school research can be fun sometimes


REQUESTED BY ANON: i have a request thing where sister!reader, Sam and dean have been looking through book for hours and reader is tired and goes to Sam and he puts an arm around her shoulder and she falls asleep standing up & he doesnt notice & she falls on the floor

You just started to be a part of the family business. You found out about it two weeks ago and now you are beginning the training.

Your older brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, were not thrilled at this idea, because you are fourteen and they want you to concentrate on school. Though, they let you help on the research and when they will think you are ready they will bring you on a hunt.

You cannot wait to go out there, save lives and kill monsters. You know that it is hard, and that sometimes things don’t go your way and innocents, or yourself, can get hurt. But something about being a hunter sounds fun.

The research part is not fun, it is long and it feels like doing school work. You have to get used to research for hours and hours. Sam and Dean are still concentrated, you on the other hand is falling asleep reading a book. You do not even know what the book is about, you are just trying to stay awake.

“Got some coffee” Sam announced, walking inside the room with two white cup.

He puts one in front of Dean who says a quick thank you, his eyes still on his papers. Sam then puts his beside his laptop. Before he can sit down, he feels a small frame lean on him, limp. He looks down at you, chuckling at how young you look in this tired state. He passes and arm around your shoulders, waiting for a reaction, but you are already asleep.

“I’m gonna bring (Y/N) to bed” Sam told Dean.

With his other arm, he lifts you up, one arm under your knees and the other supporting your shoulders.

Dean turns his head towards his younger siblings, and looks down at his watch.

“Already 4 am” he said surprised “poor girl must be tired. You go to bed after Sammy, I think we did enough for tonight”.

“Yeah” Sam agreed “didn’t see the time pass”.

Sam carries you to your room, which you decorated all the way because it is a special room. Yours. You never had a room in your whole life, and now, in the bunker, you do. The walls are the same as the others, gray and white and the bed gray. What is special is all the photographs on the floor. Some of your family, a lot of them actually. Secrets photos you took while the boys were talking with a beer, laughing or just sleeping. Also, some of John Winchester, your father who you found the only way to stay with him all the time was with images. Bobby Signer, your second Dad who taught you so much about life. Friends, Jo, Hellen, Ash, Missouri….

Each time Sam sees those walls full of souvenir he cannot help it but smile.

He gently lay you down on your bed, making sure the blanket is out of the way. He pulls off your shoes and vest, leaving you in leggings and t-shirt.

“Good night, kiddo” Sam whispered.

He brings back up the blanket to your shoulders and closes the light before leaving you sleep alone.

“Man, she’s growing up”.

Sam has to agree with Dean, it seems like yesterday she was born.

“You’ve been watching us?” Sam asked, already knowing the answer.

“Well yeah” Dean answered a little bit uncomfortable “go to bed”.

Sam huffs with a smile as he watches his older brother go to his own room.

3. How to study effectively!

Studying should be enjoyable because it only takes you closer to your goals and isn’t that fun? :D Once you think it’s fun, it will no longer feel like a burden.

These are some tips that works for me, but you should always stick to what works for you.

1. Enjoy.

By studying, you are becoming smarter. Therefore, it is making you a better person so you are more equipped to contribute to society! I mean who doesn’t like to be knowledgeable? For me, I feel like I am putting my life into good use when I learn new topics. I also feel very accomplished when I get good grades because it shows myself that I can be awesome just by investing time. The feeling of accomplishment is extremely enjoyable!!

The purpose of studying is to learn and become better at the subject. If you make it your priority to learn, then good grades will come with it.

For me, studying can be really fun because I like to use colorful pens to make my notes look appealing to my eyes. I also find drawing diagrams/writing with pens super enjoyable because everything comes out so neat.

2. Eliminate.

I take sample tests and pay attention to the topics that I missed and only study those. I also write down things that I missed/not comfortable with on a piece of paper and look at that everyday, rather than the whole textbook. By eliminating all the information that you already know, it makes the content a lot more approachable because everything is more concise. After narrowing down the content that you must study, you can also dedicate most of your time to the topics you struggle with.

Always start with the big picture, then go into the details. I always go over chapter summaries first before reading the actual chapter.

3. Reward yourself.

Rewards motivate people to work because they offer a sense of accomplishment. Rewards can be anything that makes you happy. My parents used to reward me with money when I get good grades, but I don’t ask for that anymore because I feel that it is unnecessary. For me, the reward of getting good grades is self accomplishment and nothing beats being happy with myself. I feel like money doesn’t make me as happy as the feeling self pride in the form of an accomplishment. I also like to reward myself daily with drawing/internet time when I know that I have worked hard that day.

Something I look forward to every day is dinner with my books. I know that this is not the most I guess socially acceptable thing to do, but it’s what really motivates me to do something that satisfies me more. For example, I’ll read and take notes of one paragraph, take a bite, read and take notes of another paragraph, and take another bite. This is why it can take me hours to finish a meal but it works for me.

4. Take breaks/Break it up

If you don’t take breaks in anything you do, you are going to experience a burnout and feel unwilling to work for a long time. Therefore, taking breaks are ultimately more productive than working through the whole thing in one go.

Because I know that I am the type of person who can not physically be still for a very long time, I get up every 30-45 mins to walk around when I study. On weekends, when I have the whole day, I will always alternate between tasks. For example, I’ll study for 45 mins, wash the dishes, study for 45 mins, and mop the floor. Therefore, I am getting multiple tasks done at the same time, leaving me feeling awesome at the end of the day. Constantly switching between tasks enables me to begin each task with a recharged brain, which also increases the quality of my work.

4. Use your resources.

But be careful of distractions. The internet is a wonderful sea of answers but you are just one click away from a black hole. For me, I usually have a clear objective of what I want to accomplish during a certain time which enables me to stay focused. But I know that distractions can be a major issue for a lot of people. There are some websites that can block social media from your computer, or you can study with a friend/parents around so you have people around you that can keep you in check.

My phone is my best friend and I can not lie. I love my phone so much because it enables me to take any information that I need anywhere I go which enables me to be productive everywhere I go and productivity is my favorite thing. I’m always taking pictures of textbook pages so I can work on homework anywhere, without having to wait till I get home so I can do something more fun instead when I get home! Sometimes, all the computers at school are filled and I can always rely on my phone to get some good research done!

Some of my favorite apps for productivity include podcasts and pocket. I enjoy listening to downloaded podcasts and audiobooks to listen when I run/walk home so I can learn something at the same time so I feel smarter and productive. I love pocket because I can save any content from the internet/certain news apps to it for offline use. So when I’m waiting for something in an offline environment, I always have something interesting to read at my fingertips and learn something new!

5. Live healthily.

Just because it’s finals week or you have a big test coming up, that doesn’t give you an excuse to sit around all day with junk food next to you as you spend hours trying to get information into your head.

If you eat healthy food, your body will reward you with the ability to better retain information because your body likes healthy food and if you give your body what it likes/needs, it will give you what you want. Avoid refined simple sugars aka fast release carbs such as candy and soda. Instead, stick to complex aka slow release carbs such as fruits and vegetables so you will not experience a sugar crash.

Exercise is also important because it gets your blood flowing, delivering more oxygen to all the mitochondria in all the interneurons in your brain, enabling them to efficiently make ATP which powers them to make more synaptic connections, so you become smarter. Your body also really likes it when you exercise so it will thank you.

6. Don’t stress

Nothing good ever comes easy so you can never expect success without putting in the work for it. It’s going to be hard, but it’s worth it. There is no shortcut to success, because if there was one, everyone would be equally successful.

Your brain is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. You should be confident because you can achieve anything with consistency and dedication. Therefore, you shouldn’t stress about it because you already know what you have to do.

Procrastination is a stress that can be easily avoided by simple planning. Procrastination is unnecessary stress.

7. Find a great spot.

Have a spot in your house where you can study with no distractions around. Make sure you are either standing or sitting upright so you will stay focused. Don’t study on the comfort on your bed because your brain will just want to rest, therefore not work in such a comfortable environment.

I turned my dresser into a standing desk because it helps me stay more focused than I am if I sit. If sitting makes you feel tired, you should try standing.

Listening to music is also something that really helps me stay focused, but can be a distraction for some people. The music I like to listen to is usually in japanese/korean so there is no way my brain can pay attention to the lyrics so that helps me focus on what’s in front of me. Music also helps me tune out other people in my environment so they won’t have to be a distraction to me.

8. Make connections.

People learn best when they can apply concepts to previous experiences/different things. For example, the hormone glucagon is secreted by the pancreas when blood glucose levels drop below homeostasis. Glucagon is released when glucose is gone! :)

9. Flash cards.

If you’re like me and you’re too lazy to make actual ones on paper, is an awesome website I use to create flashcards. They also have games hat you can play to help you to learn your terms.

today i just realized… i’m starting school next week! i know a lot of people have already started and others still have a little while to wait, but either way i thought i’d put together a little thing to get you all jazzed for the new school year because for some reason, i’m not really feelin’ it.

week(s) before you start school:

  • make a de-stress box!!
    • i plan on making a post about this within the week but… here are a few basic tips until then.
    • use a card board box- shoe boxes work best
    • include things that help you calm down when you’re upset/stressed
    • CD’s, special notes, soft pieces of fabric, face masks, temporary tattoos, maybe even a movie.
    • it’s also pretty calming to decorate the outside of your box with stickers, a collage, or just with paints and markers.
  • start a journal (or a bullet journal if you’re into it)
  • do some general research on new study methods
  • start fixing up your sleeping schedule
  • exercise 2x a week, then carry your new habit into the school year (even if you have a gym class! exercising on your own is soooo important)
  • (obviously) go school supply shopping!!! (make sure you only get general items though, teachers can sometimes be specific about what they want you to have for their class.)
  • diy your school supplies. it’s always super fun to buy cheap supplies and then customize them. make covers for your notebooks, tape or paint your pencils, or tie-dye your pencil bag.

the day before:

  • sleep in, it’s your last day of freedom
  • pack your backpack (if you haven’t already)
  • use a face mask
  • do some yoga
  • relax. it’s all gonna be great
  • go to sleep early

the first day

  • meet your teachers!
  • reconnect with your friends
  • ask questions
    • supplies
    • the syllabus (or if there isn’t one, ask for a general over view. most likely (if you’re in high school) they’ll talk a lot about expectations, but you should have time at the end of each class to talk
  • bring a water bottle. if you think you’ll be nervous (i know i will), sucking/chewing on a straw and carrying a bottle or just something to hold on to will help

the weekend after:

  • use your de-stress box!
  • do some yoga. it will help, i promise
  • don’t feel pressured to hang with friends right off the bat- jumping back into being social everyday from being social once a week (or less), (like me) can be a little daunting. take time for yourself.
  • read something, books can be a great way to wind down
  • your teachers (if you’re in high school) probably haven’t given out any assignments. if anything, maybe some in-class work, but nothing too awfully important. use this “free” time to maybe do some general research for topics at your teachers mentioned would be covered. this can be a great way to understand things better when you go more in depth in class
  • documentaries are great ways to learn about a topic without getting too awfully intense.
  • go school supply shopping again!! now buy the things your teachers request you have for their classes. these things can include fancy calculators, binders of a certain size, etc.
Feel Good Friday!

Anonymous Submission:

my adhd actually helps me do things better in school sometimes, like i get finished with writing assignments faster than people and it still gets a good grade because my mind works fast on the subject im writing about!!

@tiny-changeling’s Submission:

My mind moves so fast,
I can come up with haikus
on the spot. Thanks, brain. :P

@dinocatdraws’s Submission:

My favorite positive thing about having ADHD is the way my mind jumps around making interesting connections. I will gleefully find parallels between the most disparate things. I have no issue reading up about multiple fields of study to figure out a thing, where most NT people have a weird loyalism to their specialty - like psychiatry vs. neuroscience (until recently, anyway).

For example, in art school the different departments wouldn’t even associate with each other, and mixing media was often frowned upon. But I became fascinated with the possible applications of print making and metalsmithing in ceramics, my main major. I got special permission to research creating special inks for printing on clay using a form of lithography, used my block printing carving tools to carve into clay, and carved clay to make stamps and prints. I could info dump for days about chemicals and monoprinting and proper screenprinting technique on a slab of clay, how to print on a rounded form, or the right laser printer to use to make decals. Having an interest in multiple subjects simultaneously has always served me well, and in school I regularly wrote papers that included extra research from unconventional sources that I’d stumbled upon FOR FUN and ended up realizing I could use them. I had a paper published as a sophomore because my teacher was so impressed with the connections I made to present my argument.

ADHD can be a pain in the ass, and it made school stressful and occasionally hellish. But I do enjoy the way my mind works sometimes!

Anonymous Submission:

When trying to figure something out as a group, I often am not following the discussion very well and am off on my own train of thought, but sometimes when I impulsively blurt out the weird, less obvious connections my brain makes, it is exactly what the group needs to solve the problem even if I don’t realize it when I say it :)

Anonymous Submission:

Positive ADHD things: The way your brain will spin one thing off into an entire web of patterns and connections that seem random but shows you how things link in the most unpredictable and wonderful way. My mom will sometimes ask me what I’m thinking and how it results from what we were talking about and she always seems to fascinated with what I end up explaining.

@meg-culpa’s Submission:

I feel lucky because resume writing and filling out applications are two things I hyperfocus on even though I find them unpleasant When I was out of a job after moving to a different state I was able to fill out quite a few every day, which enabled me to find a new job quickly. And now I can use that skill for my husband while he gets things I can’t focus on done around the house. Hooray for actually useful hyperfocus! 

We’ll do it again next Friday. Please feel free to reblog and discuss how you experience the things people are talking about in this post. Do you also find them helpful or at least “not horrible”? If you think of something between now and Friday, please send it in and mark it for FGF!