school's been crazy

“If you could get to anywhere in the universe by tomorrow, where would you go?”

“Hmm… Where are you going to be tomorrow?”

Posting with permission.

Thanks to @keiid so much for making this for me!!

I’m graduating today! I can’t believe it. I’m finally graduating High School.. it’s been a crazy four years of high school and it’s just hard to believe that it’s over. Thanks to Mya for creating this picture for me to help me design my Cap. Sadly, we aren’t allow for design our caps for the ceremony but I am designing right after!!

I love this also because she did my school colors. The female wear the orange gown while the male wear the black gown and this just makes it feel more special.

Thank you for everything.

and congratulations to those who are also graduating! Whether it’s high school or college or anything, congrats!!


“No matter how many miles between us, I will always be looking your way.”


distorts are nice

I drew jock!dean being a soft cutie (◕‿◕✿)





good things that happened today that prove life may not suck so bad after all:

• had a fancy bread for breakfast this morning. it had assorted fruit and some kind of cream on top of it and it tasted suuuper sweet and delicious
• told my little sister on the phone that i was coming home this weekend and she immediately screamed in excitement. it made me smile a bit
• caught up with some of the care e-mails @whelvenwings has been sending me. may or may not have laughed/cried throughout the whole process
• watched a lot of videos by my favorite youtubers that i’d been missing out on
• told some friends about my recently diagnosed mental illness and informed them about quitting med school soon. they responded (surprisingly) very nicely?
• one of them even offered me a position in his team for a neurological research that im not entirely oblivious about. thanked him for his offer and told him i might consider it at some point
• had noodles for dinner. it was the right amount of warm and spicy and it sat very nicely in my tummy
• spent 2 whole hours browsing through memes like The Cool Kid™ that i am
• realized that i’ve done a lot of things i should be proud of this week by putting myself first, for once
• you done good, citra
• you done good

  • sasha: armiiiin help me write my essaaaayyysss
  • armin: ...weren't your essays due like two weeks ago?
  • sasha: well, yes, but the teacher's really lenient about deadlines. pleaaaase you only have to do two of them; i'll buy you ice cream!
  • armin: *sighs and snatches essay prompts away from sasha* i can't believe you sometimes.
Stars in His Eyes

Hi guys! I’m really sorry that I haven’t been posting as much, but school has been crazy busy! This is just a fluffy imagine that will totally have a part 2, so I hope you enjoy!💗

Stars in His Eyes
Tom kept his eyes trained on her while she wandered throughout the party with Laura. He knew that she would probably be safe because she was with their friend, but he just needed to make sure that nobody got too close to her and made her uncomfortable. Ever since Tom had known her, she had been almost painfully shy and had suffered from anxiety, especially in large crowds, so Tom just wanted to ensure that she was alright. She’d gotten swept away from him before, and Tom refused to lose her again.
The beer bottle in his hand was freezing cold and he longed to hold her hands between his own to warm up. Tom wanted to tell her how beautiful she looked tonight in her little sundress, with her hair curled into soft ringlets that hung down her exposed back. Her lips looked like rosy, red pillows and her eyelids were painted a shimmery, champagne color. Her cheeks were blushing and Tom didn’t know how, but the light enveloped her entire body, so wherever she went, she shined like an angel. He wanted to tell her all these things and more, but instead, he’d kept his mouth shut the best he could.
They weren’t together, they were merely friends. But, that being said, they were friends who brought each other hot drinks on cool days. They were friends who lent each other coats and snuggled together under blankets. They were friends who shared food off of the same plate and who held hands to cross the street. They were friends who fell asleep on the couch together while they stayed up all night watching films. They were friends who longed to be more.
Looking back over her shoulder, she glanced back to where Tom, Jacob and Harrison stood, their backs leaned up against a wall. She prayed Tom wouldn’t see her as her eyes flicked over his frame.
He looked so good, the best, she pondered. His jeans fit him impeccably and she wondered who’d helped him pick them out, because surely they deserved an award, and the buttons of his shirt strained against the broadness of his chest, forcing the lines of definition hidden beneath to be showcased to their fellow party-goers.
“Hey,” Laura’s sudden voice called out, cutting into her fantasy of simply walking up to Tom, and yanking him down to kiss her. “Let’s get another drink, yeah?”
Nodding her head, the girls rejoined hands and did their best to push through the crowded living room and into the kitchen to refill their cups.
Jacob nudged Tom’s shoulder when he saw that his friend’s attention was focused entirely on her retreating frame through the kitchen’s door. “Dude, this has to stop. You look like her stalker or some shit.”
Harrison snorted into his beer before agreeing, “Yeah, mate. It’s too much, if someone didn’t know the two of you, they’d probably fear for her life.”
Tom scoffed, shaking his head before taking a gulp of beer. “That’s not, I’m not, it’s not, it’s fine. Everything is fine. I’m just making sure that she’s- fuck, I mean they’re, okay.”
“For sure, dude, for sure.” Jacob said, making a point to roll his eyes. “Why don’t you just chug your beer, walk into the kitchen, and ask her out? You want to date her, and you’ve got to know that she wants to date you too.”
“I just,” Tom paused, diligently attempting to think of something eloquent to say, “I just don’t wanna do anything that is going to make her feel like it’s all going to fast. I heard her talking to Laura yesterday about how she thinks that the sweetest relationships are the ones that have had the most time to build themselves up.”
“Dude, you guys have had nearly a year to build up your relationship.” Harrison commented, shaking his head. “You’re both just looking for excuses to stay the same way.”
Tom did his best to ignore Harrison’s comment. He wasn’t not asking her out because he wanted their relationship to become totally and completely immobile, he wasn’t asking her out because he was scared that he would fuck everything up. Little did he know, she and Laura were having a similar conversation, but theirs was over glasses of pink wine.
“Tom looks to pretty right now,” She sighed dreamily. “He looks like Prince Philip brought to life. Too bad I’m not Sleeping Beauty.”
“If we keep drinking, we may as well be.” Laura giggled. “But seriously, what’s wrong with asking him out on a date? Y’all text all the time, you even speak on the phone, come to think of it, I can’t even recall a time where you guys haven’t been talking.”
“He’s just everything to me, I don’t know what I would do if he were to go away forever, you know? I can’t imagine waking up, knowing that he’s no longer apart of my life. He’s too important to me to risk it all for a relationship that may or may not work out.” She said, picking off her nail varnish.
“I know he’s important to you, but you must realize how important you are to him? He looks at you with stars in his eyes, and if you say that they’re just naturally twinkly, I swear to God.” Laura threatened.
Laura had met her in a thrift store and the pair had bonded over their love of cute, vintage, high-waisted mom jeans. They wandered through the entire store together, exchanged numbers and hung out twice before she had accidentally revealed what a massive Spider-Man fan she was.
When Laura had brought her onto set, she and Tom melded together and into one. Nobody knew quite what it was,but it was like the invisible hand of fate kept throwing them together.
She literally bumped into him the first time they met. Tom had held her in his arms longer than what would be deemed polite, and they had just stared at each other, completely mesmerized by the face in front of them. Then, Tom bumped into her at the craft service table, and then she ran into him as she was leaving the set. Again, the light of day seemed to melt into a faint dusk before he let her go. Then, for weeks later, Tom pestered Laura for her number. He needed to know her.
Now, after spending the summer, autumn, winter and spring together, Tom definitely knew her. He understood her, she littered all of his thoughts and his actions, and she very well could be likened to stars in his own, personal night sky.
After another two glasses of wine, she was absorbed by thoughts of Tom and wanted nothing more than to be curled up on his lap like a cat while he combed his fingers through her hair. Hiccuping her way out the door, she called out to Laura, “I’m gonna do, it’ll be done, and it’ll be by me. He’ll be done by me in the ways of asking out, and then everything will be like ‘Penelope,’ and he’ll kiss me, but I don’t have a pig’s nose?”
Laura rushed to her friend, hugging her into her arms, “You’re gonna do so great! He’s going to love you, and you’re going to be in love, and then everyone is going to say I told you so! Get out there and do it!”
Her legs wobbled as she parted groups of people in an attempt to find Tom. When she finally spotted him, she waved and called for his attention. “Tom, I found you! I got something in my mouth for you, to say to you!”
Tom raised his eyebrows as he placed his beer on the table and began to make his way over to her. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he said, “Jeez, darling, how drunk are you?”
Tucking her head beneath his chin and curling her fingers into the fabric of his shirt, she replied, “Oh, I’m not drunk at all! I’ve only had a few, actually a few means a small number of, and Laura and I finished a bottle and a half of wine, so i guess that would be more of a dyad of drinks?”
Tom called out to Harrison and Jacob, motioning for them to grab Laura from the kitchen so they could all head back home. Judging by her level of intoxication and description of how much the girls had to drink, Tom figured that this is when the party should end for them.
Guiding her out the door with a firm hand around her waist, he felt one of her hands stroke across his cheeks. “You’re so pretty.” She said, fingers still gliding over his skin.
Tom chuckled, she always got this way when she had too much to drink. “No, you’re so pretty. In fact, you’re prettier than all the princesses in the whole, wide world.”
“Laura and I were talking about you tonight. I think you look like Prince Philip and she thinks that I should ask you out. What do you think?” She asked when they’d finally felt the air’s cool breath fan across their faces.
“I think you’re drunk and talking shit.” Tom said, blowing on his hands and rubbing them up and down her arms while she leaned into his chest, fully supported by his touch.
“No, I am not!” She gasped out childishly. “I’ve been wanting you since the summer. Wanting, waiting, but you,” She booped him on the nose, “Have yet to give me a sign. Why haven’t you given me a sign? I wanna be with you, don’t you wanna be with me? Laura thinks you do.”
Tom shook his head and mumbled a quiet, “Let’s talk when you’re sober, baby. You don’t know what you’re talking about right now.”
He glanced down at the girl’s head that rested on his shoulder, and he felt her eyelashes tickling his skin. Tom wanted to believe he felt the love in her words, but he was afraid that it was just the wine he smelt on her breath. He decided that he would wait until morning, and maybe then some, to ask her what she meant.
The night sky may as well be colored in completely charcoal if she were to walk out of his life. His night sky would be no more, and all he’d have to remember her by would be a black hole.

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Forgiveness (Justin Foley x Reader)

Request; Hi how are you? Can I have a 13 reasons why imagine where you’re on the tapes because you gave Hannah hell after Justin cheated on you with her (which you found out through the text that sent around at the beginning of the show) and Justin trying to apologize to you when he realizes that the tapes were passed down to you

A/N; I’m gonna make a post after this about the next batch of imagines coming out.I made this kind of deep I felt like I was writing a chapter for my wattpad book ( sad ending kind of ) Also you didn’t really tell me how to end it so yea 

There are time shifts

Word counter; 1,706(lmaoo long af)

 Warnings;  I guess Maybe talk about death, suicide(Hannah’s ) panic attacks blah blah blah

 Alterations; Justin only has one tape reader it’s tape number 9 

Originally posted by riverdalebish

Present (Wednesday Morning )

We often make mistakes, we are human it is within our nature as we are raised we are taught that making mistakes isn’t as horrible.That those mistakes make us stronger and that we shall learn from them. What they forget to teach us is that a little mistake goes a long way and all actions have consequences.I made her life a living hell and for that, I will always be sorry but who would have thought that a little game would make a girl want to kill herself.Here I am laying in bed before getting ready for school thinking about all the things I could’ve done to save Hannah’s life. I killed Hannah baker I did it along with the others, Hannah didn’t commit suicide, we killed her, we killed her spirit and her will to live and we will carry that with us until the day we die.


It was Monday afternoon I was exhausted making my way home from school, this week has been crazy with Hannah Baker’s suicide and people wanting to create a memorial. I never really got along with Hannah after I found out Justin cheated on me with her. I make my way up the steps to reach my porch I spot a package with my name on it. I pick it up entering my house greeting my mom with a kiss and quickly making my way up the stairs.I reach my room throwing my bag on top of the bed and going over to my desk eager to open the package. I finally get the package open looking at the show box sitting in front of me. I slowly open it curious to see what’s inside but also scared of what it might contain. It didn’t look like a company package and I hadn’t ordered anything online.I open the package to find a set of tapes. Fifteen of them to be exact I look at the box with a puzzled look but decide to listen to it I pop the first tape in the radio and press play.

“Hey, it’s Hannah. Hannah Baker. That’s right. Don’t adjust your…whatever device you’re hearing this on. It’s me, live and in stereo. No return engagements, no encore, and this time, absolutely no requests. Get a snack. Settle in. Because I’m about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, why my life ended. And if you’re listening to this tape you’re one of the reasons why. I’m not saying which tape brings you into the story. But fear not, if you received this lovely little box, your name will pop up. I promise.”

My blood ran cold as I heard the intro to the first tape something told me I won’t get any sleep today.The first tape was dedicated to Justin, then Jessica, then Alex, then Tyler, and Courtney, and Marcus then Zach,  even Ryan was in it. 

This brings me to my tape number 9 my blood ran cold again as I heard the intro.“I can’t really blame you for what you did or the way you reacted, after all, I did kiss your boyfriend but at the time you didn’t let me explain, see the thing is that Justin never mentioned a girlfriend and since I wasn’t really popular I didn’t keep up with who was dating who. I thought Justin was single I should’ve known better I guess.On the contrary of what you think I didn’t sleep with Justin like everyone thought. That day when you walked in the cafeteria , I was already having a bad day , with the rumor of me sleeping with Justin going around school ,that picture and the fact that even Clay didn’t want to talk to me you turned out to be the cherry on top when you walked into the cafeteria and slapped me calling me a slut in front of everyone. I tried keeping my tears in as I rushed to the bathroom and that was the start of how you made my life a living hell (Y/N) welcome to your tape”

My body shook as I finished listening to my tape. My breathing became shallow and tears began to fall it was happening again.My chest began to tighten, I felt my throat close up making it harder to breathe my muscles began to twitch. I was having a panic attack after 6 months of them being gone they came back. I spend the next half hour trying to calm myself. Usually, it was Justin who helped me whispering sweet things to my ear trying to get me to calm my breathing the thing is that he’s no longer here and even though I miss him I don’t think I could ever take him back. He hurt me too much, he lied not only to me but to other people about Hannah.


I decided to stay home yesterday trying to keep myself together and prepare for school today.Justin has been texting and calling me non-stop since he found out I got the tapes, asking if I was okay if I needed anything asking if we could talk. I’ve been ignoring him after listening to the tapes I needed some time for myself to think and sort things out. Guilt was a constant emotion I felt these past days.That feeling when your heart sinks to your stomach the constant feeling of anxiety or like you’re being watched the sadness that comes with it and the certain feeling of darkness that it’s creeping its way to your heart.

After getting ready for school I walk to my car get in and start the engine in less than 10 minutes I’m parked in the parking lot of Liberty High finding the courage to actually step into the school.I get out the car and make my way to the high school entrance I walk through the halls with my head down trying to go unnoticed.I reach Hannah’s locker and stand in front of it looking at it, they decorated it pictures, flowers everyone acted as if they knew Hannah or cared if they cared she would be alive today. I spot Justin at the corner of my eye and my breathing begins to pick up its pace, looking one more time at Hannah’s locker I feel the tears begin to fall as I push my way through the crowd of people making my way to the bathroom.

My breathing starts becoming shallow and I feel it coming I push into one of the stalls trying to take deep breaths my throat begins closing in, I choke on my breathing as it gets harder for the air to get into my lungs.I feel someone open the door to the bathroom but I ignore it trying to focus on my breathing.The door to the stall opens but I keep my eyes focused on the floor trying my hardest to make air reach my lungs, someone picks me up and sits me on their lap hugging me tightly given the scent I know it’s Justin at any other moment I would’ve protested shoved him away from me but I wasn’t in the right mind and as much as I hate to admitted in moments like this he knew how to calm me down.I sat on his arms as he whispered sweet things to my ear and played with my hair.

My breathing began to slow down reaching its normal pace.I slowly move away from Justin’s arms whispering a hushed thank you as I try to stand up.

“ hey, wait I want to talk to you” he says pulling me down so I’m sitting on his lap again

“ why Justin there’s nothing to talk about thanks for the help but that’s it this is where it ends”  I say my heart shattering with each word.

“ I just want you to forgive me, I’m truly sorry for everything and I love you and I always will and I regret everything from the start I want you back (Y/N) I can’t sleep at night thinking about how bad I fucked up and I miss you I miss you so much, I just wish I could go back and change everything” he says tears streaming down his face 

“ I just don’t understand why you lied to me, you said that Hannah was the one that approached you, I hated her for the longest time for no reason, I drove her to kill herself, you drove her to kill herself, don’t ask me for forgiveness ask her, you killed her , I killed her we all did and everything for what  huh?” I say trying to keep tears from falling

 “ I don’t know what I was thinking, we all make mistakes please forgive me, I just want to be back with you, I know what I did was wrong and I regret it every day I just wanted to be cool and Bryce pushed me to send the picture around so I did but I never meant any harm and I just I love you please forgive me” he says getting closer to me.At this point, I can’t keep my tears in they flow out like a river 

“Justin I’m not going to lie to you, I do I miss you, I miss you so much, my panic attacks started again and you’re the only one that helps me control them and I love you too I love you so much but right now I can’t get together with you we both need healing to do I forgive you I do but I just can’t be with you right now I need time” I say between sobs 

“ can we at least be friends I need you in my life, I promise I’ll give you time , I’ll make you fall in love with me again slowly we can try please promise we’ll try” He says standing up. I hug him tightly 

“ Yes we can be friends and later on when we are fixed we can try,” I say smiling a little

“I have your forgiveness now I only need to win your heart back,” He says smiling 

anonymous asked:

Hi! I miss you with all my heart! Still not over that Cheriam shit show last night. I read that comment today "Even Liam performance and Cheryl been there too didn't help the sinking ship #XFACTOR rating last night." Then i checked and wow, ratings is so bad as hell. Seems like Satan promo company didn't work. Still pissed that Cheryl stole all Liam audience and news. But not surprised at all. Their body language saying the truth - they're strangers.

Hey Nonnie!

Long post ahead:
Honestly last night had me rolling because it was a trainwreck on so many levels. Those awkward IG stories, her being interviewed and kissing Satan’s ass, the way they forced Liam to make an exit with her. It was so bad, I can’t believe it actually happened.

Initially I was under the impression that Satan gave Liam to Chernobyl to revive her career and also to punish Liam for standing up to him after Zayn left. Upon further review, I think the entire point of this stunt is to promote XF, and both Chernobyl and Liam are pawns to an extent. She was desperate and would’ve agreed to anything to get back to her previous level of fame. Satan doesn’t have friends and I guarentee he doesn’t care if Chernobyl’s reputation goes down the toilet. She is a messy person, and people will watch her simply to see her fail. Drama and problematic people/situations are good news for Satan, which brings us to the cringe fest that was last night:

In case you missed the show (I’m referring to the entire day btw), it started out with IG stories where Liam hung out with his parents and Chernobyl’s mom made a weird guest appearance in what I assume was actually Chernobyl’s house. Poor Karen even had to awkwardly stir a pile of some type of food (???) and act natural. The general consensus from everyone involved was that they couldn’t wait for Liam to perform. This intrigued me because XF is not what it used to be, and Liam’s body language didn’t scream happy and excited, before or afterwards.

Anyways, moving on. Liam arrived at XF alone and Chernobyl popped up later to take pics with random fans. She was also interviewed and gave a shout out to Satan himself, but the best part was the dude behind her that mocked her (@ that dude, who are you, please marry me 😂). She popped into an XF IG story (that was completely unrelated to her in which Liam was thanking fans) with no comment, context, or contact from either party. Liam was stiff as a board and clearly over it.

Liam’s actual performance was amazing! I personally liked the Kiss House Party a bit more because it was lower pressure and the audience at XF was meh. Liam doesn’t usually let his nerves affect his performance but I could tell he was a bit off his game, and rightfully so. It was still stellar, right up until his exit. Liam tried to leave backstage like a normal human before he was forced to make a U turn, go out into the audience to give Chernobyl a hug (one armed and awkward as hell from both sides) before they both left mid-show. The host’s reaction was equivalent to mine: are you kidding me, why does this need to happen, y'all can’t wait 20 more minutes for the results etc

They vanished for a while and then popped up in what has to be the single most cringey, awkward moment of this entire stunt. If you haven’t watched the IG story of them in the car from last night, check it out. Liam sounds strange from the beginning, they are blaring classical music, and Chernobyl couldn’t get any further away from Liam. He basically said “life doesn’t get any better does it” and then left room for her to insert a comment and she literally just froze and smiled for 10 fucking seconds while Liam cackled like a crazy person. He ends it by saying how surreal his life is, which I assume was a shot at his teenage dream of dating her when he first auditioned at the tender age of 14 (which he managed to include in the first story she made an appearance in earlier that day btw).

Overall, the incredible lack of chemistry between them is a bit mind blowing. He’s more comfortable with strangers and random fans than this chick he’s supposedly in love with. Idk if she is just a robot all the time or if she’s terrible at acting too or what, but dang. Put them together in a room and video them for 10 mins and this stunt will end itself. They are uncomfortable as hell together.

The entire thing was essentially an extension of “supportive” Chernobyl. First she talked the talk on SM leading up to the performance and then she walked the walk last night. I don’t think Liam’s performance and the weird way they acted together made the impression or provided the exposure that Chernobyl and Satan are after though. What it did do, however, is get the public’s attention. Pretty much all the comments I’ve seen have been about how strange their relationship is. Chernobyl got her articles about being so supportive and loving which will help her image when the split happens (she did everything right and the big, bad, immature man broke her heart. So sad). People aren’t gonna tune in to XF and coo when she premieres some lame song while Liam cheers her on from the audience. Their relationship is boring, quite odd, and they’ve both shut down all angles that could take their relationship further and revive public interest (marriage and another baby).

You know what people might tune in for though? Chernobyl’s first appearance after a sudden shocking split just weeks after Chiam played the happy couple for the XF audience. People will be curious where it went wrong, and, if nothing else, they’ll tune in to bash Chernobyl. Considering I’m starting to think this whole relationship was designed to create drama and ultimately get exposure for XF, it’s very likely last night will be their last outing before a split.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about her stealing the show last night. It was never about him to begin with, and the entire thing was a huge joke. People know it’s weird for her to be so involved in his life, and they aren’t impressed. I think the GP is hypercritical of him because of his relation to her, and that should change when they split and his team does some damage control. Also the majority of XF viewers aren’t Liam’s target audience, and despite the mess, BF is rising on UK iTunes. I just hope he’s had a relaxing day today with his family. After that shit show, he definitely deserves a break.

(Sorry for being MIA so much. School has been crazy recently but I’ll do my best to answer more asks as they are sent)

The Snake’s Out the Bag (Archie x Serpent!Reader Request)

Request: ‘Serpent reader x Archie, where you’ve been dating for a while but he didn’t know you were a serpent until Jughead says something. (He can see the reaper before or just know or something)’ - @jaib2-blog

Characters/Pairings: Archie x Serpent!Reader, Serpent!Jughead

Warnings: Kissing, One swear, nudity, Mention of needles/tattooing.

Word Count: 2795


Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

We sat in our cosy booth at Pop’s, sharing a strawberry milkshake. Archie held my hands over the table, we never took our eyes off each other as we slurped through the straws. We were just two love sick kids.

‘This is exactly what I needed, school has been crazy this week.’ Archie declared. I rubbed my thumb over his hardened fingertips.

‘I know, I feel like I’ve barely seen you. At least we’ve got the weekend all to ourselves.’ I gave him another quick peck. He raised an eyebrow at me slyly. I could already tell what ideas were forming in his head.

‘Archie Andrews, get your head out the gutter.’

‘I have no idea what you mean.’ He gave a little shrug, trying to pull an innocent expression. I rolled my eyes back at him, such a typical teenage boy.

As I leant in to sip our milkshake, Archie cupped my face with one hand. His finger traced over the cut on my cheek. I flinched a little at his touch.

‘How did you get this?’ His eyebrows furrowed at me grumpily. I bit my lip momentarily, I couldn’t give away the truth.

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anonymous asked:

could you do bttm seungkwan headcannons? he's my fav ;-;

of course!! i love bottom kwannie sm 💞

- i think we all know he’s like the loudest person in the universe??
- whines, moans, whimpers, begs he’s got it all and he does not hold back
- likes how cheol or jun fuck him harder as he gets louder so he’ll do it on purpose with them
- really really eager baby
- will spread himself apart for whoever is topping
- occasionally drools onto the sheets, especially if mingyu is topping because seungkwan knows he likes it messy
- would not be able to help gently playing with his cock as he’s fucked from behind or as he’s riding someone
- is genuinely so touchy, he needs contact at all times
- loves having his hips held firmly
- he favours whines and moans over dirty talk, but he would absolutely crumble if somebody did it to him
- like he would barely be able to whine out a “harder, please” or “fill me up” he’d be so gone
- seungkwan would love being filled with cum too ✨ he loves everything about bottoming and takes it all like a good boy~