If you’ve been around you’ve seen the sprawling hell-argument @futureevilscientist and me had with a school shooters rper, trying to convince them that they’re wrong about evolution in general and humans specifically.

Including reminders that humans are fundamentally socially animals. So social that it’s literally considered torture to deprive of us social interaction for any considerable amount of time.

And they’re back arguing that humans ‘may not be that social’ and ‘solitary animals reproduce’

and now both of us have fucking checked out of that conversation because this is like arguing with an anti-vaxxer. It’s beating the Campbell against a brick wall. A brick wall made entirely out of edge. 

Like, I’m happy that (going by other reblogs) others have enjoyed the arguments and the knowledge imparted therein. But we’ve reached a point where we literally have to argue that humans are fundamentally social and I just don’t know anymore. We’ve reached the edge of the abyss and none of us is willing to step into this hellpit.


Here’s the video!  Enjoy.


“I am a horrible son. I wish I had been aborted. I destroy everything I touch. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I didn’t deserve them. They were wonderful people. It’s not their fault or the fault of any person, organization, or television show. My head just doesn’t work right. God damn these VOICES inside my head. I want to die. I want to be gone. But I have to kill people. I don’t know why. I am so sorry! Why did God do this to me. I have never been happy. I wish I was happy. I wish I made my mother proud. I am nothing! I tried so hard to find happiness. But you know me I hate everything. I have no other choice. What have I become? I am so sorry.”
- From a journal found in Kip Kinkel’s bedroom

One day, Loukaitis told a classmate: “Some people don’t deserve to live; some people should just die or be killed.” When the girl later argued with him over answers on a worksheet, Loukaitis exploded in anger, telling her, “Do you think you deserve to live?” It was a question he had begun to ask many students before the shootings.