school shootings in america

“Koreans are all brainwashed so you can’t compare them to Americans.”

Half of America is so patriotic they believe all school shootings are false flags. There was a ridiculous piece of misinfo that was floated around by mainstream news outlets that the DPRK was forcing people to style their hair after Kim Jong-Un. This was a complete lie, tons of Americans believed it and still do and won’t even do the two seconds of research needed to figure out it’s a complete lie.


More children have died in school shootings in 2018 than active combat members of the US military according to The Washington Post.

The number of deaths and school shooting incidents through May 18 are each higher this year than at any point since 2000. There have been three times as many deaths in school shootings so far this year than in the second-most deadly year through May 18, 2005.

I hate that we as Americans have become so desensitized to violence. 10 years ago, a school shooting was a big deal and everyone would freak out. Now, however, we’ve had what? Eleven? Twelve? In the past month. It’s gotten to the point where instead of gasping and being horrified, our teacher just scrolls past an article and goes “huh, another school shooting.” And then someone asks a question about how many were hurt or what state it was in and then we move on with our lives. It’s horrifying that this of all things has become just another daily part of life.

You know what? America is really starting to piss me off regarding their gun laws. How often do you hear about school shootings happening in the UK or Australia or Canada? Pretty much never. Why? Because those countries have gun laws.

In 1996, the Dunblane school massacre happened in Scotland which killed 16 children and 1 teacher. Do you know what happened after that? Reforms were made to gun control laws. How many gun related massacres have there been since? One (Cumbria, 2010, which wasn’t a school shooting).

In 1996, the Port Arthur massacre occurred in Australia which killed 35 people and wounded 23. Do you know what happened after that? Strict gun laws were introduced. How many gun related massacres have there been since? None.

Now, America. 59 people died in the Las Vegas shooting last year. 50 people died in the Orlando nightclub shooting last year. 33 people died in the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007. Sandy Hook, 2012, 28 deaths. Sutherland Springs, 2017, 27 deaths. Need I go on? How many more innocent lives need to be taken before America realises that maybe they need to do something about their gun control laws?

Of course, any American who’s reading this and is pro-guns won’t take any notice of what I’ve just said or the statistics. They’ll be full of arguments for why guns should stay. ‘Changing the laws won’t make a difference.’ Bollocks, the UK and Australia are prime examples for why changing gun control laws works. And as for those of you saying ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people,’ you can all shut the fuck up. A gun makes their goal a lot easier to accomplish. It’s a lot easier to stop a person with a knife, for example, than it is a person with a gun. A person with a knife will likely only injure a few people before they’re stopped, a person with a gun… well just see the statistics above.

Yesterday’s shooting is the 18th school shooting of the year so far. It’s February. How is that acceptable? Even if it was December 31st, that would not be acceptable.

America, do you want more of your children to die? No? Then fucking do something about it.

This! 100% this!

You can’t supply our generation with a steady diet of dystopian teen novels and not expect us to want to fight for changes in our society.

You can’t put President Voldemort Snow in charge and suddenly become shocked we all turn into Harry Potters and Katniss Everdeens.

We have read about this. We are trained. We are ready.

The thing that pisses me off the most about this Florida school shooting is that this kid’s instagram IS LITERALLY HIM SHOWING OFF HIS BIG ASS GUNS.

AND NO ONE SAID ANYTHING. NO ONE REPORTED IT AND SHOWED ZERO CONCERN OR QUESTIONED LIKE “hey, it’s kind of odd that my former classmate is showing off his guns on social media, maybe I should tell his parents or alert the principal because he looks pretty pissed off”.

We are so unbelievably desensitized to guns and it’s horrible. I hate when a tragedy happens and it’s not until people fucking die when people give a shit about regulating guns (specifically gigantic fucking guns that aren’t fucking legal).

I hate that all policians say is “thoughts and prayers” how about you shut the fuck up and work on finding a solution? stop sitting there in your stupid ass leather chair at your fancy desk talking out of your tiny uptight ass about “prayers”, save your stupid speech, save it all and get the fuck down to whoever you need to talk to about fixing this shit.

If I ever have kids one day, I’m not about to send my kids to school if solutions aren’t going to be offered up. I’ll homeschool them, I don’t give a fuck.

I’m mad. I’m mad and I’m glad people are mad, STAY THE FUCK MAD. Hopefully this can light a fire under our asses to fix this fucking country.

Edit: yes I know about the report to the FBI but they didn’t do much so bye, next

no, his behavior on social media wasn’t “normal” he posted a picture of a bloody dead frog on his Instagram feed, that’s not just some kid showing off guns, that’s animal cruelty and who posts that kind of thing? first rule of psychopathy is killing animals, bye NEXT

Piss off Donald. We don’t need you to bless us, you’re not the goddam pope. You’re the president and being the president means you take action, another thing you’ve failed to do. It’s not “not looking good”, it’s looking tragic (again) because it’s more loss of innocent, sweet life.


At least 17 dead in Florida school shooting, law enforcement says

CNN | February 14, 2018

At least 17 people were killed Wednesday in a high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said.

The suspect, 19-year-old former student Nikolaus Cruz, is in custody, the sheriff said. The sheriff said he was expelled for unspecified disciplinary reasons. Police are investigating his digital profile, he said. So far, what they’ve found is “very, very disturbing,” Israel said.

Law enforcement transport the suspect in Wednesday’s school shooting. Law enforcement responded to reports of a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shortly before 3 p.m. Seventeen people, including the suspect, were sent to area hospitals, said Dr. Evan Boyar of Broward Health. The suspect was treated and released to police.

The victims included students and adults, the sheriff said. Twelve were killed inside the building and two died outside, he said. One died in the street and two died at the hospital, Israel said.

Another tragic school shooting. Another day in America. Until the NRA gets out of the pockets of politicians nothing will be done about gun control and these senseless shootings will continue. The NRA and the GOP have the blood of innocent people on their hands. I wonder how they sleep at night.

Remember these names

Chris Hixon
Nicholas Dworet
Aaron Feis
Gina Montalto
Scott Beigel
Alyssa Alhadeff
Joaquin Oliver
Jaime Guttenberg
Martin Duque
Meadow Pollack
Alex Schachter
Peter Wang
Helena Ramsay
Alaina Petty
Carmen Schentrup
Cara Loughran
Luke Hoyer

These are the latest victims of America’s apathy. From 14 to 44 years, each of them lost to a situation that happens no where else in the developed world. No where else in the developed world would Scott Biegal need to shield his students with his body. No where else in the developed world would Peter Wang be shot while holding the door, trying to help a final classmate escape the fate he was about to face. No where else in the developed world would Aaron Feis need to run towards the sound of bullets, on a fucking normal Wednesday at a god damn high school.

Trump will send his prayers and Congress will send their silence and inaction. Tomorrow will be another news cycle where the shooter becomes a footnote, no mention of his antisemitism. Next week will be another shooting and next week will be another list.

Next week Aaron Feis will not return to his team. Scott Biegal will not return to his class. Cara will never dance again, Meadow won’t reach her first college class in September. Nicholas will never swim again, and Alyssa won’t ever reach her fucking 15th birthday.

America, you can’t look at this and not see a problem. You can’t look at this and not want to help, not want to stop, not want to end this insane cycle that only halts for the fucking dead.

The defensiveness of your Republicans, of your politicians, your pundits, your spokespeople is disgusting. Your whataboutisms, your redirections, your smugness, your lies your anger at liberals, you are accomplishing nothing but putting the gun in another killer’s hands and praising yourselves for it.

I don’t know what else I can say. I think you lost your humanity the day you decided decided that turning a first grade classroom into a massacre scene was an appropriate price to pay for an amendment made in the 1700s hundred where the only guns they knew were flintlock and bulky, not the AR-15s you seem hellbent on keeping in the hands of citizens.

I guess I’m just sad. Even as an outsider looking in I’m fed up. I don’t even know what your people are facing. And I don’t think you do either.