Dress UP: College 101

I got a request for a blog topic on “UP tips for Freshies,” but since it’s pretty much the start of school for most colleges (UP starts on August due to academic shift), I’ll be including general tips for college freshies! I’ll also be sharing a few things I learned during my first days in college (ok, now I feel old lol) and if you’re no longer a freshie maybe you can relate to a few stories I’ll be sharing! Hopefully I’ll be able to give tips not only to help adjust to college life but life advice as well! 

Warning: Lengthy post ahead!

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Dress UP: I hate Mondays

Although it’s not Monday today, it sort of feels like one because today’s my first day of summer sem! For the past two years in college, I actually never hated Mondays because UP starts the week on a Tuesday (it’s sort of like DLSU’s happy Thursday or no school on friday except for us, it’s Monday). It’s pretty much like having a long weekend every week! But because summer sem is compressed in a month, I have school on Monday now :( Anyways, for new readers on my blog, “Dress UP” is a section dedicated to outfits I wear to school (hope you get the pun! lol) Don’t expect anything fancy or high heels here! 

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