While looking for new supplies, I found a range of cheaper alternatives for popular stationery.

Moleskine Planners/Notebooks - Ecosystem Recycled Paper Customised 
                                                      - Muji notebooks
                                                      - “Willow Stories” Decorated Notebooks
                                                      -  B5 Notebooks 
                                                      - Showroom Planner

Staedtler/Stabilo Pens - Paper Mate Retractable Ballpoint Pens
                                    - Paper Mate Ink Joy Pens
                                    - Star Diamond Coloured Gel Pen
                                    - Momoi Coloured Pen Set
                                    - Muji 0.5 Gel Ink Pen Set

Macbook Laptops/Ultrabooks  - ASUS ZENBOOK UX305 
                                                     - Aspire S7
                                                     - Dell XPS 13
                                                     - Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus
                                                     - Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Stabilo HighlightersZebra Highlighter Mildliner
                                - “Cutesy Cutesy” Highligher Pen
                                - Class 302 Star Highlighter
                                - Bic Brite Liner Fluorescent Highlighter
                                - Papermate Highlighter Chisel Tip Fluorescent Colours

Feel free to add on if you have more alternatives/ideas


Got some awesome stuff from Target! 
Mini binder: $3.00
70 count tube of aqua paper clips: $1.00
Aqua pen cup: $1.00

The binder came with nothing in it, but since I’m in the habit of making my own papers and stuff, I made some pages and add-ins for it last night. (Everything shown inside the book is stuff / made from stuff that I already had.) I printed some lined pages in different colors, cut some plastic pocket sheets down to fit, so now I can keep my stickies and a pen or two inside the notebook itself. I’ll probably put some of the paperclips in the pockets too. Added champagne sparkle tab dividers too. Oh, and the giant rubber band came from a scrapbook set I have.

studycastles asked:

Hey! School is starting pretty soon for me and I was wondering what school supplies should I bring. I'm kinda nervous!

hey babe! i think your school supplies definitely depend on what classes you’re taking, so i’ll give just give you some general ideas. i’ll also link them, but you can probably find most of these things at target, walmart, or any stationery store as well! also, most of the links are pretty cheap bc i have to do my school shopping on a budget.

backpack/extras to keep in the backpack

  • this is the backpack i use - i’d recommend one that can fit at least 3 binders at once + your pencil case/an extra book without too much extra space. water bottle holders on the sides, laptop case/padding on straps and back are bonuses. don’t be afraid to test them out in store and fill them up w/ supplies to try it out!
  • my pencil case came w/ a backpack and i don’t use the backpack anymore. it’s expensive and cute, but not super great for school. it barely fits everything and doesn’t have much support for my back.
  • reusable water bottle. i linked the one i use, but i also have this and it’s a little spendy but totally worth it. i don’t think i’ve been this happy w/ a purchase (besides my backpack) in a long time. i feel like i should make a separate post just for my water bottles. also: buy a drink and use the plastic bottle if you don’t want to spend too much, i don’t recommend using a glass one because it could break easily and you don’t want to have to worry about that. (here’s my review of the two i use most)
  • find a little pouch for small necessities - chapstick, tissues, pills, bobby pins/hair ties, hand sanitizer, ear buds, flash drive, etc. (use a separate one for lady products)



  • 1 binder (1 in. should be ok)
  • 1+ plastic divider (i put my past assignments/reference sheets behind the divider in chronological order of when we got them and put current assignments/reference sheets relevant to the current unit in front
  • 1 single subject notebook (spiral to fit inside binder) or 1 pack of losoe-leaf paper (put whichever you choose in front of divider)



  • graphing notebook (get at least 2, one for each semester. if they’re on sale, get some extras for next year too!)
  • graphing calculator (super expensive but necessary for high school math, but wait until the absolute last minute to buy this- they’ll be on sale. also, check around craigslist, amazon, ebay, etc. for these. i got mine for 5 cents at a garage sale)
  • folders (again, 1 for each semester, you can find them for super cheap like wherever you go, depending on the quality you want. i just use the cheap paper ones that i linked bc if they rip i just get another one)
  • 1 binder (you don’t really need this, but it depends. i didn’t use one my freshman year bc we didn’t get too many handouts so i just used a folder.)
  • compass



  • sticky notes?
  • agenda (that’s just a random one i found but when buying one, don’t spend too much on a pretty one- you can always customize it! also, make sure it’s not too small and that you’re able to have at least one line for each class)
  • paper clips/binder clips

also: talk to your teachers!! on the first day they should go over what you’ll need for their class, but don’t be afraid to ask!! also, if you have questions about a more specific class, let me know. i hope this helps, it’s pretty much what i got for my freshman year!!! - annie

What’s inside my pencil case

Pencil case: I bought my pencil case from muji, it’s pretty small but it can fit quite a lot of things inside. During exam season, I transfer everything into a clear plastic pencil case. 

Calculator (Casio FX-991ES): Since most of my subjects are stem related, I definitely need a calculator. I bought this one recently since my other one broke (a couple of days before my S1 exam!!) It’s pretty expensive compared to the standard casio scientific calculators but it’s totally worth it. 

Ruler: Clear 15cm ruler from WHSmith

Pencils: Staedtler HB pencils and the pencil sharpener is by Helix.

Pens: Muji 0.38 pen in blue and two muji 0.5 pens in purple and red. A zebra z-grip pen in black and a bic biro in blue. Black ink makes my handwriting look neater but I prefer to use blue ink because I can see it better on the page.

Eraser: Muji

That’s pretty much everything. I put things in/take things out often but this is my recent set-up. 

Wanted to get some supplies for my literature class but I have little money left so I walked over to the nearest Dollarama (y'know a dollar store). Your supplies/stationary doesn’t not have to be pricey. I’ve seen some really nice stationary around studyblr but some of them can be a little pricey especially if you’re a student. So yeah, this is what I got today. I’m in love with this notebook!! So pleased with today’s mini shopping :)

School Supplies shopping list 2k15!!!

So an anon asked me if i could help her make a school supply list! here it is!

This school supply list is based on my preferences. Hope this helps somehow!


  1. No. 2 Pencils
  2. Mechanical Pencils (i prefer using 0.5 and 2B because it’s nicer and darker)
  3. Mechanical pencil leads. 
  4. An array of colors of ballpoint pens (to help you color code!)
  5. Lots and lots of black ballpens lmao
  6. Highlighters (different colors too!)
  7. Erasers
  8. White out/correction tapes
  9. Stapler
  10. Staple wires
  11. Binder clips/paper clips
  12. Ruler, protractor
  13. crayons, markers, or colored pencils. 
  14. scissors
  15. glue stick


  1. A composition notebook
  2. Notepad (to scribble all your notes there if you’re in a hurry)
  3. Notebooks for your subjects
  4. A bullet journal (ok, this one’s totally optional)
  5. A planner (this too)
  6. don’t forget your graphing paper too!


  1. Index cards
  2. post it notes
  3. legal and letter sized bond papers (where u can print ur reviewers)
  4. loose-leaf binder paper
  5. ur study guide
  6. a calculator 
  7. a dictionary/thesaurus (u can download an app instead)


  1. A Binder (you can get small binders for each class or you can get one big binder for all ur classes)
  2. Folders
  3. Pen cases/pouches (to hold your supplies!)
  4. a puncher (3 hole, 2 hole, 1 hole, it doesn’t matter! or it depends with your binder actually)
  5. Plastic envelopes (where you can store your folder)


  1. a flash drive/usb
  2. laptop
  3. printer
  4. a combination lock
  5. emergency kit
  6. girly kit (???)
  7. a good backpack 
  8. Paint, oil pastel, or any other art materials! 
  9. sketchpad
  10. locker essentials
  11. washi tapes (u can use this for color coding as well!)
  12. headphones/earphones
  13. phone

well….that’s all! I hope this helped you anon! :) good luck in your studies!! :)

New amazing supplies sponsored by the parents!
• Backpack from Cath Kidston {my fav brand}
• Monthly Planner via the Paper Stone
• Moleskine notebook {tbh this is a first for me (even though my parents have been using these for years) because I can’t seem to get myself to pay 30$ for a pack of 3. If this was not a gift I wouldn’t have gotten it even though I admire the finish}
• Cath Kidston small pouch for access cards and public transport cards💕

What should I do in my notebook? If you have any cool ideas send me a message☺️


Secret: when finals season draws closer, I set up a portable “revision kit” - because I tend to always study at the library. So far, this included an extra large pen pouch with my staedtler fineliners, some highlighters, pens, pencils etc. Now, my “travel pouch” from eBay has finally arrived and I spent some time organizing the rest of my kit. This part includes post-its, page flags, some stickers, some washi tapes, paper clips and -of course- my brand new mildliners! These came in their own little carrying cases, but I’d rather have just these two pouches as it makes switching between bags easier (hence my staedtlers are in the pen pouch and not their case, too).

anonymous asked:

How do you study? I know this question is kinda vague but my final grades are not what I expected and idk how to study efficiently. tips?

Hello! Thanks for asking! There are plenty of ways to study, so I’ll give you a few of my own tips that have really helped me!

This step is really important! Writing the notes for lecture once WILL be beneficial; however, outside of class time, rewrite them up with pretty colors, definitions, graphs, pictures, tables and whatever else that will make you want to show off your wonderful revision notes. It is also equally important to revise your notes as soon as you can, before the material is pushed aside by new material. So, along with daily homework, take your notes and revise them. This is also a great way to keep them organized and all in one place so that it makes for easy study material for tests and quizzes.

…especially for definitions, dates, people and places. This makes it easier to quiz yourself on remembering certain knowledge for your tests. The flashcards do not have to be handmade either; Quizlet is great for online flashcards because you can also play fun games with the flashcards. Also, they are easy to transport, meaning that you can study your flashcards just about anywhere. Quizlet also has an app for your phone! Seriously. Studyblrs usually love Quizlet.

For long passages of text like essays and books, the easiest way to condense the information from long passages is to summarize each individual paragraph and then connect it all together. I like to do this either in the margins of the book/essay/paper if you are allowed to, or otherwise use sticky notes or a separate notebook. For each paragraph that you read, make a little note of the important ideas or SUMMARIZE. Just a simple line of summary will do; just make sure that you can easily go back and understand what is exactly happening. Then, once you have finished each chapter/the entire thing, it makes it easier to go back and create a bigger summary of the entire text. Sometimes it is difficult to understand things in huge chunks, so create it into smaller, more palatable sizes.

Ditch the highlighter, or at least try to. Sure, highlighters are great to pinpoint KEY information; but usually we overuse the highlighters until entire paragraphs are bright pink. If you NEED to use a highlighter, use it sparingly! If you absolutely cannot leave your highlighters, then focus on using them to highlight key words, people and places in the text. For example, green can be used for highlighting words that you do not know; pink can be for important people; orange can identify the settings. Try to only highlight a few words at a time, rather than long sentences with filler words. Again, keep the highlighting to the minimum.

You might have already heard of the Pomodoro Technique, where you study in 25 minute intervals. Studying without breaks for hours on end can tire you out. Instead, allot a small amount of time (25-50ish) minutes for studying then give yourself a 10 minute break. Break your homework up into smaller sections and use the number of problems you complete as your time. For example, for every 5 problems of the 20 problems you complete, you give yourself a 5 minute break. This not only gives your brain time to rest, but it helps keep you more focused on completing your tasks. REMEMBER. INTERVALS.

Even one notification from tumblr can turn into hours of scrolling through your dashboard; yes, it happens to all of us. Instead, use site blocking apps to easily control your ability to use your favorite websites. Cold Turkey is a great website for your computer, while I find that Forest (for both IPhone and Android) is great for your phone. Do not forget that video games, TV and even PEOPLE can also be a distraction. Block yourself from the world. You need to study.

A study place is very important into keeping you focused and alert. You want to find an area that is free from distractions and not too comfy and not too uncomfortable. Beds are a horrible place to study, because they are so comfortable and easy to doze off on. Sitting outside in freezing weather is also probably not a great place to study. Coffee shops, libraries, your desk and anywhere with a table is great place to make YOUR PLACE. Don’t be afraid to mix up your study area for a breath of fresh air, but your study place should be a regular.

For math and science subjects, the material has to do with having done the problems. You cannot expect to understand the material unless you go through the steps yourself. Solving as many problems as you can is the key to these subjects! Seeing the same type of problem repeatedly can help you to understand the correct way to solve it. For word problems make sure to draw pictures, tables and graphs. Don’t be afraid to draw to help you understand what exactly is happening. Repetition, repetition.

One thing I really try to do before tests is to teach the subject to someone else. It can be an unwilling friend, your parents, a pet or even an invisible class; but force yourself to “present” the material. Give examples and walk through the problems as though you are a real teacher; this makes you able to clearly understand each step in the process. Sure, this seems slightly random to do, but playing teacher for a day will help you to solve each type of problem thoroughly.

Even 6 years later I will never forget my order of operations. This is because….PEMDAS (parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addiction, subtraction). Create little rhymes and jingles to things you need to memorize! How do you think catchy commercials stick in your head? Do the same thing but with your studying! Singing them to yourself will actually help you memorize things better than not!

Studying every day for a few minutes is ultimately more beneficial than one day for hours on end. This especially is true for vocabulary. Space your studying out for days upon days, rather than just one day. Even just making revisions, re-reading passages and going through vocab a bit each day will ultimately be better in the long-run. There is always time for a bit of studying- whether looking over notes at dinner or running through your vocab while brushing your teeth. A little each day.

Being able to retain information eventually also comes down to your own health not just how smart you are. Try eating healthy foods while studying like dark chocolate, fruits and nuts instead of fatty foods that will make you tired. Exercise is always good for the mind and body. It gives you plenty of energy and makes sleeping easier. Try incorporating exercise into your routine with walks and yoga. Drink tons of water!! Your body is just as important as your grades and it’s great to take care of it, too.