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Nissi can I have receipts of jeonlous doing the tongue thing please omg thank you

ive done this bfore here but ill post them again
- recent vlive when jimin was hanging off of tae
- mmas when jimin was with tae; isac when jimin was hanging out with a jin; a fansign when jimin was chilling with namjoon | 2:30 for the isac moment
- jimin complimenting tae
- jin-jimin-tae group hug
- jimin doing red card with yellow card yoongi 
i’ll also add:
- in the new run series when jimin held tae’s hand
- 2:33 when jimin was getting too cozy with namjoon
- 5:24 when jimin was cozying up with yoonji (lol)
- 3:34 when jimin sat too close to hoseok
- this ones a lil debatable but 1:50 when jimin gets too close to hoseok
- 0:40 when jimins acting cute and playing around with jin | also 0:30
- around 01:01:23 when jimin and yoongi did the back to back move in spring day at music core.. srsly his face darkened immediately | also watch it at 2:37
- 0:02 when jimin was playing around with hoseok
- subtle but 1:49 when jins flirting with jimin
- 2:03 jimin and tae dancing together without him
- not sure if he did the tongue thing here for sure but 3:39 when jimins got his chin on yoongis shoulder
- 0:48 when jimins holding hoseoks hands

I watched Owari no Seraph recently and please send help I can’t stop crying over these boys

Inspired by this amazing edit

me, with a week left to do a project: i have plenty of time

me, with two days left: eh i’ll do it the night before no biggie

me, the night before: i’ll wake up early and do it

me, waking up after 1 hour of sleep at 4 am: *calculating what my grade would be if i just got a zero this one time*