Beautiful, lush illustrations by Neasden Control Centre for NUT Teachers Magazine, about the dwindling budgets for Music and Art in schools. 

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Recently in the United Kingdom the Conservatives revealed their SUMMER BUDGET – or as it is better known, their revenge on the 70 something percent of young people that didn’t vote for them. In what seems like an effort to disenfranchise youth the Tories have scrapped housing benefit for 18-21 year olds, scrapped maintenance grants for students, introduced a “living wage” which will only be enforced on over 25 year olds, and warned of increased tuition fees with inflation. The summer budget is shit for everyone – and I say everyone because Tories clearly aren’t people – but it especially shits all over art students.

The lack of support for art education isn’t anything new but the new budget guarantees the people who study in such a superfluous field – a stereotype perpetuated throughout media and right-wing rhetoric – will be middle class. There are jobs in art, design and architecture outside teaching and research yet these ‘starving artist’ generalisations do nothing to encourage working class families to send kids to study at art schools.

I would also argue that art school can be more expensive than other university courses. Material costs add up and they are almost always more than your course leaders will tell you. Paint isn’t cheap, pens aren’t cheap, paper isn’t cheap, printing isn’t cheap. Additionally the more money you can afford to spend on materials equates to the more experimentation you can do and so the better grade you could potentially get in research and studio modules. 

Art students need money to do well and further ensuring that only financially better off kids can go will damage not only the diversity of art schools but art and culture at large. 

One Of America's Most Liberal Cities Is Failing Its School Children (ACTION ALERT)

One Of America’s Most Liberal Cities Is Failing Its School Children (ACTION ALERT)

Alexandria, Virginia is a liberal city. Like, really liberal. In 2012, the city went to Barack Obama with 71.4 percent. There are Priuses (Prii?) EVERYWHERE. Our libraries are gorgeous and well stocked. Alexandria (and handful of surrounding Northern Virginia counties) literally drag the rest of the state into the purple/leaning blue column on electoral maps.

But it’s somehow utterly failing to…

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Imani Rothwell - “School Budget”

As seen at the Babel Poetry Collective CUPSI Qualifier Slam in Philly PA

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Episodes in August

Here are the episode descriptions for the episodes airing in August:

Friday, August 7: “Girl Meets Yearbook
Yearbooks are now available, Maya and Lucas are voted best couple. 

Guest starring Jackée Harry as Evelyn Rand and Danny McNulty as Janitor Harley

Friday, August 14:Girl Meets Semi-Formal
Jack comes back and meets Riley and the gang. Lucas takes too long to ask Riley to the dance. Thinking he will not ask her, she decides to go with someone else. Lucas gets jealous and reacts. 

Guest starring Will Friedle as Eric Matthews and Matthew Lawrence as Jack Hunter

Friday, August 21:Girl Meets Creativity
The school encounters budget cuts, which causes the music and arts programs to be cut. Riley and Lucas, Farkle, Maya and Zay team up to bring the program’s back.

Guest starring Anthony Tyler Quinn as Jonathan Turner

Hudson rejects new fire station, school budget, administrators contract

HUDSON – Voters rejected a new fire station, the school operating budget and a new contract for teachers on election day, but passed the town operating budget and all town contracts. On the elected office side, selectman Ben Nadeau made the switch to school board, easily winning a three-way race over newcomers Cheryl Cummings and Peggy Huard, seeking the seat the Laura Bisson vacated. In a crowded race for school board, with six people seeking two seats, former councilor Marilyn McGrath and former selectman Ted Luszey won. Luszey, with 855 votes, barely edged Randy Brownrigg, a former state representative, who received 849. McGrath got 1,015 votes. Richard Kahn, Normand Martin and Jared Stevens each received fewer than 600 votes. Nancy Brucker did not seek re-election and Nadeau moved to the school board.

Hudson rejects new fire station, school budget, administrators contract

Soooo.. my school just went through another intense round of budget cuts.. and this is what some jock who has NO appreciation of art has to say about it, I really, truly hate people sometimes...

seriously what the hell is wrong with high point? cutting coach delaney? the guy who brought us to the 2nd round to play offs, that is an awesome teacher and stays dedicated to anything he does. there cutting him? why dont they cut like these 50 art classes we have, or cut the band who didnt even go to our last game to go see harry potter (no offense to anyone on the band team)
School District saves $920K from Energy Conservation program

The Carrollton Board of Education voted Tuesday to approve its proposed calendar for the next school year, setting the first day of school for Aug. 11.

A lot of effort from Teachers to Students helped Carrollton City Schools save $920,000 in just a little over 3 years from their Energy Conservation program, earning them the Pacesetter Award