school recycling bins



Did more bit of Kaneki’s Kagune. Finished one tentacle.

Now to like repeat the same freakin’ steps thrice OTL!!!!

I’m running out of materialssss!
Most of the materials you see here are recycled. Meaning I’ve taken a lot of materials from my school’s recycling bin. The appear that I am using is from the school’s poster where they threw it away when they don’t need it. Because the paper is like glossy type of paper (seems expensive), thought I would take it and put it some good use lol.

Also. I’m also using recycled hard cardboard rolls (as you can see in the last picture where it has brown cardboard rolls. That’s what I’m going to support it with. It’s very sturdy and thought it’s an okay size. since my materials are running out, I need to find more trashcans lol.

I do not think I’ll be doing a tutorial because all of this is a first timer for me. With no tutorials out there atm that I am satisfied with (because I want sort of big Kagune and the others are kinda small), I am using this as an experience and my knowledge of materials atm. I am still working out how to attach it onto my back…

But if you have questions I’d be happy to help.


Here’s a film I made in a week!