school work shit

i cannot stand teachers and schools that care about attendance, if you can get the grades without showing up to the class, the class is useless. If you do not need to show up to learn the material, they should just fucking give you the grade and shut up. Docking people for attendance is fucking making yourself self-important lmao when u clearly aint.

And lets be honest half the time theres a participation part of the class in say a social science class, the participation means listening to people argue about whether or not you’re human. ~wOW SO FUN AND ENLIGHTENING. u sure showed me a lesson about life chad.~

flame decals!

here comes a special baby!

All my classmates (and normal people in general): *getting stressed af because of the school shits,work and worring a lot ‘bout what are they gonna do*

Me: *getting stressed bc there’s a lot of anime i need to watch, mangas i have to read, fanfics i must read and shit i have to post but the day just have 24 hours*

  • Lance: Keith and I are the main characters, so that means we're the love interests!
  • Pidge: Oh yeah? What does that make us?
  • Lance: You boys are the homosexual supporting cast!
💋 You Make Me Angry (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Angry sex with Gray and you’re still angry afterwards

Warnings: Mild BDSM/Daddy kink/Thigh riding/Eating out/Finger sucking

A/N: Yeah sorry it’s taken me forever to post I’ve been busy with school and work :/ This is shit and I’m sorry. Also no more ships! Too many atm. But this was requested by my girls @scuteedolans @thedolansaintshit

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“Grayson I just don’t understand what the big deal is!” I shouted as I stormed away from Grayson. We were currently having one of our many fights and I wasn’t in the mood for it. Grayson was shirtless and was in some black basketball shorts while I was wearing a tank top and pajama shorts. He was getting ready to go out with Ethan before we got into this argument.

“The big deal is you just stood there and let Kian talk and flirt with you like I wasn’t even there. That’s the problem Y/N!” Grayson snapped as he followed me up the stairs. “You guys have slept together! Remember? There was a time before me!” Grayson snapped at me.

“Yeah I know! We both have a past Grayson!” I groaned, but soon I was jerked back by Grayson. “Wha–” I was cut off my his mouth on mine before I had anytime to justify what was happening.

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“Jump baby.” I did what I was told and my legs wrapped around Grayson’s waist as he carried me to the bedroom not breaking our kiss. My hands cupped the side of his face as he held me up with one arm while the other opened the bedroom door. He broke the kiss as he kissed my collarbone harshly. “Do you wish Kian was here instead of me?” He asked in between kisses. I let out a light moan as he found my sweet spot. Grayson knew just how to make me come undone and that’s what I loved about him, but he also knew exactly how to piss me off.

“Gray–” I was cut off from scolding him to now his tongue was back in my mouth exploring. He stuck his knee up against the wall for support so my legs straddled his thigh. I sucked in a quick breath. Sex with Grayson was always wild and exciting. We always tried new things, but tonight was different. Yes he was jealous and angry, but each touch was more passionate than the last. We’ve had angry sex before but this time it felt different. Maybe it was the jealousy behind the idea of my ex. He leaned in and pressed my shoulders against the wall hard.

“What do you want to do baby girl?” He asked as his hand slipped inside my shirt as he unhooked my bra and cupped my breast. “Show me.” I bit my bottom lip as I looked him up in the eyes. “Show daddy what you want to do.” His voice was low and deep. He sounded very sexy and kinda raspy. I slowly rocked my hips against his thigh as he smirked. His hand found it’s way to the back of my head as he bent down to kiss my neck. Grayson then decided he had felt enough of my awkward rocking as he moved us to the bed. I repositioned myself on his thigh as I deeply grinded against him earning a low moan from the both of us.

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“Fuck daddy.” I moaned as I continued to rock my hips as I felt myself getting wetter. I knew what that did to Grayson as I saw him palming himself through his shorts. The only thing separating my wet self from Grayson’s thigh was my soaked underwear. Grayson pulled his shorts down a little which revealed his hardon as he started to jack himself off. As he pumped himself and I rocked my hips to the motion of his pumping. I could feel myself getting close as I started to slip and slide against his thigh. I let out some shaky moans as Grayson stops pumping himself and looked at me. He grabbed my hips hard so I had to stop rocking.

“You can’t cum yet. You’re still in trouble for flirting with another guy. So I have to punish you.” A smirk crept across his face as he pushed me off of his thigh and back against the bed. I lied down, but then Grayson surprised me. He had grabbed his belt from under the bed and tied my wrists together above my head.

“Gray–” I began to protest, but he cut me off by placing his finger on my lips. He then ran his thumb across my bottom lip with a smirk on his.

“It’s daddy to you baby girl. I’m going to show you how a real man should treat you.” Without warning I felt Grayson push his finger inside of me which made me gasp. My hips leaped up from the bed as I moaned. He started chuckling, but soon his chuckling when to a straight face which looked a bit angry? I tried to pull my wrist down, but it was no use. I then felt him slide another finger inside of me as he bit his bottom lip harshly. I let out a shaky gasp. “Can Kian touch you like this? No he can’t. Who can touch you like this?” He asked but I threw my head back as I let out a soft moan. Grayson’s fingers slowed down. “I asked you a question baby girl.”

“You Grayson. Only you.” Grayson pulled his fingers out from me which made me whimper. I’ve never been like this with him, or with anyone for that matter. This boy just did things to me.

“I asked WHO can touch you like this?” Grayson’s giant hand grasped/cupped my vagina with a firm squeeze. My hips jolted up in the air from the shock action from Grayson.

“You daddy! Only you can touch me like this!” I moaned as my hips slowly landed back on the bed. He smirked as I was a heaving mess.

“Good girl.” He put the two fingers that were inside of me right in front of my face. “Taste yourself baby.” I opened my mouth as his two fingers went inside of my mouth which made me blush hard. I swirled my tongue around the two fingers as he slowly pulled them out leaving a streak of red on his fingers from my lipstick. “How do you taste?” He asked me as he stood up and walked to the closet.

“I taste good daddy. What are you doing?” I asked him confused but he just smiled at me.

“Close your eyes.” He smirked.

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“What? No tell me–” I was cut off by Grayson flipping me over so I was on my stomach. I felt my wrist twist within the leather belt as I felt my ankles being cuffed. I turned my head slightly to see that there was a spreader bar between my legs. “Grayson what are you doing?” I asked with a small chuckle.

“You’re being punished baby girl remember?” I then felt a hot sting right on my ass to where Grayson spanked me. Grayson then grabbed the bar which was wrapped around my ankles and flipped me over again so I was on my back. “Now daddy want’s a taste.” Grayson’s head went in between my thighs as he placed gentle kisses on my inner thighs. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you’re not going to remember who he even is.” I must admit, jealous and angry Grayson was hella sexy. I wanted him to fuck me and tease me until I forgot how to walk, but at the same time I was annoyed he kept bringing up Kian. It was like he was insecure or something.

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“Who Kian?” I teased and Grayson shot me a look. His eyes were dark and hooded as he gripped my thighs and clawed over my stretch marks. I felt his his hair tickling my thighs as I felt his warm and wide tongue sliding up and down my slit. I could feel him sucking my clit which caused my hips to buck up as he pinned them down. He was eating me out so good. Better than my exes. He was grinding into my thighs and I saw his head bobbing up and down while I heard him moaning and slurping. I could feel myself wanting to come undone right there, but I had to control myself as I let out shaky moans.

“Ah fuck daddy.” I couldn’t close my thighs. I couldn’t tangle my fingers in his hair. This was absolute torture. I felt Grayson smile as he gently nibbled on my lower lips and followed them with kisses. I felt Grayson’s hands slowly tracing my stretch marks as one hand made it’s way up to my breast where my pierced nipples were.

“And who do these belong to?” Grayson’s head popped up as my hips stopped rocking.

“They’re yours daddy. Only yours.” I bit my bottom lip to which Grayson smirked.

“I think you’ve learned your lesson princess.” Grayson then undid the spreader bar to where I could wrap my legs around him as he also undid the belt around my wrists. My hands quickly went to his shoulders as I felt Grayson push himself inside of me. “Fuck you’re so wet Y/N. I’m not going to last long.” He chuckled as he thrusted inside of me. He stretched one leg over his shoulder to hit my Gspot just right.

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“That’s what you get for all that fucking teasing.” I growled as Grayson thrusted deeper into me as his hands tangled in my messy curly hair. His hand moved down my body as he shakily traced all the marks on my body. Stretch marks, scars, birthmarks, and bruises. He traced them gently as his fingers rubbed my clit vigorously. I felt myself getting closer as the knot built up in my stomach as I thrusted into him.

“Ah fuck princess! You know what that does to me.” He screamed as I felt him fill me up with his cum and soon I came undone myself. Grayson pulled out of me as he shoved two fingers inside of me which caused me to shake. He pulled out his two white coated fingers and placed his fingers in front of my mouth like earlier. I sucked the white coating off slowly as he watched intently. “How do I taste?”

“Better than Kian.” I smirked as I remembered why this sex happened. He was jealous.

“Gray are you ready?” Ethan shouted in the living room.

“Yeah hold on!” He shouted as he looked at me. He grabbed my heat with a full grip again which made me jump. “Remember who gets you like this. Remember who makes you cum that hard.” He said as he gave me a kiss full of tongue and lust. “Round 2 when I get home and next time I won’t go so easy on you princess.” He teased as he grabbed a pair of jeans and the belt he used to tie my wrists to wrap around his waist. He blew a kiss as he left me in the room wet, cold, and hella horny.

Again // Yuta - NCT

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God look a this cute lil’shit currently ruining my life….


That’s how you felt whenever you saw him.

He skateboarded by your building every day at the same time, and you couldn’t help but stand out on your balcony and wait for him—though you weren’t that painfully obvious about it. You were always doing something out there: reading, hanging laundry (even though everyone these days had dryers), cleaning of some sort; really anything you could find.

He never made it easy on you, either. Every time he boarded past your balcony and saw you up there, he’d turn and glide smoothly and gave you what you called his signature smirk and a taunting wink..

Every. Single. Day.

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