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The Zodiac Signs as High School Clubs

Aries: Basketball Club

Taurus: Gardening Club

Gemini: Bloggers’ Club

Cancer: Music Club

Leo: Drama Club

Virgo: Mathletes

Libra: Sewing Club

Scorpio: Poetry Club

Sagittarius: Science Club

Capricorn: Debate Club

Aquarius: Anime Club

Pisces: Fandom Club

One of my art assignments was to do a scratchboard piece based off of a comic page, and this one’s mine, because, you know, I really like Over the Garden Wall.

Looking for new blogs to follow


Since this is a new blog I’d love to find other blogs to follow! Please feel free to reblog if you post any of the following:


*Yuri on Ice

*Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

*One Punch Man

*Mob Psycho 100


*Ouran High School Host Club

*Black Butler

*Bee and Puppycat


*Gravity Falls

*Over the Garden Wall

Thank you!