14.8.2015 3.57 p.m. - My school supply haul for the coming schoolyear! :) Didn’t get that much since this is my last year and I have plenty of stuff left from previous years! I bought most of it from Stockholm earlier this week, and the Mildliners I bought online.

16.7.2016 6.19 p.m. - Hey everyone! I just came back from Stockholm yesterday, and what else would I, a stationery addict, have bought but more school supplies :D I’m sorry most of my posts are hauls these days, but it’s summer and I’m on vacation. Promise I’ll be back with proper posts when school starts :)
Notebooks and postcards - Lagerhaus, washi tapes - Design Torget and Bookbinder’s design (all by MT), Moleskine notebook and the blue to-do list with roses - Akademi Bokhandeln, pens, notebook and the white to do list - Muji,
golden ruler - Design Torget, planner - Åhlens.

I hope all my followers in Nice and Turkey are okay

Cheap/ Cute School Supplies

Hi everyone! School for me is less then 1 month away and I’m sure lots of you are still school supply shopping. I just wanted to make  post to help you all out!

I went shopping in target and bought way to many overpriced things, then I went online and found the same items that were cuter and cheaper… so of course I bought some more… I got tons of sticky notes, tabs, washi tape, erasable pens, eraser stick, and pencil pouches and all of it together was $20.43

So anyways, here are some links:


I know it’s a lot of links! Sorry if it’s trouble. Here’s the link to the store.

You can go on the store and go to the office and school supplies section to see all their other cute stuff.

8.1.2015 1:55p.m.

Being prepared is one of the most important elements of being able to study, and choosing good school supplies is definitely important.

If you’re a new studyblr, or someone looking for stationery, this list should help provide you with a range of options you may not have considered, as well as provide an index of many of the most popular items!

Studyblr Favourite: denotes stationery which is popular in the studyblr community, and is often aesthetic & a little more expensive

Alternative: for the lesser used brand, which is often less costly although many are equally attractive

  1. Pens
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Pilot G2 ($0.94)
    2. Studyblr Favourite: Muji ($1.20)
    3. Alternative: Bic Velocity ($0.57)
  2. Pencils
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Papermate Clear Tip ($2.48)
    2. Studyblr Favourite: Pentel Twist Erase ($3.99)
    3. Alternative: Papermate Write Bros ($0.41)
    4. Alternative: Up & Up ($0.37)
  3. Coloured Pens
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Muji Gel ($1.35)
    2. Studyblr Favourite: Zebra Sarasa ($1.39)
    3. Alternative: Yoobi Gel ($0.83)
    4. Alternative: Papermate Inkjoy ($0.37)
  4. Fineliners
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Stabilo .88 ($0.75)
    2. Studyblr Favourite: Staedtler Triplus ($1.37)
    3. Alternative: Papermate Flair ($0.85)
  5. Highlighters
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Mildliners ($1.25) 
    2. Studyblr Favourite: Stabilo Boss ($1.80)
    3. Alternative: Bic Briteliners ($0.39)
  6. Pencil Case
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Kipling 100 Pens ($44.00)
    2. Alternative: Lihit LAB ($11.04)
    3. Alternative: Color Love Case ($6.99)
  7. Notebooks
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Mead 5 Star ($6.45)
    2. Alternative: Yoobi Striped Spiral ($4.99)
  8. Planner
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Moleskine ($22.50)
    2. Studyblr Favourite: Erin Condren ($30.00)
    3. Alternative: Sugar Paper ($6.48)
    4. Alternative: Blue Sky ($7.99)
  9. Journal
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Leuchtturm1917 ($16.00)
    2. Studyblr Favourite: Moleskine ($12.91)
    3. Alternative: Yoobi Journal ($5.99)
    4. Alternative: Peter Pauper Press ($8.99)

(Note: prices for pens/pencils are by the individual item, and not by the pack!)

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