What. In God’s name. Just happened? I don’t check my phone for 15 minutes and 5SOS are releasing and then blocking a silent video showing their antics in the dressing room before their Tokyo show.

The video is 9 minutes of ‘dad dancing’, a large amount of air guitar, and Michael and Ashton deciding to pull their trousers down and dance… I know.

We also saw what looked like a documentary camera, are they making a documentary of their Japan shows?

If you missed it, a very kind fan with the youtube name Stina Astvald posted it HERE! \/\/\/\/

What do you think?

i finished studying for pharma!!! oh my god. it took me a while bc i kept taking long breaks even though i’ve only read one and a half page but i finally did. patho is done as well altho i think i’ve forgotten most of it. :))) i’m gonna take another break and review ob which is the actual exam for tomorrow. and i need to start surg (exam’s on friday) bc the coverage is longer this time and orthopedics is not my thing at all. 

Literally so busy.

I am actually dying. This week is so packed with things to do I don’t know when I’ll ever be able to sleep.

I work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at my pub.

I have nursing clinical on Wednesday all the way in downtown Toronto (forever commuting) and I have to work on finishing my group project after that before work.

I have an exam on Friday for child psych and an assignment due. 

PLUS a million things due next week.

Breathing. Just barely. Ger isn’t going to be happy with my horrible schedule this week.

tbh I think the imagine nation and hive exist in the same universe because otherwise why the fuck is there a league of villains when there’s no heroes?



Future M.D. List of Medblrs (Still in Progress)


Pre-Medical Students

Post-Baccalaureate Students

Medical Students (DO, MD, MD/PhD, MD/MPH, MBBS…)

Nurses/Nursing Students

Chiropractors/Chiropractor Students

Naturopathic Doctors/Medical Students