school walkout

hey fellow white people (including lgbtq white people and disabled white people and all white people) if there is a protest that you are participating in that primarily focuses on racism don’t speak over the people who are directly affected by that issue! witnessed a white girl at my school’s walkout today shouting about being united for lgbt rights OVER the latinx organizers when they were talking about safety for undocumented students. Not! Cool! 


High school students throughout Madison Wi walked out this morning and shut down a major roadway on our walk up to the Capitol building. We passed the house where Tony Robinson, a young black man who had his whole life ahead of him, was shot five times in the chest on Friday March 6th despite being unarmed. Our protest was peaceful but forceful and Tony’s best friends and mother were the one’s leading it. What they said moved me to tears. Tony’s life mattered and still matters. Black lives matter. Rest in power Tony you will not be forgotten. Indict. Convict. Don’t let serial killers roam our streets anymore, claiming to protect those they kill.