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I hope my writing wasn’t too hard to read (I promise, it is neater on papers). So I finally got the chance to put together a list of supplies I use for my bullet journal as requested by whatthehallbob! If anyone has further questions about bullet journals, please don’t hesitate to ask! :)







Just a quick reminder that all you really need for a bullet journal is a pen and a notebook. Don’t feel pressured to spend money on popular brands, decorative tapes, or colorful pens because the most important thing is creating a system that works for you. The bullet journal can’t help you no matter how beautiful it looks if you spend most of your time decorating it instead of working on the tasks written in it. However, if you believe that decorating and color-coding your bullet journal will improve your system and your overall experience (I personally find it fun and relaxing), then you should absolutely go for it! :)

This is part two of a school supplies masterlist / faves list that I’ve been putting together. You can find part one, which covers study space and backpack essentials, here. This part ( part two ) focuses more on stationary. I hope you like it and find some supplies that you love ^-^

pencil cases:

  • I use the large version of this muji pen case to hold my basics, which is all I need to bring to most classes ( I have another bigger case for my scissors and calculator and stuff )
  • lovely tartan pencil case ( also by muji ) that could be used as an additional larger case
  • *chants* moleskine, MOLESKINE, MOLESKINE
  • nice n small yellow pen tube
  • a very organised, medium sized one in lots of different colours


  • this is a 0.5mm lead mechanical pencil which has a nice body in lots of different neon colours
  • moleskine pencil - need I say more?
  • I use the papermate pacer 100 with a 0.5mm lead, and it’s one of the nicest cheap mechanical pencils I’ve ever had
  • here is a very nice fancy one (but as well as being very nice, it’s also very expensive)
  • another fancy one, again very nice but not quite as expensive

writing pens:

  • I mostly use a black uniball insight rollerball - the pen design is nice but it does have a downside in that the line is a bit wide / it bleeds a little
  • sakura pigma microns are fineliners with great quality ink that are available in very small tip sizes
  • uni-pin fineliners! here is a pack with a bunch of different sizes that can do anything from bold titles to tiny details ( I use these and trust me when I say that they are so good )
  • I often use the black version of the muji 0.5 gel pens linked under coloured pens, when I want a more crisp line than the uniball
  • I’ve moved away from writing with fineliners, but these artline 200 ones are what I’ve liked in the past

coloured pens:

  • these muji 0.5 gel pens are what I use most often - they come in loads of colours, make a really crisp line, and look so pretty
  • here is an 8-pack of the artline fineliners in assorted bright colours - I’ve never tried them but I assume they write the same as the black version
  • a pack of a bunch of different colours of 0.8 + 0.4 double sided pens
  • 20 colours of erasable pilot frixion slimline pens
  • sparkly gel pens


  • I use the faber-castell PITT artist pens with a brush tip, which come in a lot of colours and are fantastic for titles
  • sakura pigma brush pens are similar to the PITT markers
  • 24 colours of pilot frixion erasable markers
  • copic ciao 6-piece sets are cheaper than full size copics but still have nice layerable colour 
  • eight colours of metallic markers - great for titles or on black / dark paper for posters or projects


  • I use stabilo swing cool highlighters, which have nice bright colours and the only downside is that they can smudge your writing a bit
  • soft colours + erasable pilot friction ones ( i’ve tried out the bright versions in a store and they work pretty well )
  • uni propus window highlighters have gorgeous packaging, two different sized tips, and soft colours
  • while looking through jetpens I found the pilot spotliters, which look quite similar to the propus ones
  • monami essenti-soft highlighter pens have really pretty design and pastel colours

other important bits and pieces:

hello !! i was asked to make a stationery/school supplies masterpost, so here it is! :]

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hope this helps!! x 

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