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Hi! I was wondering if you could make a shopping list for a beginner neat note taker? I've been trying really hard to keep my notes neat, and want to get some nice materials (pens,notebooks,stickies,tapes) etc. If you could make a post about how you take neat notes, and the materials you really like- that would be awesome! Thank you so much and have a lovely day ✨✨

Hi!!!! So two things before I start telling you to buy all this random stuff

a) My photos can be cleverly cropped because they contain mistakes, i’m also very new to the whole “not making a total mess out of my notes” business and most of my other notes are not that clean~ 

b) Don’t beat yourself up about not getting perfect notes, not the most important part. super awesome to try it and when you actually achieve the pretty notes, it feels super good, it’s true. And the ~supplies~ don’t necessarily have to be these, if you find others and maybe not as expensive, you can make them work!

Now for the super amazing list/process of my notes (also I added products that didn’t work too well also so you know my opinion on them? idk sorry this is so long) (also about paper: I use a portuguese brand of notebooks most of the time!! Sorry:( ):

  1. Mechanical Pencil or an Actual Pencil: I recommend mechanical pencils because they make less of a mess, also keep their tips finer for longer. Also don’t press it too much. Why is this vital? I literally write and plan my best looking notes with pencil AND THEN i use my pens. It takes time, it’s a true pain in my ass, but I make mistakes all the time (spelling, my hand slips, a letter looks weird, i miscalculate space for tables, etc, etc.). Literally my secret is 90% this. They look good because all my mistakes were already done! Brands don’t matter here, I lost and ruined many mechanical pencils from all around the supply world, and the most long lasting one so far is a plastic cheap one I found in the office

  2. The Pen ™ :
    • So my absolute favourite pens are the Muji Gel 0.5 pens, they are not as expensive as most things from Muji and yet. My wallet still complains. They are smooth, they rarely fail on you, you control the amount left, comfortable to hold…. The Jesus Christ of black pens. (let these suckers dry well before that whole erase the pencil underneath!)
    • Many people swear by the Staedtler fineliners, and I love them, BUT BUT, I am rather heavy handed so I find that the tip gets ruined, so I don’t like them for the main colour, I need something that is consistent and I don’t ruin. 
    • For some time I used the Staedtler pigment liners because my school has an arts curriculum so they stock art supplies, and it’s cheaper because it’s the school store. Tip is stronger, and they come in sizes from 0.1 to 0.5, overall amazing for writing and the smaller ones are brilliant for tables/drawings/arrows.
    • If the tip is fine, it doesn’t hurt your hand, and looks good, that literally is all it takes for them perfect notes.

    3.  Coloured Pens: Muji ones are good, Staedtler fineliners are the literal bomb and have the most amazing colours, Stabilo point 88 ones were the ones I found with the better range but they might bleed a lil?, and finally Uni-ball eye Fine I used these throughout my life and still sometimes go back to them not as fine tho.

     4. Highlighters: 

    • Normal: Stabilo Boss - Full range, the best, love these, for finer details Staedtler Triplus Textsurfer - pretty much great 
    • Pastel: obviously Mildliners, need i say more? they look the best, i love love love love them, they make my notes look so pretty. I also heard Pilot as some pastel ones but I don’t have them where I live.

     5. Ruler: Simple small plastic (or metal, i can’t tell you how to run your life) ruler, saves lives, clears your skin.

    6. INSPIRATIOOOOON: your best friend, look through the tags (i have a ref that but it’s embarrassingly empty although two of those posts are some of the best for details and lettering for these notes), if you see cute layout/header/arrow wtvr ideas, save them. (Also i use washi tapes for journaling bc I only find cheap ones at tiger)

Honestly, that is all I can think of. It’s not just the supplies, it’s also practice and patience (actually it’s mostly these two). Pre-writing avoids mistakes and lets you focus later on making clean lines. My most used supplies are the first mentioned in each category more or less. I wrote too much crap I’m soooo sorry. I hope I helped in some way, now go forth and study and get your neat notes


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Being prepared is one of the most important elements of being able to study, and choosing good school supplies is definitely important.

If you’re a new studyblr, or someone looking for stationery, this list should help provide you with a range of options you may not have considered, as well as provide an index of many of the most popular items!

Studyblr Favourite: denotes stationery which is popular in the studyblr community, and is often aesthetic & a little more expensive

Alternative: for the lesser used brand, which is often less costly although many are equally attractive

  1. Pens
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Pilot G2 ($0.94)
    2. Studyblr Favourite: Muji ($1.20)
    3. Alternative: Bic Velocity ($0.57)
  2. Pencils
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Papermate Clear Tip ($2.48)
    2. Studyblr Favourite: Pentel Twist Erase ($3.99)
    3. Alternative: Papermate Write Bros ($0.41)
    4. Alternative: Up & Up ($0.37)
  3. Coloured Pens
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Muji Gel ($1.35)
    2. Studyblr Favourite: Zebra Sarasa ($1.39)
    3. Alternative: Yoobi Gel ($0.83)
    4. Alternative: Papermate Inkjoy ($0.37)
  4. Fineliners
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Stabilo .88 ($0.75)
    2. Studyblr Favourite: Staedtler Triplus ($1.37)
    3. Alternative: Papermate Flair ($0.85)
  5. Highlighters
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Mildliners ($1.25) 
    2. Studyblr Favourite: Stabilo Boss ($1.80)
    3. Alternative: Bic Briteliners ($0.39)
  6. Pencil Case
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Kipling 100 Pens ($44.00)
    2. Alternative: Lihit LAB ($11.04)
    3. Alternative: Color Love Case ($6.99)
  7. Notebooks
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Mead 5 Star ($6.45)
    2. Alternative: Yoobi Striped Spiral ($4.99)
  8. Planner
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Moleskine ($22.50)
    2. Studyblr Favourite: Erin Condren ($30.00)
    3. Alternative: Sugar Paper ($6.48)
    4. Alternative: Blue Sky ($7.99)
  9. Journal
    1. Studyblr Favourite: Leuchtturm1917 ($16.00)
    2. Studyblr Favourite: Moleskine ($12.91)
    3. Alternative: Yoobi Journal ($5.99)
    4. Alternative: Peter Pauper Press ($8.99)

(Note: prices for pens/pencils are by the individual item, and not by the pack!)

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