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She Loves Me

Warnings: Insane flufffffffff, also no parents again, also every line thing signifies time jump

Word Count: 3k

Summary: You and Shawn’s relationship solely through Aaliyah’s eyes.

A/N: There’s only one part that isn’t in her POV and that’s cause it’s super special. This one’s been sitting in my drafts since I started this blog hahaha


“Aaliyah! Shawn’s here!” Karen called from downstairs.

“Coming!” Aaliyah yelled back, jumping off her bed.

Today was the day Shawn would bring home his new girlfriend. They were going to have a sit-down dinner and everything.

Everyone was excited to meet you. Shawn had been gushing about you since way before you two started dating. But he had mentioned that you were nervous. So Aaliyah made it her mission to make you feel at home.

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So this had happened about 3 years ago. I was in middle school, standing in the lunch line. I was all happy and giddy because I was standing behind my crush (I couldn’t even look at him from across the room without blushing- so standing behind him was like my face walked into an inferno) I was happy and smiling when this girl Brianna shoved me when walking out of the closet - she was putting the mop away, having to clean up a mess she made by spilling her friend’s lunch tray. She shouldered me roughly and I turned on my heels to face her, her table was right beside me (lucky me) and I said “Excuse me, could you please watch where you’re going next time? You shoved me.” I was being all polite because I didn’t want to seem like a jerk in front of my crush. She sneered at me and responded “Shut the fuck up, Whore!” To which I responded, “Oh, I’m a whore? At least I’m not on my third boytoy of the year you S-L-U-T!” I held the word ‘slut’ out (It was January when this happened, so that’s like… a new boy every 3 weeks or so…) She responded by dropping her mouth and glaring at me with her eyes. I could feel a whole bunch of people looking at us and next thing I know scalding pizza sauce is on my face! The stupid brat slapped me with a slice of Pizza! So I took my hand and put it like a Gorrilla does (you know… fingers tucked in but palm flat) and I swung and slammed the heel of my palm into the side of her temple (by her eyes). It was a defensive reflex! I didn’t know that was a killspot! (She’s alright of course…still a whore though) but the force flung her across the table (it’s one of those big circle tables they have at the schools now) I start to stomp away, tears in my eyes because I was so angry. “Because of her my crush probably thinks I’m a bully!” I thought “I’m going to get a referral because of her! My dad is going to KILL me!” The administrator in charge of referrals stopped me when I was walking to wash my face in the restroom. Took me to his office, dad got told, I got yelled at. But get this, since she initiated EVERYTHING, I only got the second half of that day in In-School-Suspension. That’s it! She got a week suspension AND a referral!


Robbinsville High School sits in a small gap in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. Green slopes dotted with cattle hug in around the school before they rise into a thick cover of pine trees.

David Matheson is the principal here. And he’s the only high school principal in the state who still performs corporal punishment. At Robbinsville, corporal punishment takes the form of paddling - a few licks on the backside Matheson delivers with a long wooden paddle.

North Carolina state law describes corporal punishment, as “The intentional infliction of physical pain upon the body of a student as a disciplinary measure.”

Robbinsville High School’s policy allows students to request a paddling in place of in-school-suspension, or ISS. Last year, 22 students chose it.

“Most kids will tell you that they choose the paddling so they don’t miss class,” Matheson says.

Where Corporal Punishment Is Still Used In Schools, Its Roots Run Deep

Photos: Mike Belleme for NPR


genre: fluff + dashes of angst, toy!au

star of the show: NCT’s Mark 

word count: 2,353 words

author’s note: this is told in toy!mark’s p.o.v. *extra points for you if you can guess what kind of toy Mark is before the revealing in the fic itself.*

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opening line: “If only you were real–then I can confidently tell everyone about my new friend who I talk to and play with every day.” 

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this dude (who is now known as altoids boy) crushed up altoids (yknow, the mints) during lunch and then snorted them. the principal asked him what it was because he thought it was coke, and even after being told it was mints, he said it was still technically doing drugs in school?? so, altoids boy got two days of in school suspension, for snorting mints during lunch.

Live on the edge

Welcome to the American education system...

In kindergarten, my teacher yelled at me in front of the class because I colored outside of the lines on a craft project.

In first grade, my teacher told me I was drawing the number four wrong, and made me rewrite it over and over again until it was to her liking.

In second grade, my teacher was actually pretty wonderful - surprisingly. She tutored me separately during class, and encouraged me to pursue higher aspirations once she found out that I was ahead of my class in reading and math.

In third grade, I was given a failing grade for a science protect because my aluminum foil turtle wasn’t “realistic” enough.

In fourth grade, my teacher yelled at me for being late due to the weather, making me cry in front of my classmates.

In fifth grade, my teacher took away my chapter book because a tenth grade reading level was simply “too advanced right now.”

In sixth grade, my teacher tore up my state capitals test because I spelled Massachusetts wrong.

In seventh grade, my math teacher refused to explain the Pythagorean Theorem to me because “we haven’t learned that yet.”

In eighth grade, my teacher shot staples at students that she was annoyed with.

In ninth grade, I was forced to sit in in-school suspension for two hours until my parents could bring extra clothes to replace my baggy track shorts. (Apparently, I was putting the boys’ education on hold??

In tenth grade, I had to listen to an old man try to appeal to the boys in my class by promising them “plenty of hot ladies to go around” at the college he was promoting.

In eleventh grade, I am forced to listen to my old, white, lonely, Republican teacher make rude jokes about dumb blondes and women in our word problems who “can’t possibly be accountants.” The boys laugh.

Let’s see what twelfth grade in a public school is like, America. Hopefully, I encounter something more similar to my second grade teacher… but my hopes aren’t too high.

In a country where sports and sex and cars are valued over education, I expect that my last year in hell high school will be a shitty one, indeed.

The Approximate Timeline of Heathers

After this happened, I decided to look at some calendars to try and map out the events of Heathers. Note: I am referring mainly to the MOVIE, not the musical. I will also be making the Assumption that the Film starts on the same day as it’s theatrical release (Which was March 31st, 1989).

These are the calendars I will be referring back too.

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My Journey Through Autism and Bullying

My first words were not “Mama” and “Dada.” They were “Moth” and “Butterfly.” I was 18 months old when I first spoke them.

I began learning to read before I was 2. By age 5, I was reading and comprehending The Medical Encyclopedia.

My parents were delighted to have a brilliant child, and fostered my learning. They let me read whatever I wanted, and our trips were often to museums and dinosaur fossil beds and national parks, instead of Chuck-E-Cheese and McDonald’s.

My Kindergarten teacher hated me because I drew my own pictures and didn’t like the colouring book pictures she wanted me to use instead.

When I was in 1st grade, I was reading at a college level and I didn’t pay attention in class because I already knew everything that was being taught. The teacher didn’t know what to do with me, so she sent me to a 3rd grade classroom during reading time and forgot about me.

I was moved to a private school for gifted students in 2nd grade. My teachers didn’t know how to deal with me when I had meltdowns in the loud and busy classroom, so they sent me out into the hallway and forgot about me.

My 3rd grade teacher didn’t know how to do math, and so she didn’t notice when I stopped being able to do it too.

I was moved back to public school in the 4th grade. The bullying began then. I walked funny, didn’t make eye contact with people, and was too brainy for my own good. I became so stressed out and afraid of school that my hair fell out. My hair still falls out when I’m under too much stress.

By 5th grade, I had learned to make myself vomit so the nurse would send me home when the bullying became unbearable. When they discovered what I was doing, they called a parent-teacher conference to discuss what to do about MY behaviour.

The only time I ever stood up to the bullies, I spat on one of them. I received two days of in-school suspension. I didn’t mind, because it meant that I could sit in the detention room in peace and quiet, and I didn’t have to go outside for recess.

At the end of 5th grade, my best friend’s mother told her that she couldn’t play with me anymore because I was too weird and didn’t like what other little girls liked. She was afraid that her daughter would be bullied, too.

In 6th grade, the nicest thing anyone ever did for me was not turn me in for punishment when my Giga Pet started going off during class (they had been banned in the classroom).

By 8th grade, the bullying had tapered off because I learned how to fit in a little better and my hair had grown back.

During high school, I wasn’t allowed to skip a grade because my grades weren’t straight As. My grades were low because I got 100% on every test without studying, and skipped doing the homework because I would rather spend my time studying college-level medical texts and writing stories.

I wrote a 30,000 word book at age 14-15, but nobody cared because it was fanfiction.

In 10th grade, my math teacher told me that I would never be able to understand what he was teaching and that I should just quit the class. So I did.

My knee problems got worse in 10th grade. When I finally got a doctor to look at them, it turned out that I had congenitally maltracking kneecaps and misshapen meniscus. When I presented my PE teacher with a doctor’s note excusing me from activities that I had been avoiding due to the pain, she flunked me out of the class anyway.

Despite telling adults over and over that I couldn’t do math, they told me that I was just lazy and not trying hard enough. Nobody ever bothered testing me for a learning disability.

In 10th grade, I was nominated for Homecoming court. During the crowning ceremony, I looked up in the rafters every few minutes because I fully expected a bucket of pig’s blood to be dumped on me.

In 11th grade, I was the only student in the school to receive perfect 36es on the English and Reading portions of the ACT test. Nobody noticed, because I only scored 18 in Math.

I was the only student from my high school to ever be accepted into all of the major state and regional choral and orchestral honour groups.  Nobody noticed or cared, except for my orchestra teacher. My record still stands ten years after graduation.

I received a perfect 1 in Solo and Ensemble Contest in 12th grade. Nobody else managed one that year, but the Tuba player had a pizza party thrown for him because he had an almost-perfect 1.

The only reason I graduated high school on time was because I completed correspondence courses at home, making up for the math classes I had failed. None of the math teachers took the time to help me beyond telling me to re-read the book.

When I got into college, I tested into all advanced classes except for math. I maintain a 3.75 GPA despite failing every math class the first time around. My mother in particular continued to maintain that I only failed math because I didn’t want to work hard enough at it.

The biggest failure of my college career was a B in English 122. My papers were technically perfect - the teacher just didn’t like me. I didn’t know until it was too late that I could have disputed the grade.

When I was 25, I finally received proper mental health care. Prior child psychologists had insisted on putting me on Ritalin and Prozac and all sorts of things, none of which helped. I was not ADHD or ADD, I wasn’t just a “gifted” child, but my parents didn’t know any better because they weren’t the “experts.”

At age 25, I finally chose a psychologist of my own. I presented my own research and he did the testing. He confirmed my diagnosis of Autism (high-functioning, of course) with a marked learning disability in math. Any psychologist worth their diploma should have picked up on that by the time I was 5 years old, because I was and am a textbook female Autistic.

I’ve never written this all down before. I often wonder how different my life would have been if I had gotten the help I needed in grade school instead of age 25.

If any of you have a child like me, listen to them. Pay attention to their mannerisms and their eye contact. Watch the way they walk. If their teachers won’t accommodate their learning styles, find ones who will. If necessary, homeschool. Pay attention to your child psychologists, don’t let them slap an ADHD label on your child and make them into Ritalin zombies.

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A guy in my school was viciously bullying my friend for months, like faking social media accounts as her and everything, when it was finally investigated he got a 2 day suspension, but having a nose piercing of fidget spinner is an automatic 5 day suspension?????

school is FUCKED

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Kisses at Sunset (Reddie fluff)

Hey again. Here’s my third attempt at tolerable fanfiction. I hope you guys enjoy it I didn’t really have a very good day so I decided to write some Reddie fluff to make everything better :)
This, like most of my writing, is probably rubbish but if you enjoy it you might enjoy my other two fics: Don’t Let Them Win, a Stenbrough fic, and Now and Forever, a Reddie fic (kind of) referenced here. I hope you like it and as always feel free to give feedback!!!

Summary: Eddie doesn’t have a very good day but thankfully his amazing boyfriend is there to make it all better (This is basically just an overly long fluff piece, so…)

Eddie Kaspbrak had had a terrible day.

Some days he was in fact quite sure that the Universe itself was out to get him. And today was decidedly one of those days. He knew that it was destined to be a less than desirable day after he had sneezed once while getting ready for school. As soon as his mother heard the sneeze, it was all over. It had taken almost half an hour to convince her that he was, in fact, not dying and that he did not have to spend his day going from doctor to doctor. This, in turn, caused him to be twenty minutes late to school, where he missed a pop quiz. He remembered thinking to himself today could fucking not get worse. That was when the idiot walking past his desk tripped and spilled a water bottle all over Eddie’s leg and backpack. By the time that was all cleaned up it was already lunch, and he still hadn’t seen his (mostly) secret boyfriend, Richie Tozier; nor would he be able to until after school. Richie had, in an unfortunate turn of events, earned an in-school suspension for today. To finish off a disastrous day, Eddie made it to his final class of the day, to find out that he had gotten a C on his latest exam. That had been the last straw. While he technically didn’t fail, he might as well have. Eddie did not do C’s. He got A’s, that’s who he was.

Eddie lay sprawled on his bed, face buried in a pillow, tears soaking into the plump material. He didn’t even know what he was crying about. Everything, perhaps. Or maybe nothing. All he knew was that he was crying. In that moment, there was nothing he wanted more than to scream and hit something. Well, aside from maybe being able to wrap himself up in Richie’s arms. As it was, Richie was still in the suspension room when Eddie had left for home. It had only been a day, but it had been a tough one, and Eddie needed Richie.

“Fuck,” Eddie sobbed into his pillow. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.” Fresh tears streamed from his eyes and into his pillow as he began to think of his boyfriend, a weight settling within him. Why did Richie have to pick today of all days to go and do something stupid?

A loud, obnoxious ring shook him from his despair, the metallic rattling echoing throughout the otherwise quiet house. The phone continued to ring. Eddie’s mother had gone grocery shopping, leaving Eddie alone in the house and he could not be bothered to get up and tell off whoever was trying to call his house. Eddie returned his face to his pillow and waited for the phone to stop ringing. He was grateful when it ceased its infernal ringing, until it rang again, the cacophony echoing off of the walls. Groaning, Eddie stomped down the stairs to the kitchen, wiping tears off his face, his big brown eyes puffy and red. He all but tore the phone off the wall and thrust the receiver to the side of his head.

“What!” he snapped into the receiver, not caring who it was on the other end. Probably just the pharmacist telling his mother that his stupid gazebos were ready.

“Woah there Eds, try not to kill me through the phone, will you?” came the snickering reply. Even through the crackly phone, Eddie could recognise the voice of Richie Tozier. Some of the weight on Eddie seemed to immediately lift, and a smile ghosted across his face, despite the tears streaking his cheeks

“Richie,” Eddie sighed, not even bothering to correct him on his nickname. “Hi, I didn’t realise it was you.”

“I see that. Well, I didn’t get to see you before school. Bill said you were late. And I know how devastating it can be for you to go so long without getting to see this beautiful face. Can you meet me at the quarry in ten minutes?”

“Yeah, of course! See you there Trashmouth! Love you!” Eddie slammed the phone back onto the wall and raced out to his bike, the weight of the day momentarily forgotten as he sped towards the quarry, towards the one thing that would make this entire day worth it.

Richie was already waiting by the time Eddie arrived at their usual spot, a small cliff overlooking the quarry and the water below. The evening sun hung low in the air, casting its warm golden rays across the grass and the trees, bits reflecting off the metal of Richie’s bike, which lay carelessly in the grass beside the boy. As soon as Eddie saw the boy, the sun bouncing off of his messy brown curls, his face framed by thick framed glasses, the tears of the horrid day welled in his eyes. When he was close enough he jumped off his bike and threw it carelessly beside Richie’s.

“Way to make me wait Ed –” Richie’s greeting was cut short as an Eddie shaped blur crashed against him, the smaller boy wrapping his arms around him as if his life depended on it. Richie could feel the warm tears soaking into his shirt as Eddie buried his face in Richie’s chest. Richie wrapped his arms around the boy.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Richie asked, concern and a rare seriousness seeping into his voice.

“Nothing, anymore,” Eddie replied, a smile splayed across his face even as the tears juxtaposed it. His face still buried in Richie’s chest, Eddie allowed the tears to flow uninhibited. He felt the warmth of the taller boy against his face, the rhythmic beating of his heart, and knew happiness. The boy’s scent, an earthiness mixed with cheap cologne, danced around Eddie’s nose, its familiarity causing a pure contentedness to bloom within him.

“Are you sure? Because you’re kind of ruining my shirt with your tears, Eddie Spaghetti,” Richie said, his usual joking manner returning to him.

“Don’t call me that, Richie,” Eddie finally looked up at his boyfriend and shifted to his tip toes, leaning in to kiss the boy. Colours exploded across his mind as their lips met. “I just, I had a really shitty day,” he continued after breaking off the kiss.

“Well, do you want to talk about it?” Richie rubbed Eddie’s back softly as he spoke, looking deeply into the smaller boy’s eyes, a few stray tears still welling at the corners of the large pools of brown.

“No, it doesn’t matter now. I’m here with you, and that makes it all worth it” Eddie smiled, and two boys’ lips met again. The feeling of Richie’s lips, soft against Eddie’s own, sent a quiver of joy arcing through Eddie.

“Well, lucky for you, I can fix anything,” Richie said, a false smugness coating his words. He pulled out of the boy’s arms, despite his protests, and pulled a blanket from the backpack beside his bike. He spread it out over the dirt and leaves on the ground sat, one leg extended and one folded beneath him, and gave Eddie an inviting smile. “Even shitty days.”

Eddie smiled as he sat in the curly headed boy’s lap, leaning his back contentedly against him, feeling his heartbeat through his back, matching the rhythm of his own. Richie wrapped his arms lovingly around the amazing boy who sat before him, his hand finding Eddie’s and intertwining itself in his fingers. Eddie smiled and nuzzled further into Richie, resting the back of his head against his shoulder.

“Do you ever just wonder how lucky you were to end up with as great of a guy as me?” Richie snickered.

“Oh, please,” Eddie snorted. “We both know that I’m the one who’s way out of your league,”

That’s for sure, Richie thought. Every day since they had told each other about their feelings for one another one night a month ago, Richie found himself thanking God, or whoever had been responsible, for being able to be with someone as perfect as Eddie. Richie smiled and pressed a kiss into Eddie’s forehead, the slightly sweet scent of the boy’s shampoo temporarily filling his nostrils. Eddie giggled in response, tightening his grip on Richie’s hand ever so slightly.

“I’m never letting you go, trashmouth,” Eddie smiled. He didn’t know why he said that. It just felt, right. Eddie shifted to look up at the boy. “And you better not let me go, I’m the best you’ll ever get,” he continued, his voice light and joking.

“I wouldn’t dream of it, Eds,” Richie replied, losing himself in Eddie’s face; the beautiful brown eyes that seemed to know every aspect of Richie’s soul, the spattering of freckles across the boy’s soft, button nose.  Eddie gazed back at the enamoured boy, taking in the boy’s perfect smile, the sparkle in the eyes that hid behind the adorable black-framed glasses perched on his nose.

Richie leaned down and kissed Eddie again, the boy’s nose brushing gently against Richie’s cheek. It was a simple an innocent act. But it carried with it the weight of unconditional love. Eddie marvelled at the feeling as they kissed, love and content blooming and spiralling within him. They must have kissed a thousand times since that fateful first kiss one month ago. Yet every kiss after never ceased to amaze him

Eddie pulled back just long enough to get another look at the love of his life. He took in every feature, etching it in his mind; messy brown curls that fell from his head and over his forehead, the fading light of the evening sun that was painted across his face as it slowly drifted below the horizon, the feeling of his heart beating in time with Eddie’s own, it was perfect. This moment, this perfection, made every bad day that Eddie Kaspbrak would ever have more than worth it.

Eddie leaned back in, pressing his lips against Richie’s again, his tongue grazing Richie’s lip and sending a shiver through the taller boy. The pure love and devotion that was shared between the boys as their lips connected was nearly overpowering as it washed over the both of them, filling them with a happiness that they didn’t know was possible to feel. They broke off the kiss and Eddie leaned his head against Richie’s shoulder. They sat together in bliss as they watched the fading sun sink below the horizon, spraying a beautiful and vibrant pink across the sky. An errant breeze sent a shiver through Eddie, but Richie’s loving embrace was there to warm him. A smile ghosted at the edges of Eddie’s mouth. All of Eddie’s thoughts about his day melted away, replaced by thoughts of love for the boy who held him, and for these moments they shared; He didn’t expect he’d ever tire of them. Eddie shifted and nuzzled into Richie, closing his eyes, feeling the peace of Richie’s steady breathing.

No, he didn’t expect they’d ever get old.

Hole in the wall

Okay so this happened last school year. First of all, there’s this high school teacher (everyone involved was in eighth grade as far as I know) who the boys in my class like to call T-Dog, and his classroom and the boys’ bathroom share a wall, so if someone hits it it can be heard on the other side. So since all the eighth grade boys LOVE this teacher (he coached their baseball or something) and apparently it’s really funny to see him get mad, they decided to make the AMAZING decision to bang on the wall in the bathroom connected to his room. Well, there was this one kid, let’s call him Dave, and he’s pretty big, like around six feet tall. So he was banging on the wall, and he kicked a hole in the wall. Then like, twenty boys came rushing out the bathroom at the same time, so it was pretty obvious something had happened. And for the rest of the day (this was after second period), our vice principal who handles discipline called all the eighth grade boys out of class on and off to interrogate, and he finally figured out it was this kid Dave. I wish I knew what the hole looked like, but I couldn’t go in to see coz I’m not a dude. I don’t think Dave faced any repercussions for it, but he should’ve had like in-school suspension at least. And this was such a big thing that happened that it was mentioned in a song the music club wrote about middle school. It was crazy.

In 9th grade some freshman had brought a bottle of pepper spray to school, and gave it to his friend saying it was body spray, and the poor friend unknowingly, sprayed it all over. Everyone in the cafeteria (the place where it all went down in) started coughing. An hour or so later there was a lockdown so they could clear the air around there which took about ½ hour. The kid who sprayed it was placed in police custoday, and given in-school-suspension for 2 months.

At Fault (Jason Scott)

Summary: reader is questioning her relationship with Jason after he started becoming distant with her after he became a power ranger


You were Jason’s girlfriend before his “senior-prank-gone-wrong” and the “im-basically-a-superhero-now” phase. Of course, you only knew about one of those events.

After his failed attempt at pranking, your time with Jason was diminishing. You two had spent every weekend together since you became official, but when all of his Saturdays were being spent in detention, and he was basically grounded from seeing you, you two hardly ever saw each other.

So when Monday morning came around, his first day back at school since his suspension and weekend detention, you were excited to see him. Only for that mood to vanish too. You saw him creeping around the hallways with Kimberly Hart, a girl who you knew was newly single, and you couldn’t help but think the worst. The morning classed had ended and you sought him out during lunch, only for him to bypass you without a glance, and head straight towards a huddled Billy Cranston and Kimberly Hart.

That was the last you saw of him for weeks.

As your days went on, you questioned if you two were still even a couple. Your friends noticed the sudden mood change you had and how you always walked the halls alone, instead of your football olayer boyfriend by your side. When they tried to talk to him for you, he blatantly ignored them and chose to walk with Billy, Kimberly, or even Trini Kwan instead.

No one knew what had happened between you two, but how could they know if you didn’t know either?

In an attempt to cheer you up, your friends decided to throw a small birthday party for you. A day you usually spent with Jason doing whatever he planned, but like always, things had changed. Your friend shad briefly mentioned that they sent Jason an invitation but as your party went on and ended, he was a no-show. So you decided you’d had enough. You got into your car and drove the short distance to Jason’s house.

You walked up to his door and knocked, patiently waiting for him or one of his parents to answer. The door swung open, Billy Cranston standing in front of you.

“Is Jason home?” He nodded and opened the door wider, allowing you in. You could hear a bunch of noise coming from the living room and as you walked in, you saw Jason’s new group of friends scattered around. “Jason?” Said boy’s head snapped over to you and you gave him a timid smile. “We need to talk.”

“Who are you?” An Asian boy in a leather jacket, who you knew as, Zack Taylor asked you.

“I’m his girlfriend.” Jason stood up and walked over to you.

“I thought they broke up..” You faintly heard someone say as Jason walked you outside.

Once you two stood in his driveway, you folded your arms across your chest and sighed lowly. “You told them we broke up?”

“You’ve been ignoring me for weeks.” He tried to defend himself. “I wasn’t even sure if I still had a girlfriend.”

“How do you think I felt?” You replied. “For weeks I’ve been trying to get you to talk to me but you always brush me off to go hang out with your new friends!” You gestured to the house contain in said friends.

“You have no idea what I’ve been dealing with lately!”

“Maybe I would, if you would actually talk to me!” You felt a tear roll down your cheek and you were beginning to think it was a mistake showing up at his house. “Why didn’t you come today?”

“Come to what?”

“My birthday party.” His face fell as he listened to what you said. “Its fine, I can see that you had more important things going on.”

“Y/N its not like that.” He tried to reach out to you, but you backed away.

“Don’t bother trying to explain.” You shook your head. “Maybe one day I’ll understand what made you miss your girlfriend’s birthday. But then again, we’re broken up anyways, it won’t really matter then.”

“Y/N don’t do this.” He walked towards you as you opened the door to your car.

“This isn’t my fault Jason.” You shook your head and got into your car. “Its yours.” You closed the door and drove away, leaving a brokenhearte Jason Scott standing in his driveway.

this was supposed to be a happy imagine where they make up and live happily ever after but that obviously didnt happen & excuse my grammatical errors that I’m too lazy to go back and fix

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when I was in 3rd grade i had a ridic beef w this guy in my fuckin "special reading group" to the point of where one time he threw a goddamn desk chair at me and got suspended for three days- well one time on the playground he wouldn't leave me alone and since I was like 4 feet tall and wearing a poofy pink dress I didn't have much intimidation to give so I picked up a stick and said "if you don't leave me alone I'm gonna shove this up your balls" and I got in-school suspension

I just really like the phrase “ridic beef”

Just High School Theatre Things

- Floors that are covered in paint and dust from past set building

- The random signatures and marks people have left around the theater

- The feeling backstage before bows

- Silly superstitions

- The excitement for costume day

- Late nights at diners after shows

- Quiet Auditoriums

- Sleep walking through school during tech

- The suspense leading up to the next show reveal

- The family you form, that you know will always unconditionally love you

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In 8th grade a kid got in trouble for having porn on his laptop and got in school suspension ( stayed in the office all day) and we started the "free (kids last name)" compain and a bunch of people made signs for it

a similar thing happened at our school but it was something like sexting in class
A Nerd Does Hard Time – Dan Wilbur – Medium
As incentive against misbehavior of all kinds, students who did not receive a single detention during the entire year at Lewis F. Mayer…
By Dan Wilbur

I wrote about my fondest memory from middle school. Topics include: justice, lunch ladies, Moonrock (Cosmic) Bowling, drugs, and an in-school suspension. I hope you like it.