i’m kind of with the periods aren’t that gross movement but not really? i say people shouldn’t pretend to retch at someone even mentioning periods, but they are a very unhygienic and disgusting process and they aren’t exactly dinner table conversational topic.

of course no one should be ashamed of it but flaunting your menstruation isn’t a grand feminist protest and all the photography of period blood being smeared everywhere is. well it’s gross.

i know it sucks because you can’t control the blood flow the way you can peeing and taking a shit but i can understand why people group these things together and thus why excessively talking about either is considered disgusting.

long mornings and longer thoughts

Tiny Adventure Club

I found a blog on here a while back called @tinyadventureclub and have came up with a bullet journal section for my own tiny adventures. 

The tiny adventures I came up with are actually from my 30-Day Healthy Challenge. If you’d like to get some inspiration from that challenge, you can click [here].

Basically, I color in a part of the circle every time I complete that adventure. It keeps me motivated and excited to go outside of my comfort zone. 

The 5 Pillars of a Healthy Study Life


The best way to make information stick in your head is to review your notes shortly after your class or your lecture. Whether this means rewriting your notes, making flashcards or reading your notes aloud.


Exercise improve your concentration and reduces stress meaning that it is a vital aspect of maintaining a healthy study life. If you make time to get some fresh air and exercise outdoors you’ll be far more effective at studying when you hit the books again.

Sleep Schedule

Everyone knows that sleep is vitally important for both your health and your memory so it is important to have a healthy sleep schedule. Waking up and going to sleep around the same time each days means that you getter better sleep which improves your alertness and memory.

Eat Well

If you don’t treat your body well, you’ll end up getting sick and having to take time off school. Make sure that you eat enough fruits are vegetables to give your body and brain the vitamins that it needs.

Active Study

In order to remember information more effectively if study actively. This means answering questions and making up mnemonics rather than just reading through notes.