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IF YOU SAY “It’s the person that kills, not the gun” THEN YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT. We/them/they/I am not saying that the person ISNT killing the people. I’m saying that giving those people the guns DEFINITELY give them power to do so. No, guns do not load themselves and go shoot people, the people holding the guns do. BUT if they weren’t holding the guns, then there wouldn’t be as many murders, massacres etc. Countries with gun laws have little to no, gun related deaths.
Because they can’t get the gun to kill as easily. Because without the power of a complex but easy to use and kill, machinery, then they can’t easily go out and shoot up theaters, malls, schools.
The process to get a gun in America is terrifyingly easy. Anyone who wants one can basically get one. Even when people buy guns thinking it’d protect them, it usually ends up being the reason why they are killed.

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How To Survive A Mass Shooting

Survive - Survive (2012)

Mass shootings in America have taken place at schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, offices, and essentially any sort of public venue full of people you can imagine.

In all the government and law enforcement literature I’ve read researching this piece, there’s a strong emphasis that no pattern of victims can be established — they seem to be chosen at random, simply the easiest available targets.

Another characterization made evident by research on the topic shows that most mass shooters are very heavily armed, typically employing assault rifles, shotguns and large caliber pistols, as well as body armor.

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So today my ap psyc teacher pointed out that most America school shootings are “young white male” and the whole class was like “why?” “Why isn’t there female” I was just sitting there laughing. Think about it people.

I’m so glad I’m not American because I’d be tired of putting up with Trump’s shit 24/7 tbh.
Also school shootings.
And also um America

Hey, OneRepublic, read this before parroting Everytown’s anti-gun propaganda

Hey, OneRepublic, read this before parroting Everytown’s anti-gun propaganda!/ChuckCJohnson/status/477219057771347968

Earlier this week, the anti-gun Bloomberg/Moms Demand umbrella group Everytown released a “report” on the “74 school shootings in America” since the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.!/Everytown/status/476402659730415616!/MomsDemand/status/476440728617623552

The implication, of…

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It pisses me off that there are sooo many mass shootings/school shootings in America yet they seem to think guns being legal has nothing to do with it. Since England made guns illegal we have had few if no mass shootings

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I've seen all your Columbine tag and I get really unstable just by reading the hate you receive sometimes. For a cure we shall focus on the cause! Those people are HYPOCRITICAL narrow minded! And the hypocrisy of this worlds gets on my really short temper and I wish I could keep my cool on that by I just can't help it and be angry and sad at the same time!I even feel protective of you! You are a beautiful person and your Columbine poems make me smile! And I believe those boys once smiled too...

Aaaw, thank you so much! You’re right about focusing on the cause, because school shootings are becoming an epidemic in America. It’s ridiculous. It’s also a shame that people can’t seem to let me blog about what I want to blog about, given that this is supposed to be the place where I talk about what I want. It is my blog after all. I’m sorry you get so pissed about the hate, but don’t worry! I handle it. It’s annoying, but I’m used to it by now.

Thanks so much for the support! It’s so nice of you. Have a wonderful evening, anon, and try not to let the haters bother you too much!

What Would You Do when Face-to-Face with a Gunman at School?

There have been numerous school shootings in America. Have you ever asked yourself, what would you do if you came face to face with a gunman at school? That recently happened to a young lady and thankfully there were no fatalities that day.  Read more now at

Shootings in School