soooo i took the day off of clinical to focus on myself. i really needed sleep, and ended up sleeping from 10pm last night until 10:30 this morning. it was definitely needed though, and i was super productive. 

1. it was yet another beautiful day in good ol’ cleveland!! i love the sunshine, and it has been putting me in the best moods. i really needed the sun today– especially with the tragic events of yesterday. praying for cleveland.

2. coffee always. 

3. i finally folded my laundry and cleaned my room~ i’ve been trying to clean at least once a week, and am 2/2 so far!!

4./5. i had a GREAT workout and i felt so strong. i love getting a good sweat in, and just zoning out. such a good stress reliever. i always prioritize runs or workouts because without them, i start to go crazy. 

6. my salad today was soooo on point. sweet potato and avocado on top of a mix of spinach, romaine, and celery~

7. my outfit was absolutely precious 

8. i’ve been working so hard on this paper for my seminar, and i think it’s doing pretty well so far. if anyone would like to read it plzzzzzz (lol jk)

9. i went to community group for church and they had these cute lil’ desserts! in pearl’s world, we say yes to cookies all the time.

10. the tulips are almost blooming and it is bringing so much hope and joy to life!!

Me: when my outfit’s on point

Me: when I have a good comeback

Me: when I get my friend into kpop/kdramas

Me: when the teacher thinks I’m not listening but I get the question right

Me: when I say something funny and everybody laughs

Me: when I see food