Classic Soul

Congratulations and Welcome to Kipper University!

We are delighted to inform you that you have been accepted to the incoming class at Kipper University. At Kipper University, we believe that you have the right to dress as well as you’d like.

Founded in 2013, Kipper Clothiers prides itself on bringing top quality custom menswear to both women and men. Inspired by our love of the Ivy League look, we have created a ready-wear line influenced by the rich American Heritage of the Ivy League called Kipper University. This casual collection is a modern take on old-school style, highlighting the beauty of classic basics that every Ivy devotee must own. 

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Photo Credit

Scott Inspired Outfit with Requested Jacket by veterization featuring aviator sunglasses

Fred Perry lined sweatshirt / Forever 21 clothing / Short skirt, $15 / Report ankle boots / Topshop leather rucksack / Gorjana earrings / H&M aviator sunglasses, $9.19

Turtleneck: GU
Sweater: Clef du Sol
Trousers: New York and Company
Shoes: Merino
(Not pictured: Heattech. Sock Dreams fleece leggings, Sock Dreams Space Marl Cable Texture Knee High socks)

This is one of my favorite teaching outfits. None of the staff can complain about it being unprofessional or gaudy, it’s great for both junior high and elementary school work, and in the winter, it doesn’t bulk me up too much when I layer. This sweater is basically my favorite because it works with any number of turtlenecks or collared shirts, not to mention working quite well tucked into a skirt or underneath a suit jacket as well. Plus, when you go to work in black and white, the staff seem to be a lot more leery of bright red lipstick (especially if you use it to bring attention to your mouth for pronunciation lessons)! I have on more color in the form of my hair clip and socks, a bit of flash in the clip and on the sweater neckline, and if it gets hot, the turtleneck unbuttons down one side! I’ll have to model that version of the turtleneck later.