school project

Statistic Project

For my math final, i have to do a statistic project on a topic of my choosing, so i plan on determining if students in advanced classes are more likely to develop symptoms of depression than those taking the standard classes.

if you are currently in high school and living in the U.S., could you please fill out the short survey below the cut and submit it to me in my inbox? scoring is included but not the results, so if you’re curious, feel free to ask me for that. 

thats all, thank you!!

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Soooo another one of my time consuming school art projects, which is one of the reasons I’ve slowly become more inactive on here~ (You’d think I’d learn not to plan big and labor intensive stuff like this from the last project)

But anyways, I wanted to do personifications of the seven deadly sins~ (Maybe you can guess all of them? .3.) and instead of doing the traditional rectangle illustration board, I decided to transform this into a craft project. I designed all, circles, and extra stuff and I cut them all out and glue them all together. So, in real life, it looks a bit 3D like~

It’s looks cool I think uwu Kinda proud of it!


So I altered this maid outfit for a school project, so i wanted to take before and after pictures for it, at first the outfit dident really fit me, and it had holes and ripped lace. So i altered it to fit me better, fixed the holes and the lace (and even added more lace to it) and I made an apron, that cute little collar thing around my neck, made bows for my leggings, made cat ears, and made cute little tassels for my apron!