16.7.2016 6.19 p.m. - Hey everyone! I just came back from Stockholm yesterday, and what else would I, a stationery addict, have bought but more school supplies :D I’m sorry most of my posts are hauls these days, but it’s summer and I’m on vacation. Promise I’ll be back with proper posts when school starts :)
Notebooks and postcards - Lagerhaus, washi tapes - Design Torget and Bookbinder’s design (all by MT), Moleskine notebook and the blue to-do list with roses - Akademi Bokhandeln, pens, notebook and the white to do list - Muji,
golden ruler - Design Torget, planner - Åhlens.

I hope all my followers in Nice and Turkey are okay

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october 17, 2016 | 1:47 pm | 13/100

aaah i haven’t posted in awhile because of my hectic schedule 😰 finals are this week!!!!! 🌟 wish me luck i def need it! ps: i made a treat yo self purchase aka a dotted moleskine for my bujo next sem i’m v happy 😌💞


OMG her workspace looks so dang cute omggg :)) 

Like if you want to work/study in here.

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