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my organization system for school

hey, guys! here’s how i organize my papers + handouts + assignments + other stuff for school! some people wanted a more in-depth description of my organization system after reading my post about various organization systems for school. hope this helps!

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I just moved to the town next to the one you grew up in and everyone in my school knows about Red Queen because your mom works in our school system and when I found out I chocked on my water because I was so excited! Lots of people have actually read the book even though they aren't readers and it's fun to have people to discuss it with!! Are you coming to the longmeadow area to do a book signing? I would love it so much!!!

Hahahaha my mom is FAMOUS in our small town area. Helps that she’s the best English teacher in the land. I may be biased.

Ketterdam Academy! AU

(an outline for my fanfic)

  • a bustling hub of international students in an old victorian boarding school located just outside the city of kerch
    • where delinquents were shipped to become eloquent and the entitled brats were sent to become someone else’s problem
      • an up-and-coming crook with a bag full of tricks
      • a farm boy who can’t walk away from a wager
      • a runaway with a privileged past
      • a homesick dance prodigy
      • a loud popular girl using her voice for positivity
      • a star athlete unlearning prejudices
    • six kids with little to nothing in common except they might be the only people who see ketterdam for what it really is
      • a disgusting cesspool where anything could be had for the right price—grades didn’t matter and the teachers were all corrupt, and no one cared about the students’ well being
  • six kids. one impossible school system. this unlikely crew may be the only ones who stand a chance in bringing it down—if they don’t kill each other first

My school is telling me that the shirt I wore to school today that said “legalize gay” is inappropriate. They told me that I need to put something over it, and that it is offensive. I refuse. I am a child of artificial insemination and I was raised my my two mothers. I am a strong advocate for the LGBT community and the fact that my school and others are offended by this is sickening. I just wanted to share this injustice with you guys .

Things that should be taught in public schools
  • Basic cooking
  • Personal finance (taxes, balancing a budget, retirement, etc.)
  • Better sex ed
  • Human sexuality
  • CPR and basic first aid
  • Mental health management
  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing skills

And so many more practical skills that you can’t just acquire by googling for a few minutes or going to a gym.

URGENT ALERT: In Alabama, teachers are forced by law to lie to their students and say that being gay is a criminal offence. We have a chance right now to end this terrible law.

Lesbian, gay, bi, and questioning youth in Alabama are being fed this false information that hurts their mental and physical health, and makes it more likely they’ll be bullied or worse. 

Alabama lawmakers now have in front of them a new bill to strike this anti-gay section from the law, but there’s only a few weeks before this session is over. If they don’t feel the pressure from the public and the media, this bill will languish in committee and we won’t have another chance before 2014

Tell the tell Alabama lawmakers to pass the “Hate Doesn’t Belong in the Classroom” bill (HB 496) before the next class of students graduates. Sign and share now! 

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EDIT: Here’s a thing you should know that wasn’t stated here before. THIS IS IMPORTANT. The outlawing of Sodomy laws in 2003 nullified the passage within the Code of Alabama. The problem isn’t that teachers are actually forced to tell students that homosexuality is illegal. has that wrong. The problem is that, though void, this section (section 8) in the Code of Alabama which outlines the criteria for sexual education still exists and is used by some teachers as a way to justify homophobia and the teaching of prejudice beliefs in schools. This petition isn’t to have section 8 nullified- that’s already happened. It’s to get the section removed entirely so that teachers can’t use it as justification for homophobia and prejudice.

I love learning, but I hate school,” she says.

“I’m still grateful that I have an opportunity to get an education, but our school system is so fucked up. Most students don’t even learn anything, they just memorize facts and forget them after taking a test.”

“Tests are the main problem. We rely on study guides to figure out what’s on the test. We’re so worried about failing, some of us turn to cheating. We aren’t being taught to think for ourselves.”

She shakes her head.

“And most of the stuff we’re taught isn’t even going to help us when we finish college. Why not learn how to pay taxes or something useful, instead of memorizing the density of gold? Why not learn about things that are going to impact us in the future, instead of memorizing which king ruled which country in 1654?”

“Students are just so stressed out nowadays because of something that’s supposed to help them learn, and they’re not even learning.

—  our school system.