@allesiathehedge told ya I was going to do something for Alphys’ birthday… even tho it’s a week late… Hope you don’t mind >.<’

I tried to use your designs for the characters… but I started doing this before you posted that little comic on Alphys’  birthday, so she has no pretty dress.. sorry ‘bout that..

This comic has, like, the best Papyrus I ever drew… Also, was the first time I drew Asgore, and Toriel (if you don’t count that time I drew Altertale Toriel). Drawing baby poses is so hard for me… I don’t even know why, it just seems like everything I try is unnatural… Hope I got at least 40% good poses in this.


This rant is about school. More so how school has fucked up so many students, that from going from being excited to go to school in preschool to dreading waking up every day in high school. Why is that? Is it because things get harder? Obviously, but it’s not helping that teachers these days are no longer caring about the education they are giving their students but more about the grades at the end of it.

At high school they force students to take part in classes they are not good at and then reprimand them for the exact same thing. They tell them they are shit and they are unmotivated simply because they aren’t able to throw a ball or solve an equation, maybe they are unmotivated because teachers are constantly tearing their students down? They tell you that being yourself isn’t good enough, and that if you get D’s in your Maths tests, that you aren’t worth being taught. It is fact that the average high school student has the same level of anxiety as the average patient in a psychiatric hospital in the 1950s. Does that scream fucked up to you? That scares me. It scares me that teachers and the school system is so focused on grades and making the school look good they simply don’t care about the health and wellbeing of the students or that maybe some students aren’t good at particular subjects or topics.

Many students today are more afraid of failing than anything else, they are afraid that if they fail everyone around them will laugh and joke and reprimand them for not trying harder, even if they tried their damn hardest and couldn’t even scrape a pass. It’s ridiculous.

Schools these days are enforcing things that some people are simply not able to do, public speaking for one, one of my personal friends has a very severe stutter when it comes to public speaking and she is still forced to do it, another one of my friends has anxiety and is forced to speak in front of people, even when it causes them to break down, this is the same as making people speak out loud. People on my personal Facebook are literally crying on the days leading back up to school because they aren’t emotionally ready to go back to a toxic environment.

Adults are constantly telling teenagers that they are in the best years of their lives, but that doesn’t make sense anymore. What with mean teachers, and ridiculous time limits on assignments and stressful exams. We are also told to stay healthy, to get the right amount of sleep, even though we have no choice but to stay up late because we were given an assignment two days ago that’s due the next day, and have to study for exams that we don’t understand, and also told to get jobs, whilst we try to have a social life. How is that fair? If high school is supposed to be the best years of our lives, we’re all screwed because it sucks. I understand that school is important and that education is important but it feels like there’s a huge difference between a healthy amount of challenge in order to improve and being so stressed about school that you mentally break down and cry, as you are being deprived of an enjoyable education, desperately doing anything to get a good grade; which will turn us into a generation that simply hates school.

They tell us it’s okay to make mistakes but then a low grade will get you dirty stress. However grades don’t mean anything, they only show short term memory and how good you are at remembering what your teacher wants to hear. Why do we even have to be tested? We’re so afraid of tests now we don’t even want to study or learn.

I don’t care about popularity, or the 9 hour school days. I care about the fact that schools do not care about everybody. They think if you don’t get a good grade you didn’t try, but nobody ever bothers to actually try and help you.

School sees everyone as a singular being. They put us in uniforms; dictate our makeup, hair and jewellery. They test all of us in the exact same way. Is it that hard to see everyone is different? Can we not look down on those who can’t cope with all the lessons?

People are constantly saying how stressed they are about going to school, and it’s a very clear view on the education system so that we’ve passed the ‘School sucks I don’t want to go,’ stage and have hit ‘School literally gives me more anxiety than anything else,’ stage. We’re supposed to be enjoying this stage in our lives, not forced to make decisions that will affect the rest of our lives. We are still just kids, but now we’re kids who are growing up way too fast. 

So school

So I know that I sound like a total ungrateful ass kid when I say this, but I feel like school is a waste of time. It’s not a waste of time in the sense that it leads to greater things, and one day it will all be worth it, but it is a waste of time in the sense that there are so many other things we could be doing.
For example: We learned our ABCs in school, but imagine if we were told that it actually went “ABX.” We would go our whole lives thinking that, unless it was proven to be otherwise.
Schools have SO MUCH POWER! They literally have ALL THE POWER + 1!! Why don’t they use that power to teach us to love each other? Why don’t they use that power to stop kids from feeling left out and excluded, so the pain goes away far before any thoughts of suicide? Because the school has power, they just use it in the wrong places sometimes.

I’ve been learning how to write five paragraph essays for the past five years. Now, I ABSOLUTELY love writing, but in school I ABSOLUTELY despise it. When I ask if we are ever going to do any creative writing, I am completely shut down and they act like the idea is hysterically unimaginable.

No creativity allowed.
Now sit down
And write
A five paragraph essay
On why
The mitochondria
Is the powerhouse
Of the cell.

I just feel like I’m so trapped as there’s so many things I want to do but school has just completely abolished any hope for the present time.

That’s the thing.

They have is so wrapped up in thinking about our future

That they won’t let us enjoy the now.

I understand from their point of view

I really do

But I want to live

Can I just live?

Sorry if I sound like an ungrateful ass kid.

I really am grateful.

Education is a gift

And I understand that

Ugh I’m done rambling

person: Calfreezy

prompt: honestly i forgot

“Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” Cal asked while wrapping his arms around you. You peeled your eyes away from the tv and chuckled at his bed head.

“I dirtied mine while cooking.”

“This is why you don’t ever have any shirts to wear.” He said while picking up a slice of bacon you cooked. You rolled your eyes and looked back at the tv. you were pretty into the show that was on until a knock on the door was heard.

“I’ll get it babe.” Cal said while walking to the door.

“Hey cal ready to film?”

“shit, are you sure that was today?” cal asked while walking into the kitchen with Simon. You held back laughter as you looked at cal and Simon. both had on joggers and a simple black t-shirt.

“oh my god cal, you never told me you had a fucking twin.” You said while laughing. Simon and cal glared at you while you fell over with laughter.

“I don’t know how people get us confused, because you’re ugly as fuck.” Simon said while laughing at cal.

“yeah that’s why I have the girlfriend.” Cal said while walking over to you.

“you know you’re no where near ugly right?” you whispered while hugging cal. Cal smiled at you and gave you a small nod.

“You always tell me that I look good.”

“cause you do. now, get the fuck out and film with Simon.” you said while pushing cal.

“Love you.” he said while smiling.

“I know, I love you too.”