveyed the shop for anything he missed.
“Yeah, let’s go.” They locked up and went home, sleeping the day off.
Okay, you were really nervous. You didn’t want to tell anyone because this was for you. This was you making your own decisions, telling your dad to fuck off. You wore something so that Michael could easily access your thigh and went to get your tattoo done. When you got inside, no one was in the front, a Blink-182 song playing in the shop. Michael came out to greet you, showing you the sketch and you went back, your leg getting prepped. He could tell you were very nervous, so he tried to joke around. As he was applying the stencil, he chuckled.
“I’m in between your legs and we haven’t even had a date.” He smirked up at you, the fear of pain subsiding the tiniest bit. Then the thought clicked in your mind.
“Would you want to go on a date?” You asked him, him knowing exactly what you were doing.
“Are you sure?” He carefully pulled the paper away. “Don’t think your parents would exactly love their baby girl with me.”
“I know.” You said, watching him set up the tattoo gun. “And maybe I like you.” You both knew you were lying. You went for guys with brand new Mercedes and watches that cost more than their college tuition. He could tell.
“No you don’t.” He said, testing the gun. “Ready?” My heart dropped, and apparently it showed. “Do you have a history of passing out?”
“Have you eaten?”
“I literally just had McDonald’s.” He smiled.
“I’m starting on the front of your thigh, the pain gets worse going in,” his hand slid to your inner thigh, “and it barely hurts on the outside.” His hand moved again and you nodded. The hum of the needle started and you watched him place it on your thigh.
“Shit!” Your hand clenched into a fist. “That really fucking hurts.” He chuckled.
“You’re fine, it’s not even the worst part.” He assured, working towards the inside. You tried to focus on the music playing, but your mind filled with thoughts of how painful this was. Beth by KISS came on and you heard Michael start singing. “So, why do you wanna piss off your parents so bad?”
“My dad’s a controlling piece of shit that put me in law school and I wanted to go to-Fucking hell!” He laughed again. “I dropped out and he wants me out of the house.”
“So move out.” He told you.
“No.” You almost wanted to cross your arms. “I literally take up one room.”
“That would really show daddy you’re an adult.” He was smirking. How dare he!
“Are you trying to make me mad?” A particular pang of pain washed over you. “I can’t fucking believe this.”
“Calm down, sweetheart, just giving a suggestion.” He glanced up at your face. “I’ll go out with you.”
“Awesome.” You breathed out. You spent the rest of the tattoo talking about him, why he loves tattoos, his parents, his band.
“We’re okay.” He said.
“When’s your next show?”
“Why?” You were now laying on your side, your back facing him.
“Because I like music.” You said and he scoffed. “What?”
“Who’s your favorite band?” He asked you.
“Probably Fall Out Boy or Panic! At The Disco. I’m getting into A Day To Remember though.” You said and didn’t hear anything from him besides the sound of the gun. “No witty quip?”
“Just surprised.” He said quietly. After that, you only had to lay there for about ten more minutes and he bandaged it up. He helped you stand, explaining how to care for your new ink. “It’s gonna look really fucking gross in a couple hours, and swelling on the in and outside is very normal, but it’ll look like you have a disease.” You laughed a bit. He gave you some cream and advised on not wearing tight skirts or pants.
“Thank you.” You said, grabbing your purse from the floor.
“No problem.” He smiled at you. “So, when are we ‘dating?’” He used finger quotes.
“What are you doing for dinner?” You asked him.
“Not shit.” He started sanitizing the area.
“You can come to my house and we can order pizza.” You told him.
“After my own heart.” He said jokingly. You gave him your address and told him the less respectful, the better. “So, what do I get out of this?” You smirked, loving the question.
“Me.” You turned around and walked out, passing a very nice looking darker skinned guy. You left to do some errands, leaving Michael shaking his head.
“Was that her?” Calum asked Michael as he came out to the front.
“Yeah.” Michael found your phone number from the paperwork you filled out and saved you in his phone as 'Princess 💖’.
“Trust fund baby.” Calum chuckled.
“Going over to her house tonight.” Michael told him.
“Why?” He was obviously confused, Michael liked girls that…well, weren’t anything similar to you.
“To piss off her parents.” He told Calum.
“And?” Calum edged him on.
“I like her a little bit.” Michael wouldn’t make eye contact with him.
“You fucker.” Calum said. “She’s a child who’s upset because mommy and daddy won’t give her what she wants, so she’s using you.”
“I know.” Michael walked into the break room to eat lunch. Calum followed him, telling him why he shouldn’t like you. “Could you fucking stop?!” Calum abruptly shut up.
“I’m just trying to warn you.” Calum sighed, getting some water.
“I’m not stupid, I know what this is.”

That night, you and your dad had a screaming match after Michael left, leaving only a deep purple mark on your neck, as a sign that he was there. This continued for about weeks, then you got your lip pierced, bringing in a wave of reasons why you should be kicked out. You met 'the guys’, as Michael called them, at one of their shows. Michael introduced you as his girlfriend, his hand still wrapped around yours from when he pulled you through a giant crowd. A month went by after that, and your parents still hated Michael. You came to love when you got to spend time with him. You would bring him lunch at work, beers during his writing sessions, and even stayed at his house a few nights. You finally got your dad to let you go to the school you wanted, cosmetology school. You wanted something easy and reliable. You didn’t want to be tied down to an exhausting career.
Michael came over to your house again and you told him the news.
“My dad is letting me go.” You excitedly told him.
“Yeah?” He had a bad feeling. “Guess I should go then.” He put his hands in his pockets.
“What?” You asked, pulling his hand out. “We haven’t even cuddled yet.” You laced your fingers with his, him pulling them away.
“It’s fine, you don’t need me anymore.” He told you and your eyebrows furrowed. “We started this thing so you could get what you want, and now you have it. We can 'break up’ now.” You could tell he was hurt. Shit, he was almost teary eyed. He didn’t want to end up like this. He wanted to leave this thing unscathed.
“Mikey.” The sadness in your voice just made him want to leave. “It was like that, but-”
“Y/N,” his voice was soft. “It’s okay. It was nice, playing house.” He kissed your forehead and walked out the door. You didn’t want to cry, but you did. Fuck, you were a mess.

For two weeks you didn’t hear from him. Every time you looked at your thigh, thoughts of him flooded into your mind. You had it with this dumb shit. You wanted him back. Your feelings for him were real, your love for him was real. You went into the shop and saw Calum out front with a customer. He glanced at you and his eyebrows raised. The customer left and Calum looked at you again.
“He’s outside, smoke break.” He pointed towards the back. You knew exactly which door to go out and found Michael, lit cigarette in his hand, head leaned back against the building, eyes closed.
“I’m almost done.” He thought you were Calum.
“I can wait.” I said and his eyes shot open, his body turning so he could look at me.
“Why are you here?” He shot you an unconvincing look of distaste.
“I want to talk to you.” You crossed your arms.
“There’s nothing to talk about.” He tried to push past you, but you grabbed his hand tugging him to face you.
“I love you and-” he laughed. He knew you wanted something else from him. He really wanted to hate you.
“You don’t love me! You used me and I’m done!” His voice raised. “Jesus, you can’t get whatever you want all the time, Y/N!” He ran his hands through his hair. “I have to get back to work.”
“Michael.” Your voice was just above a whisper. “I love you.” You grabbed his had. “I am so sorry for using you, I miss you so much.” He bit his lip.
“What do you want this time?” It had to be something.
“You, God dammit Michael! I want to be with you for fucking ever but you apparently don’t want that, so goodbye.” You walked through the shop, got tears running down your face. During your time together, Michael had shown you 18 by Anarbor, saying that this is what your 'relationship’ was. Now it was playing in the shop and you just went to your car, cursing Michael. Your passenger door opened and Michael got in.
“You’re still driving your dad’s car.” He chuckled.
“What do you want?” You asked him, daring to look at him.
“You.” He said quietly and pulled you to kiss him. “I love you too, Princess.”